24 First And Last Pictures Of These Loved Pets Will Leave You In Tears

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"Gorgeous Genevieve gave all the love she could"



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A Tribute To Man’s Best Friend

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Children Reading To Shelter Dogs To Improve Their Reading Skills And Calm Shy And Fearful Dogs

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Kinard Elementary School in South Carolina has started a new project that’s enriching the lives of kids and animals in the area. For two days first grade teacher Lauren Demarest took all the first graders to the York County Animal Shelter.

They weren’t there to learn about animals, or walk them, or do any of the other things that usually need doing around the shelter. No, they were there to read to the animals.


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This Woman’s Snapchats Of Her Dying Dog’s Last Day Will Make You Cry Like A Baby

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For eleven-year-old Hannah, a pit bull terrier-Labrador mix, life was getting harder to live. Suffering from seizures and riddled with arthritis in her hips, loyal, loving Hannah was also enduring side-effects from the medications she was on to control her seizures. While watching Hannah struggle to walk and climb stairs, owner Kyle Amick knew a difficult decision was on the horizon.“I finally decided that keeping her on the meds was selfish, but keeping her off of them was just as cruel,” Amick stated.

Devastated to see her best friend living in pain, stricken by seizures, with medication that no longer worked, Amick decided to give Hannah one last day of love and pampering. She photographed each step of this beautiful yet heartbreaking final day with Hannah.



The World’s Last Male White Rhino Placed Under 24-Hour Armed Guard In Kenya

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Out in the vast wilds of Kenya’s southern savanna, the singular remnant of a once wide-ranging subspecies of rhinoceros stands precariously close to the edge of extinction. The Northern White Rhino, which once ranged over much of the central and eastern regions of the African continent, is staring down the barrel of a gun – literally.

Only a single male by the name of Sudan is left in the wild. Luckily, he doesn’t stand alone.

Rangers from the Ol Pejeta Conservancy guard Sudan 24/7 in an desperate effort to protect him from harm.



Meet Cyrus, the Dog that Stalks His Owner All the Time

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overly attached dog stalks owner

Cyrus is a 2-year-old bullmastiff from Perth, Australia, who has a bit of an obsession with his owner, Lauren Birney.

The overly-attached dog really likes to “stalk” his owner wherever she goes in the house. Sometimes, Birney doesn’t even notice he’s there until he makes a noise.

According to Birney, she thinks that Cyrus simply likes to keep an eye on her.

Apart from being a total creeper, Cyrus is also a lifesaver. He donates blood every four months to an emergency vet in his hometown.

overly attached dog stalks owner



This One Goes Out To All Those Who Have Experienced The Joys Of Owning A Dog

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Sylvester Stallone’s Beautiful Tribute To His Old Dog Butkus

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Anyone who’s ever loved a dog knows the indelible mark they leave on our lives — a legacy of devotion that lingers on long after they’ve gone. And it’s never too late to honor them for that. Sylvester Stallone, reminiscing about his best friend, a dog that not only inspired him to write ‘Rocky’ but who also played an important role in the film, revealed little known details about their early life together and the dog that kept him going during some of the toughest times in his life.

Stallone met the Bull Mastiff puppy, who he named Butkus after the famed Chicago Bears linebacker, in 1971. Broke, hungry, and living in a tiny apartment above a New York subway stop in Hell’s Kitchen, Stallone and Butkus became the very best of friends. It was during their time together in that flophouse that Stallone began screenwriting.

“When I was 26, totally broke, going nowhere VERY fast… I had my dog, BUTKUS, my best friend…”




These Dogs Were Rescued From a Dog Meat Farm And Were Terrified Of Humans But Watch Them Learn To Love And Trust Again

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The South Korean dog meat industry is one that most of us would like to pretend doesn’t exist, but the hard truth is that it does. At this very moment, there are thousands of dogs who are awaiting their death in terrible conditions, living in utter fear of all humans.

A lucky few get rescued from this fate, but that’s just the beginning of their journey. For Robin and Kaya, it took tons of care to get them to not think humans were going to treat them like a commodity.

After failing to acclimate at a shelter, Robin and Kaya were sent to ASPCA’s Behavioral Rehabilitation Center.

There, the employees study these severe cases, and find ways to help them become happy dogs.

Kaya could hardly function…

Kaya could hardly function... (more…)


A Tribute To The Unwavering Loyalty Of Service Dogs

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1. Through the good and bad, a dog will never leave their soldier’s side.



2. Bodza, an 11-year-old military dog, was put down last week due to health complications after a lifetime of serving his country. His handler, Kyle Smith of the U.S. Air Force was paired with Bodza in 2012 during a deployment in Kyrgyzstan and then adopted him after the canine’s retirement. “I’ve never cried that much my entire life,” he said. “I held him in my arms the entire time.”


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