BJJ Blackbelt Takes Down And Restrains Belligerent Customer Who Punched And Spit On Him

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bjj black belt kyle braun

Reason #34,569 to train jiu jitsu; this guy spit in my face 3 times, threw punches, bit me, and tried to rip jacobs off with his hand, and despite having every opportunity to smash his skull in, NEITHER of us were ever in any danger; guy had no clue how to defend against even rudimentary jiu jitsu, and I had no intention to allow him to be hurt. I just restrained him by myself, and let the police take him. If you do anything that puts you in regular contact with strangers off the street, you owe it to yourself to know how to defend yourself. If anyone in Facebook land wants to learn, HMU, and I’ll connect you. Or, just come to Mainline United in Ardmore every Wednesday and Thursday at 6am to learn from the source itself:)


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Boyfriend Banned Fiancée From Jiu-Jitsu Over Fears Men Were Simulating Sex With Her

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Robert Shaw-Williams, 41, of Merthyr Tydfil, banned his fiancee Sarita Birdsall from jiu-jitsu classes because he thought men were simulating sex with her.

Dailymail reports :

A jealous boyfriend was jailed after accusing his fiancee of getting into ‘sexual positions’ with her martial arts instructors.

Robert Shaw-Williams, 41, banned Sarita Birdsall from jiu-jitsu classes because he thought men were simulating sex with her.

A court heard he would storm into the lesson to grab ’embarrassed’ Miss Birdsall, from the mat and take her home.


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Not For The Weak Of Heart: 11 Stomach Churning Arm And Leg Breaks In Jiu-Jitsu And MMA

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This Is What It Sounds Like When You Don’t Tap To A Heel Hook And Your Tibia and Fibula Snap


The guy (Dan Velten) that got his leg broke in the video actually contacted us and wanted to give his perspective on what happened:

As a Jiu Jitsu competitor, I know that danger is always present. The first rule of Jiu-Jitsu is to tap early and tap often. That’s how you learn and survive to fight another day. My name is Dan Velten, and I’m a competitive Jiu Jitsu player and instructor, and that sound you just heard was my tibia and fibula snapping. I’ve been doing combat sports since 1999, and this was only the second serious injury I’ve had in the past 20 years. Combat sports can be done safely, but sometimes, shit just goes off the rails. 


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BJJ Black Belt (Without Wrestling Background) Wins Wrestling Tournament

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bjj black belt vs wrestling

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt Robby Malof competes in the 2018 Spatola Wrestling Classic in Cincinnati, OH. Robby competed against 4 high level wrestlers. One being an NCAA All American, D3 MSJ wrestler, 2x Indiana State Champion & D1 IU wrestler, lastly another college wrestler with unknown credentials. The division was stacked from top to bottom bringing out much stiffer competition compared to the year prior. Robby was able to stuff every shot taken on him and not be scored on once during the entire tournament. Robby was able to once again lock up a kimura to defend a takedown and use several other BJJ techniques to defeat the wrestlers.



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Jiu-Jitsu Does A Body Good

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before and after jiu jitsu weight loss


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BJJ Black Belt Steps In To Protect Dog From Abusive Owner

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bjj black belt protects dog from abusive owner

A man and his wife witness an individual chasing and beating a dog. When they stop to see what is going on they find the man drunk and irate already interacting with other concerned citizens. When the man’s wife tells the individual the dog needs a leash, he becomes more irate and moves in an aggressive manner towards her. The husband steps in between them and asks the man to back away. The man then lunges toward the husband, throwing a strike towards his face. Unfortunately for the individual the women’s husband is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt and retired pro fighter Dennis Davidson. The fight immediately goes to the ground where the drunk man is subdued until the police arrive.


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Unhinged Man Gets Rear Naked Choked On The Subway

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unhinged man gets rear naked choke on subway

He was looking for trouble and he found it!

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Woman Says Her Jiu-Jitsu And Muay Thai Training Saved Her In Altercation With Man 3x Her Size

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The Daily Man-Up

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I’m standing on the platform in the evening rush hour minding my own business when I notice a large man on the other side of the platform is talking into his earbuds, wearing sunglasses.

I wonder if he’s looking at me – I can’t tell, because of the sunglasses, so I am just chilling. I look at my phone, I check out the office girl on my platform, then I look back. He’s staring at me. Still talking. He mouths “I’m going to fuck you up”. Can he really mean me?? I take my headphones off and look at this guy more directly.

“Do you mean me? You’re going to fuck ME up?” I inquire. “Yea, I’m gonna kill you, staring at me. Do you think you’re bad or something?” This guy is shouting at me from ACROSS the train tracks. There are at least about 20 people watching this exchange.

It seems that while I hadn’t even looked in his eyes (because of the sunglasses), he had got the impression I was staring at him.

I immediately adopt a submissive / apologetic posture and go into defuse mode. “Sorry, man. I don’t know you. I have no problem with you. Let’s leave it.” etc etc


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(Warning) This Is What It Sounds Like When You Don’t Tap To A Heel Hook And Your Tibia and Fibula Snap

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This is a sound I never want to hear again!



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