The Daily Man-Up: Mediocrity is a Virus

November 25, 2019 | No Comments » | Topics: Man-Up, Life Advice

Little things become big things.

When you justify and allow even little things into your life which your intuition warns you against, you permit a virus to enter your life. It spreads to other areas.

When you introduce a change to any system, you simultaneously change the whole system. The other areas of the system will begin arranging themselves to better fit with the new.

Going against your higher intuitive voice is a slippery-slope. You don’t realize day to day how out of whack things are really getting.

Any small problem or indulgence cannot be viewed in isolation. It reflects something much bigger and much deeper. Sometimes it takes an intense wake-up call to become aware of the signals.

But once your eyes are open, and you’re in a place to hear your inner voice, it all becomes painfully obvious. You’ve known all along you were living against yourself, but you continued to justify.

The sickening reality is that you actually began to settle into the mediocrity, and convince yourself that you’re okay with it. Even when it shows itself throughout your entire life.

Your relationships are worse than they used to be. But you justify and adapt.

Your health is worse than it used to be. But you justify and adapt.

You’re more distracted than ever. Oh well.

Your thinking has become dull and polluted with the trivial and negative.

Your life is a garden. You can’t just cosmetically hide your problems. You must take them by the root and completely rip them out.

It’s the only way.

The virus must be removed.

If it is not removed, it will continue to infect your whole life and the core of who you are as a person will slowly and painfully die.

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