A Few Answers To Questions You Always Wondered About

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How do the people who run bets on sports make money? How do they protect themselves if too many people make a high reward bet and it wins?

Bookies do two things when arranging bets to make money. First, they try to make even odds so that there are equal numbers of people on both sides of the bet. Second, they make it so the odds don’t quite even out and there will be money leftover for the bookie.

For example, say a bookie is taking bets on a football game between the Texans and Cowboys. If too many people are betting for the Cowboys, the bookie will adjust the point spread to encourage more people to vote for the Texans. They keep doing this until people are betting on both sides evenly. They also make it so that you have to bet something like $110 to win $100. Now let’s say 10 people bet on the Cowboys and 10 on the Texans and they all bet $110. That’s $2,200 total. The Texans win with the point spread. The bookie pays each person who bet on the Texans $210 – the original $110 back plus the $100 they won. That’s $2,100 he has to pay out total. The bookie gets to keep the leftover $100. Put another way, each Cowboys bettor put up $110. $100 of that goes to each person who bet on the Texans for winning and $10 is leftover of the bookie.

Since there are an equal number of bets on both sides, the math works out the same no matter who wins.

– TellahTheSage 



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A Few Answers To Questions You Always Wondered About

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Why does everyone hate Nickleback?

I’ve been waiting so long for another chance to answer why people hate Nickelback. Every time I get ignored everyone just accepts the vague answers. Hating Nickleback is basically a meme that’s about 15 years old now and many people forgot where it came from or are too young to remember it and just joined the bandwagon so they think it’s serious.

It started from Nickelback signing onto roadrunner records in the late 90s which used to be known only for death and thrash metal. Some metalheads bought their CD’s because they trusted the label that seemed to consistently sign on great metal bands and they were pissed that compared to all the other bands from the label, this one really sucked. The other bands that sucked were at least somewhat metal but not this one. Eventually it became a meme in the metal community that Nickleback sucks.

A comic named Brian Posehn who is a well known metalhead, made a Nickelback sucks joke which I can’t remember. It has something to do with music being violent because listening to Nickleback made him want to kill someone. That joke became part of a promo for some show on Comedy Central in the early 2000s and it was shown a lot. Eventually a lot of people heard the joke, it was repeated, and simplified back to Nickelback sucks. After that everyone, not just metalheads kept repeating that Nickelback sucks and now there are kids that repeat a meme older than them. It’s sort of a look into what will happen to the current popular memes in the future.

Here are two of their hit songs played simultaneously. It’s a perfect fit:




10 Answers To Questions You Always Wondered About

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Is there a difference between the head trauma experienced by boxers and football players?

The real difference is the intensity of the impact.

In boxing you are hit by a single padded hand. The boxers muscles are mostly to accelerate your hand and glove up to speed and to follow through, but little is applied during the actual punch due to rebound.

Kinetic Energy = (1/2)(Mass)(Velocity2).

A strong punch is about 9m/s which is about 20mph. A hand with glove weighs less than a pound including the hand. A linebacker weighs about 250 pounds and is moving at about half that speed at impact. So even at 1/4 the KE per pound, he still delivers 62.5 times as much energy.

Add to that the difference between padded glove and movable head vs hard helmet to hard helmet locked in a neck brace and you see how football causes heads to undergo a much higher energy dump.

Punch speed data from the abstract of

– GooberMcNutly 




10 Answers To Questions You Always Wondered About

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How can explosives like C4 be so stable?

Let’s say you have an extinct volcano with a big caldera at the top (a large pit). At the bottom of the pit is a boulder. It will take so much energy to get that boulder up to the edge of the caldera, but once you get it over, the boulder will roll down the entire volcano releasing many times the amount of energy.

This is the same concept for explosives.

Instead of gravity and hills, we are working with bond strength. The bonds in C4 are pretty strong, so random energy from just sitting around is unlikely to break them and even a surprising amount of physical shock. However, if you can put enough focused energy into some of the substance, the atoms become free to bond in a different configuration and when they do, they release more energy than it takes to break them up. Much of this energy goes into breaking up other bonds in the immediate area, those atoms recombine into other molecules, release a bunch of energy, and continue the reaction.

The easiest way to trigger the initial breaking of bonds is to use a primary explosive (e.g. a blasting cap) but an electrical current can also do the trick.



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10 Answers To Questions You Always Wondered About

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How does rabies make it’s victims ‘afraid’ of water?

The virus affects the entire body, and especially hits us neurologically. What happens when you’re thirsty and you see water? You salivate in anticipation of relieving that thirst. Salivation leads to swallowing, lest we drool. Well for someone in the later stages of rabies, swallowing becomes a very painful act…and as with anything painful, the mind tends to not want to repeat the act that leads to the pain. The Rabies virus causes severe muscle spasms in the throat, and even the sight of water can set them off. If that were happening to you, wouldn’t you be ‘afraid’ of water, too?



10 Answers To Questions You Always Wondered About

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Why can beef be aged or hung for 28 days but will then be inedible a few days after purchase?

Aged beef does spoil. Dry aged beef isn’t cut into steak size portions, it’s an entire primal section, such as the rib primal. After it’s been aged, the outer section will have spoiled or become dried out, and will be cut away before individual steaks are cut.

Above is an example of what looks like rib primals being aged.  Notice how the outer portion looks black, leathery and spoiled? That’s because it is. It will be trimmed away and the clean inner meat is what will be served.




14 People Explain Why They Want Donald Trump To Become President

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1. I’m seriously thinking about voting for trump, and here is why. I firmly believe that our system of government is deeply flawed, if not completely broken. Yet we still keep voting for the same type of people. If trump wins, there’s a good chance the whole thing will collapse from his absurdity. Then maybe we could start over and build something better that works. A vote for trump is a vote for full system breakdown, which I believe is exactly what we need.



10 Answers To Questions You Always Wondered About

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How do lines and odds work in sports betting?

Plus and Minus numbers (1 or 2 digit numebrs) on the spread are how you adjust the final score to the game to make it closer to 50/50.

Yesterday everyone expected the Orlando magic to beat the Philadelphia 76ers. So no one would bet $100 to win $100 on the 76ers because it was not a 50/50 proposition, so there are several options to bet on the game.

If you find the line on a website/newspaper/sportsbook, the options would be money line or spread.

The money line options are below, that means you are just betting on the winner of the game. Since the game is not actually a 50/50 proposition, the payouts are not equal.

Orlando -240 (this means you bet $240 to win $100 if Orlando wins the game.

Philadelphia +200 (this means you bet $100 to win $200 if Philadelphia wins the game.)

Some people don’t like to “lay” 270 to win 100, so the other option for betting on a game is the spread. This is when the bookmaker adjusts the score to make it closer to 50/50, so the payouts can be closer to 50/50.

You could have bet on:

Orlando -5.5 -110. that means you bet $110 dollars, and win $100 if Orlando wins by 5.5 points or ore.


Philadelphia +5.5 -110. that means you bet $110 and you win $100 if Philadelphia loses by 5.5 or less (or wins)

The final score of the game was Orlando 124, Philadelphia 115, so according to the spread, the final score was either 118.5-115 or 124-120.5. So Orlando -5.5 won, and Philadelphia +5.5 lost.



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4 First Hand Accounts Of Different Life Experiences

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What is it like to have an autistic child?

My daughter is nearly 19, she is the 5th of 5 children and if she had been first there would likely have not been more. She is time intensive and energy draining. She is not adaptive. She is at the higher end of the specturm although she has some very extreme deficits as well. 

This past week she told me that she hates my guts, that she never gets enough attention, that is is unreasonable to only get 5 to 6 hours of my attention and conversation a day. We could never get up and just decide to go to the zoo, because she doesn’t operate on spur of the moment. Everything has to be planned well in advance. This makes life very difficult for her, because life is full of small things like ‘this road is closed, detour’ which can result in hours long rants. On some occasions it results in violent tantrums. One time, someone was running through town shooting. It was impossible to get her away from the window and onto the floor for safety, because she had a “right” to look out the window.

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10 Answers To Questions You Always Wondered About

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Many American football players have brain diseases in their old age because they have so many concussions during their career. Why don’t rugby players, who don’t wear helmets, have this problem?

 American Football players wear helmets and protective armor, they regularly crash into each other way more violently than rugby players would, leading to the apparently paradoxical effect that football players’ “protection” actually make the sport more dangerous.

In a similar case, the introduction of soft, cushy gloves in boxing has lead to significantly more deaths in boxing matches, since boxers were now able to hit their opponent’s head with great force without breaking their own hands.

This was an episode on the Freakonomics Podcast: The Dangers of Safety



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