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A Damn Fine Collection Of Fascinating Sports Photos And Videos

This Is What A Meal At The World's Best Restaurant Looks Like

A Tribute To Man's Best Friend

A Man's Wife Was Diagnosed With Cancer And He Photographed The Entire Battle


A Damn Fine Collection Of Fascinating Photos (18 Pics)

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100 year old boxing photo restored … Roy Campbell vs Dick Hyland 1913 

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Some military dogs have titanium teeth, each costing between $600-$2000. It can rip both metal and kevlar apart

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Life Isn’t All Sunshine And Rainbows (22 Pics)

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 24 year-old Marine Sgt. Tyler Ziegel and and 21 year-old Renée Kline on their wedding day. She divorced him a year later. He died last year of a combination of drugs and alcohol.

An 83 year old’s browser history


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