Caveman’s Favorite Things 2019 – Part 1

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caveman favorite things part 1

Here’s all my favorite shit from this year. All these products will greatly improve and enhanced your life and gets the Caveman Seal Of Approval.


Opinel’s folding knives are some of the most iconic and trustworthy in history. This knife cuts like crazy, weighs nothing, feels great in your hand, and can last basically forever if you use it right. And it will cost you less than $15

It can cut the tape on cardboard boxes I get in the mail, or slice through a plastic zip tie. It can hack off a piece of cheese for lunch, or effortlessly halve the grapefruits I’ve taken to eating for want of something to cut. It is pleasant to hold and simple to sharpen. It is easy to love and hard to baby.

opinel knife


A backlight behind your TV can improve the the quality of the image, reduce eye strain and looks cool AF!

backlight tv


If you clothes is coming out of the washing machine still smelling like shit, use this

Every cook could use an instant-read thermometer, which is invaluable for gauging when your meat, poultry, or fish is perfectly cooked

A magnet that helps you track if you feed the dog or not in a multi-person household

If you live with mutliple people, chances are you’ve wondered whether the dog has been fed enough. This handy reminder can be mounted pretty much anywhere in your house to serve as a reminder.

did you feed the dog


This charger is the most practical thing I bought this month. It’s a phone wall-charger AND a portable battery pack. You use it as you would a normal wall charger, and then remove it from the wall and take it with you as a fully charged portable battery

anker powercore fusion


Single best book on strength training that I’ve read. ‘This training method has been the greatest source of general well being I’ve come across in my life’ – Amazon

Best investment I’ve ever made. You’re instantly more credible than the other person if there’s an accident.

Got into an accident with a crazy woman who lied and said I ran a stop sign and that it was my fault. Showed her my dashcam footage, she shut right up and paid me appropriately

rexing v1 dashcam


Drink one of these after you a night of drinking and you will never get a hangover

liquid iv hydration

Fit For A King: The Ultimate Luxury Toilet-Seat Upgrade

Owning one is a luxury that will make your life consistently more pleasant.

The Washlet C100 is fully automated, featuring a soft rear spray, rear cleanse, and front cleanse with the option of an oscillating stream. The controls are located on a convenient arm control panel. The Premist function sprays the bowl with water before each use, preventing waste buildup and keeping the toilet bowl clean. The wand is self-cleaning, automatically cleaning itself before and after every use. The Washlet features a heated SoftClose seat with three temperature settings. The temperature and pressure of the water are adjustable with three temperature settings and five pressure settings. The Washlet features an air deodorizer and a warm air dryer with three temperature settings.

toto c100 toilet seat


When almost 9,000 people are obsessed with something as basic as a knife sharpener, you know there must be something pretty amazing about it

Best mouse you will ever own. Excellent for gaming and fantastic for everyday use

If there ever was a unanimous mass consensus among gamers on the best mouse, it might just be Logitech’s G502. The G502 is fast, accurate, and fits comfortably in just about anyone’s hand. The device is flexible, working flawlessly on a variety of surfaces, not to mention its five chevron-shaped 3.6g weights (it can go from 145g to 163g), eleven programmable buttons, dual mouse wheel modes and in-game DPI shifting ranging from the pixel-precise 200 DPI to a lightning-fast 12,000 DPI.

logitech g502hero


Quite possibly the best mop you will ever use. Makes cleaning so much easier!

o-cedar mop

This will give you confidence in the bedroom to be the best lover you can be to your significant other

It turned me into a beast and my partner love it. It made me stay hard rock for hours and not having the feeling of ending either. My partner ask me to take a break after make her reach multiple orgasm and I wasn’t even done….However, the results kept showing for the next 3-4 days which is amazing.


You can can control everyting in your room with your phone with this smart surger protector

This iPhone case is super thin and made of Kevlar Body Armor. The material soaks up shock and absorbs the impact like something military grade should

kevlar iphone x case pitaka

This is a must for any laundry. It leaves your clothes with a long last fresh and clean smell. It even got that funk smell out of my Jiu-Jitsu gear!


I’ve been using a planner/journal for the last 6 months and it has been pivotal in helping me stay on top of all my goals

elephant planner


As someone who can’t sleep for shit, black out curtains are a 10/10 method of helping me fall asleep

blackout curtains

This Ultra-Slim Wallet Prevents Credit Card Scanning Theft

serman brands RFID travel wallet


The Mexican Secret That Instantly Turns Fruits and Veggies Into Addictive Snacks

tajin mexican seasoning


Best Back Scratcher out there. It’s so damn satisfying when you can get to every hard to reach spot.

bear claw back scratcher

One of the most impactful books I have ever read. It will teach you how to be a harder human being in a world that is perpetually trying to soften you.

It will teach you how to endure and fight through the pain, the discomfort, and all the failures that life will present to you. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

The smarter way to consume caffiene. Sustained energy thoughout the day with no crash like coffee or energy drinks

Regular caffeine rapidly peaks in the body and wears off. This leads to a temporary rush of energy, only to leave you dragging a short time after. Genius Caffeine uses a sustained-release caffeine to provide smooth, long-lasting energy that keeps you going for hours on end.

genius caffeine


The Pepper Plant Chunky Garlic Hot Pepper Sauce – This is the ultimate condiment for garlic lovers! It’s not very spicy, however it packs a punch in taste. Goes great with everything.

pepper plant chunky garlic


This magnetic screen door is an awesome replacement for your traditional screen door

Screen doors are a brilliant way to allow airflow while minimizing the presence of flying insects in your home. The problem with the traditional screen door, is that you have to open it! Dog wants out? Get up and open it. Plate full of barbecued ribs? Better have a free hand to open it. Little Timmy seems to be running rather fast at the screen, does he see it? No, he didn’t see it and he ran right into, or worse, right through it!

All of these issues are solved with the Flux Phenom magnetic screen door, because of it’s magnetic closure. You don’t need a free hand, you can just walk right through and the magnetic seam will seal up behind you. Same for your dog. Same for poor Timmy!


A memory-foam mattress topper, a cheaper alternative to buying a new mattress altogether that’ll save you from uncomfortable sleepless nights from here on out.


Buy this now if your diet completely lacks healthy green vegetables. A green powder is a convenient way to consume 2 servings of healthy fruit and vegetables in an 8oz shake.

nested super greens


For The Wristwatch Wearing Dad – Timex Weekender Chronograph 40mm Watch

You Won’t Find A Better Watch For $50

timex weekender


Fit An Entire Tool Box In Your Pocket With This Multitool – The Surge is equipped with 21 tools, including knives, pliers, screwdrivers, wire cutters, an electrical crimper, a wire stripper, scissors, bottle and can openers, files, a saw with blade exchanger, an awl, and a ruler

leatherman surge


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