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How to Be a Charming Storyteller

May 4, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Dating, How To |

by Nick Notas

Storytelling has been a cherished art form for thousands of years. When done right, it can win an entire group over and have a girl hanging onto your every word. Here are some of the positive effects:

A story is about the atmosphere you create. Really, you can talk about anything — your favorite professor, trying a new food, or a strange encounter with a taxi driver. It doesn’t have to be over the top or dishonest to make an impression.

Lead with a hook

You may have a cool story, but you need to segue into it gracefully. You should connect where you are, what you’re doing, or what she just said to the scene you’re about to set.

Simply ask a thought-provoking question, relate back to her, state an interesting fact, or recount something that just happened.


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A Skill Every Self Respecting Man Needs To Have: How To Spot A Gold Digger

February 3, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Dating, How To |

1. Understand what a gold digger is, and is not. There’s nothing wrong with a person being concerned about your financial stability. A long-term partnership means depending on each other through the ups and downs, and being financially reliable does help with that to a degree. The difference between a gold digger and someone who values your role as a provider is that the gold digger would deride and perhaps leave you if you lost your ability to provide for them financially. A good person can appreciate your financial resources, but a gold digger appreciates only that, and will not see the relationship as worthwhile if you’re not well off.

2. Gold diggers drop hints that they’re having trouble paying their bills (sometimes they might even ask you directly for a “loan” to tide them over).They know that you don’t want to see them get an eviction notice, or get their car repossessed, and you’re a good person who’s in a position to help. But there’s a difference between a gold digger and someone who’s just fallen on bad times. What you should be looking for is if, despite their situation, this person is making poor financial decisions. Do they buy a brand new car with luxury features when they’re struggling to pay rent? Do they buy $300 shoes or watches when their phone service is at risk of getting cut off? Do they go to expensive restaurants when their credit cards are maxed out, because they “work hard” and they “earned it”? Many gold diggers know better than to ask you to fund their more luxurious tastes, at least in the beginning; they’ll tap into your desire to help them afford the things they need (food, shelter, transportation) so that they can spend their own money on the things they want.


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How to Build and Maintain a Thriving Social Circle

December 15, 2015 | No Comments » | Topics: How To |

by Nick Notas

Many people have told me how hard it is to make and maintain friendships in their adult lives. Their best buddies move away, everyone has full-time jobs, and couples spend more time with each other and less time out socializing. Moments with with friends becomes more rare and precious.

I know that once I was out of school, I felt lost. It had been so much easier to connect with people when I saw them everyday at classes. Out in the real world, I had no clue how to make friends with strangers.

But after years of challenging my social comfort zone, I’m happy to say I’ve learned how to build a great social circle. And in fact, the connections I’ve made in the last years are arguably the most meaningful.

Follow the framework below and you’ll soon make friends with ease.


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A Few Things Every Man Should Know How To Do

December 5, 2014 | No Comments » | Topics: How To |

funny pictures and videos of the day

funny pictures and videos of the day


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How To Not Be A Creepy Guy

October 31, 2014 | No Comments » | Topics: How To |

creepy guy

by heeeeerefishiefishie

It’s about learning to read cues. Most girls (or people in general) don’t like to straight-up tell you “Go away,” but they’ll send a number of signals to indicate that they’re uncomfortable or don’t want to talk to you.

As for things you can do when talking to people:

Try bringing up a mutual interest, mutual experience, etc. and work from there. Show interest in her as a human first, and then bring up her gorgeous smile- not only does it spark more conversational possibilities, it separates you from the creeps who are only interested in banging a hottie and don’t care about the person that hottie might be.

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Every Man Should Know How To Wear A Suit Properly

September 19, 2014 | 8 Comments » | Topics: How To |

These rules basically tell you how to choose a suit, wear a suit and best of all – look fan-fucking-tastic in a suit (Try and restrain yourself ladies).



How To Win Stuff From The Claw Game

September 17, 2014 | No Comments » | Topics: How To |

So, I know entirely too much about this. Come, and bask in the expertise garnered by my misplaced pastimes.

There are two set ups to claw machines. Like most people are pointing out, most of the new ones (which will from here on out be referred to as sucky machines) cycle through the tension. The cycles in sucky machines can run through as few as 3 (rare) average at 5-7 and can run as many as 10. The sucky machines can be set but usually aren’t, while the older ones, or awesome machines, have to be set, and then you’re at the mercy of the owner. The benefit of the awesome machine is that even if it sucks you can find out in a try or two whether or not it’s worth it. And the ones that are truly awesome are worth the hunt. I’ll eat at a restaurant I hate for a chance to play "The One." The one that always closes, every time. The one that always has something you actually want in it because they put real plush in there. The one that cares about how skilled you are, and not what fucking cycle it is. For those of you willing to hunt out "The One," you’ll find the awesome older machines in privately owned places like non-chain arcades, pizza parlours, diner foyers, old timey corner stores and -most commonly- bowling alleys.

Being able to tell which machines are going to play fair is unfortunately mostly trial and error and good memory. If you have the time and/or patience you can wait around and watch others play to conserve your own quarters. Here’s my personal technique for deciding on a machine, and no guarantees it’s any good, but here goes. Don’t sit and plug a bunch of quarters in all at once just to see what the cycle is going to be. It’s better to hit up each machine just once each trip for a few trips to let others advance the cycles and judge the following traits of each machine:


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The Beginners Guide To Goal Setting

July 21, 2014 | No Comments » | Topics: How To, Life |

Setting goals is a fundamental component to long-term success. The basic reason for this is that you can’t get where you are trying to go until you clearly define where that is. Research studies show a direct link between goals and enhanced performance in business. Goals help you focus and allocate your time and resources efficiently, and they can keep you motivated when you feel like giving up.

1. Think about the “big picture.

Ask yourself some important questions about what you want for your life. The answers to this question can be as general as “I want to be happy,” or “I want to help people,” or “I want to be fit.”

2. Break the “big picture” down into smaller and more specific goals

Consider areas of your life that you either want to change or that you feel you would like to develop with time. Begin to ask yourself questions about what you’d like to achieve in each area and how you would like to approach it within a five year timeframe.


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