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Dude Proposed By “Hacking” His Girlfriend’s Favorite Disney Movie, “Sleeping Beauty”

This Dude Proposed By “Hacking” His Girlfriend’s Favorite Disney Movie, “Sleeping Beauty” – Ruin My Week

US Firefighters Get Applauded As They Arrive In Australia To Help With The Bushfire – Ned Hardy

Extremely well made watch. For the price it’s really hard to match the quality – Amazon

Christopher Nolan’s Tenet Budget Is More Than $200 Million – Collider

Apple rumored to be making $5,000 gaming PC – Toms Guide

Sorry to Burst Your Bubble, but These Photos Reveal What Your Dream Holiday Spots Really Look Like – Bright Side

52 Places To Go In 2020 – NY Times

Living Off-Grid Seemed Like Fun Until I Tried it – VICE

An Endearingly Earnest Chat With Three of Those Dudes Who Do the Light-Up Glove Hand-Dancing Thing for High People at EDM Shows – Mel Magazine

I am a League of Legends world champion – Players Tribune

Finally! An Ingenious Solution To The Unruly Pile of Grocery Bags You’ve Been Hoarding Under Your Drawer – Amazon

Japanese billionaire looking for love to take on moon trip – Bloomberg

Most Embarrassing Moments Caught On Camera (64 Photos) – The Viraler

Young Conservative Who Protested Drag Queen Story Hour Dies by Suicide Hours After Going Viral – Towleroad

The 7 types of accounts you need to accelerate your wealth, according to a financial adviser – Business Insider

how to stop an epidemic: Lessons from the AIDS epidemic to fight the opioid crisis – VOX

Why 40% of Vietnamese People Have the Same Last Name – Atlas Obscura

Rita Ora’s Booty Out in Some Thong of the Day – Drunken Stepfather

I tried ‘Kakeibo’: The Japanese art of saving money—and it completely changed how I spend my money – Make It

The Fact That Your Wife is Hiding Two Phones is Not Your Real Problem – Brass Pills

Meet Insta Model and Presenter Sophie Rose – G-Celeb

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