Sick F**k Of The Day: Peter Kurten…The Vampire of Düsseldorf

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Peter Kürten was born into extreme deprivation and poverty in Köln-Mullheim, a suburb of Cologne, Germany on 26 May 1883. The eldest of thirteen children, his father was an alcoholic with sadistic tendencies, who brutalised both wife and children, in the one room apartment that they all shared, for the duration of Kurten’s childhood.

This daily subjection to sexual violence must have had an immense influence on the boy who, aged 9, formed an unhealthy relationship with a dog-catcher living in the same building, who introduced him to the practise of bestiality, carried out initially on dogs.


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A Few Answers To Questions You Always Wondered About

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Why do we sometimes create morbid hypothetical situations that play out in our head when doing something normal?

These are intrusive thoughts.

Essentially they are a result of the fact that the brain doesn’t focus on/remember good or bad thoughts, but extreme thoughts. A beautiful woman walking past you and you think about her, that’s a REALLY good thought, you will think about it later. Getting a 25% raise is a great thought, it will stick with you. For the same reason if you happen to think about killing your own child (you don’t always get to choose what pops into your head) Your brain will recognize it as a terrible awful thing that you don’t want to happen. It’s so far to one side of the spectrum so your brain emphasizes it.

Sometimes the brain has to identify what the wrong thing is in order to not do it. When you think of somebody shooting up a movie theater your brain is just "indexing" it into the bad category.



Badass Of The Week: Salamo Arouch, The Man Who Boxed for His Life in Auschwitz

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When Salamo Arouch arrived at the death camp at Auschwitz-Birkenau on May 15, 1943, he was disinfected, shorn of his hair, and tattooed with the number 136954. Shortly afterward, a German commandant asked if any of the prisoners boxed or wrestled. Arouch raised his hand. The commandant drew a circle in the dirt, brought in another inmate, and told them to fight. When Arouch knocked down his opponent in the third round, it was the start of his salvation. By boxing for the entertainment of his tormentors, Arouch avoided death in the gas chambers.

“Born in Greece of Sephardic Jewish descent, Arouch had been middleweight champion of the Balkans,” said the London Daily Telegraph.He learned boxing from his father and made his debut in his hometown of Salonika at 14. “Adopting a traditional style of jabbing and crossing, by 1939 he had an unbeaten record with 24 knockouts; his fancy footwork earned him the nickname ‘The Ballet Dancer.’” When the Nazis overran Greece, Arouch’s entire family was shipped to Auschwitz, where he alone survived, for 20 months, by fighting “two or three times a week in a smoke-filled warehouse” as officers placed bets. “For the winner there would be bread and soup; the loser would be executed and incinerated.”


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A Damn Fine Collection Of Fascinating Photos And Videos

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A woman stands in a narrow cell, her arms affixed to the wall in the attitude of the crucifixion, circa 1890. She is undergoing treatment for mental illness in 19th century Germany.


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Props To All The Folks Out There Putting In Work And Making That Healthy Transformation

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Fascinating Photos Collected From History

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David Isom, 19, broke the color line in a segregated pool in Florida on June 8, 1958, which resulted in officials closing the facility

The most dramatic step in the civil rights arena came in 1955, when six African Americans sued the city government to end segregation at downtown bathing sites. Both Spa Beach and the indoor pool at the Spa… were reserved for whites only. A beach for people of color was situated a few blocks south on Tampa Bay. Referred to as the “South Mole,” marked with signs proclaiming “colored only,” the piece of sand was near the terminus of the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad tracks and was also used as a storage site by the city. Rubble cluttered the beach, and bathhouse facilities were small. On April 1, 1957, the Supreme Court ruled [in favor of the six African-Americans who had sued the government]… In theory, the swimming spots were now open; in practice, they remained closed to African Americans…

On June 8, 1958, nineteen-year-old David Isom, a recent graduate of Gibbs High School, swam at the Spa pool, adjacent the beach. “I feel that it’s not a privilege, just a right,” Isom said. The cashier who sold Isom a thirty-five-cent admission ticket said she had orders to treat Isom “like any other citizen” About forty-five white people already were in the pool when Isom entered. They paid little attention to Isom, and Isom said he was treated politely by everyone present. Tommy Chinnis, the head lifeguard on duty, said the youth “was like everyone else.” Nonetheless, when Isom left after about twenty minutes in the pool area, pool manager John Gough tacked up a “closed” sign on the entrance. Gough said he was acting on orders from Windom “because a Negro has used the facilities.”



These Photos Show Women Before, During, and After Orgasms

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After recruiting 22 women for the project, Brazilian photographer Marcos Alberti took four headshots of each of them before, during, and after they orgasmed. They masturbated using massagers, but everything below the waist was hidden from both the camera and the photographer.

The O Project was created in collaboration with women’s sex toy brand Smile Makers, which helped to recruit the women by posting a callout on its Facebook page. The brand’s vibrators were used to bring the women to orgasm. Like Alberti, the company also wants to normalise female sexuality and encourage women to celebrate their desire, which is so often “shrouded in shame and secrecy”.

The women he used in his project come from all ethnicities and nationalities, some from traditionally conservative countries like China and Singapore. Alberti says his hope is that women across the globe can freely talk about orgasming without feeling embarrassed.



A Few Answers To Questions You Always Wondered About

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Why are fights between players allowed in the NHL when it is very strongly prohibited in just about every other sport?

It helps to remember that fights in hockey are 99% consensual. If you don’t want to fight you turn your back and that’s it. There are players that fight and players that don’t, and it’s not really a machismo/honor thing that you MUST fight. No one thinks less of you for not being a fighter.

If you jump someone who is NOT looking for a fight you are usually going to get tossed from the game and probably suspended for a few games to boot. It’s not OK to blind-side someone who is not likewise spoiling for a fight and generally speaking that is frowned upon.

So the minor penalties and general lack of punishment is only in the case of two people who have collaboratively decided to go at it, which is true for almost every fight you see. They are pre-arranged (often at the face-off) and mutually agreed. At that point, two consenting adults doing what they want, basically, and the refs leave it alone until someone is at risk of getting seriously hurt — usually once someone goes down and it’s no longer a standing fight, or if other people are getting involved, or if one person is effectively incapacitated, etc.


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