A Few Answers To Questions You Always Wondered About

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Why was the American Civil War fought?

If we rely on the words of the major players in that war, it’s clear it was about whether slavery should be restricted or extended. The North wanted it restricted to where it was, and the South wanted it extended coast-to-coast into the new territories and states entering the Union. When Lincoln, who favored restriction, was elected, most Southern states decided they should break off and form their own separate country that could protect slavery in those states and maybe even use military force to extend it into some new territories like Cuba or some easily-conquered Central American countries (an idea that was very popular in the South before the war).

Abraham Lincoln expressed this conflict in a letter to secessionist (and later Confederate VP) Alexander Stephens:

You think slavery is right and ought to be extended; while we think it is wrong and ought to be restricted. That I suppose is the rub. It certainly is the only substantial difference between us.



This One Goes Out To All The WWII History Buffs

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Why did the Nazis cut off the hair of the Jews before sending them to the gas chambers at Auschwitz?

It turns out that it’s extremely difficult to get even hardened soldiers to just execute unarmed civilians. The Final Solution depended upon getting the people of Germany but especially the SS to execute Jews by the millions and so there wasn’t a lot of time for people to drink themselves into a stupor at the horror of it all.

Let me answer your question with a series of questions. Let’s start with “the Nazis wanted to kill all of the Jews”

The holocaust didn’t begin with the first Jew shoved into the first gas-chamber. It was a slow, deliberate, and methodical process of indoctrination and dehumanization. The Nazi party needed the German people and the SS to see the Jews as sub-human. They needed them to see them as vermin to be eradicated rather than people.

They accomplished this, in part, with the tactics laid out above.



The Incredible Story of the Collar Bomb Heist

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At 2:28 pm on August 28, 2003, a middle-aged pizza deliveryman named Brian Wells walked into a PNC Bank in Erie, Pennsylvania. He had a short cane in his right hand and a strange bulge under the collar of his T-shirt. Wells, 46 and balding, passed the teller a note. “Gather employees with access codes to vault and work fast to fill bag with $250,000,” it said. “You have only 15 minutes.” Then he lifted his shirt to reveal a heavy, boxlike device dangling from his neck. According to the note, it was a bomb. The teller, who told Wells there was no way to get into the vault at that time, filled a bag with cash—$8,702—and handed it over. Wells walked out, sucking on a Dum Dum lollipop he grabbed from the counter, hopped into his car, and drove off. He didn’t get far. Some 15 minutes later, state troopers spotted Wells standing outside his Geo Metro in a nearby parking lot, surrounded him, and tossed him to the pavement, cuffing his hands behind his back.



A Damn Fine Collection Of Fascinating Photos And Videos

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Never miss forearm day



18 Fascinating Photos Collected From History

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De Beer mine workers are X-rayed at the end of every shift before leaving the diamond mines. Kimberly, South Africa. 1954

Each day at the end of the shift, the miners would have to go through the x-ray machine for inspection. Some miners would swallow diamonds, even hide them in self-inflicted incisions in their legs. According to a Botswana based mine, 36% of the workers smuggle diamonds out of its mines by hiding them in the anus, 30% hide them between their buttocks, 14% use their socks and hair, 5% conceal the gems in their mouths, 2% place the gems under their scrotum, 2% hide them in their clothes, 2% use their underwear and 10% use other means.

Interesting facts:



The Gaokao: A Look A China’s Grueling College Entrance Exam

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There’s only one way to get into college in the People’s Republic of China, and that’s by passing the “gaokao,” or college enterance exam. For two days in early June every year, China comes to a standstill as high school students who are about to graduate take their exams. 
Construction work is halted near examination halls, so as not to disturb the students, and traffic is diverted. Ambulances are on call outsidein case of nervous collapses, and police cars patrol to keep the streets quiet. Radio talkshow hosts discuss the format and questions in painstaking detail, and when the results come out, the top scorers are feted nationally. A high or low mark determines life opportunities and earning potential. That score is the most important number of any Chinese child’s life, the culmination of years of schooling, memorisation and constant stress.


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A Few Answers To Questions You Always Wondered About

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What’s the best way to launder $5,000,000 in cash?

Buy a cash business like a nail salon, paying the majority of the true purchase price in cash to the seller with a token amount on paper. “Sales” increase steadily over a year, you sock away all the clean money thrown off by the salon, maybe 4-5K/mo. After that year, put the 50-60K as a down payment for a really shitty investment home or “flip”. Pay for all renovations in cash. Sell house for a clean profit, rinse and repeat.

Once you get tired of that, buy yourself a small commercial building. A shitty little neighborhood shopping center with vacancy problems. Hire patsies to open more cash businesses. A dry cleaner. A tanning salon. A boutique clothing store. Each of these operations now serve two purposes: cleaning a little cash each month which pays for your patsies and a little taste for you, but more importantly, they pay their above-market rent on time each month.

Now you’ve operated this for a year and have built some excellent financials on the shopping center, so you sell it as a leased investment on the commercial real estate market. What you purchased for $1m when it was throwing off no rental income you now sell for $5m as investors pare paying you for value of future cash flows. Now 1031 tax defer your profits into a like kind investment, which means your $4m profit is now down payment on a $15m office building throwing off $750K/year in crystal clean income.

The real trick is don’t take that $750K/year though (taxable as income). Pay your mortgage down early, and after 5 years you refi and take your $5m out as capital gains to minimize tax exposure. Rinse, repeat as needed.

– Caulkpunch

Disclaimer: We do not condone the illegal laudndering of money, this is for entertainment purposes only



A Damn Fine Collection Of Fascinating Photos And Videos

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