Caveman Approved Products Of The Week

November 29, 2019 | No Comments » | Topics: Products

Next level extension cord with 3 Outlets and 3 USB Ports

anker powercube


For the man who’s ready to have a better year next year than the one he had this year, and is itching to move on his dreams

pocket guide to action


I thought these were stupid at first, but these phone ring holders are actually useful AF!

fitfort ring holder


The most fun way to learn how to play guitar

Rocksmith becomes your personal guitar teacher as it monitors how you play, dynamically adjusts the difficulty to your skill level, and then slowly introduces more phrases and techniques until you’re playing your favorite songs note-for-note.



This showerhead has a built in speaker which lets you wirelessly listen to music or podcast in your shower

moxie showerhead


This does the best job at alerting you of the danger of smoke and carbon monoxide in your home

nest protect


These globe string lights provide an awesome warm vibe to any patio, awning or backyard. Really sets the mood

globe lights


This device can scan any surface, including textiles, tile, and apparel—and find the closest paint color

color muse


This is the most rewarding and satisfying dog brush I’ve ever used



Outstanding Value And Practicality Of The Day: A Dash Cam/Back Up Camera For Your Car

toguard backup camera


This charcoal activated toothpaste helps whiten your teeth and leaves your breathe super fresh as well!


Never struggle with opening a jar ever again

kuhn rikon jar opener


The next best thing for your posture and health is a laptop stand, one that puts your eye level 2 to 3 inches below the top of your monitor and keeps you from slouching

raindesign mstand laptop stand

A three-in-one tool that makes it easy to split, pit, and slice avocados

best kitchen gadgets: oxo avocado slicer


Awesome everyday watch that has never gone out of style

citizen watch

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