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Confessions Of A Former Member Of A Polygamist Cult

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kingston clan

How many wives did you father have? How many siblings do you have?

My dad had 27 wives and I have over 200 brothers and sisters from other mothers. I’m the oldest of 11 children from my biological mother

I’ve always wondered if kids, or even fathers/other mothers, remember ALL 200+ of their siblings and their names. Don’t they just kind if blend together after a while?

My dad doesn’t know half of his kids names. When John Daniel Kingston went to court, the judge asked him to name all his kids. He couldn’t name half of them.

How do the various wives deal with their husband constantly laying down with other women? Living under the same roof while this occurs has to be borderline torturous, right?

Most of the women don’t really know their husbands very well. Even so, there is so much jealousy in my cult. One of my half moms actually tried to run over a new wife with her van, who was marrying into our family. Most of the wives only live with another wife for the first 6 months to a year after they marry into the family. Most of the women have too many children to live together anyways.


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What Is It Like When One Of Your Parents Gets Alzheimer’s?

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I knew right away that something was different. My 74 year old mother and I had been very close all my life. (She lived with my family.) When her personality started to change I couldn’t understand why. She loved crafts, gardening, singing, piano, anything creative, but all of a sudden she wasn’t interested in her hobbies. She just wanted to sit in her chair and watch TV. We started to argue. It reminded me of when I was a teenager 25 years earlier, how we would squabble over stupid things. Then she would get angry at the littlest thing and slam her bedroom door in my face.

Nothing made sense, why was she changing? Was she mad at me? Was she depressed? Should I take her to a doctor?

One day she would be grumpy and then the next she would seem fine and we would go shopping for new flower bushes, have a great lunch out and come home laughing. Cook a ham, play some scrabble, help the kids with homework, she was an integral part of the family. I kept thinking… oh good, it’s all over now.

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Confessions Of The ‘Class Slut’ In A Male Dominated Engineering Class

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Being in the computer engineering field, I’m used to a certain difference in the number of guys to girls in my classes. Even in my first basic programming course there was like 100 guys to maybe 15 girls before a few of them dropped and we ended up with like 10 finishing the course.

A couple months ago, when I walked into Intro to Software Engineering, I saw… well, I saw a room full of 49 guys. And then there was me. Some of the guys I had taken classes with before and I knew, many were new faces.

Now, my other classes this semester have been more fairly balanced, but for the past couple of months every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I have to be in a room for three hours with some of the thirstiest, horniest guys on campus, all focusing their attention on me. And I’ve been loving teasing every single one of them. Sometimes I even make their dreams come true.


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Confessions Of A Woman With A Breeding Fetish

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This is my ultimate fantasy. I’ve thought about it so much and gone over the details so I think I could make it work.

I could buy a large plot of land somewhere in the Midwest where hardly anyone else is, nice and isolated. I think western Nebraska would be good enough. I’d build a nice big farm, with a big house for myself and my man, stables for the broodmares (I’ll start at five, and build more as I acquire more girls), a milking parlor with breast pumps (though I’d do a lot of it by hand, I’d use the breast pumps when I’m busy or have too many broodmares to attend to), some entertainment buildings, etcetera.


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Confessions Of A Sex Shop Janitor

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Why are there booths at an adult store?? Is it a try before you buy sort of thing?

Adult video booths are commonly used by men to hook up with other men. Unless the management is very strict, guys will hang around looking for other guys to go into a booth with.

If there are glory holes between the booths, one guy will signal through the hole to the guy in the neighbouring booth inviting him to put his penis through. The first guy will then give him a blow job. They may take turns sucking and being sucked, or one will give head to the other. Sometimes, one of the men will bend over and get fucked through the glory hole.

Most of the men who use video booths and glory holes are men who act straight in their everyday lives. Gay men go to gay bars for their hookups – they don’t need anonymity.


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Confessions Of People

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12 People Who Survived Suicide Reveal Their Last Thoughts Before Attempting To Take Their Own Lives

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(photo: @sashafreemind)

1. Tried to overdose on Oxycontin, last thoughts were immediate regret after I pushed the plunger on the syringe all the way down, all I felt was remorse and sadness that I wouldn’t be alive anymore. Woke up 20-24 hours later extremely grateful to be alive and got help with my drug addiction, now 4 year sober on 8/14.


2. I have severe depression and never knew what genuine happiness felt like until I was 17 and on meds from the hospital after my suicide attempt, it was so overwhelming I just started sobbing in the car with my mom, out of nowhere.

Anyway, I had taken a bottle of Xanax when my mom left for church, it wasn’t planned I was just at my mental breaking point and panicked, I sat in the kitchen floor and I felt an overwhelming sense of euphoria, I just kept thinking ‘it’s over. It’s over. It’s over’

I didn’t regret it until my mom found me because she turned around after realizing she left something at home, I will never forgive myself for putting her through that. I’m 24 and the memory of her crying and tell me she loved me and she was sorry still haunts me. I have a lump in my throat just typing this.


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How To Make Love To A Car, According To A Mechaphile

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Mechanophilia is a paraphilia involving a sexual attraction to machines such as bicycles, motor vehicles, helicopters, ships, and aeroplanes

1. The tailpipe isn’t the only option! If it interests you, get hold of a silicon sleeve or some other masturbation tool to make life easier on your tool. Note: a possible sleeve is a Hand Job Stroker by Calexotics, obtainable from CloneZone (wank toys dept). Typically a rubber, silicon or similar sheath can also be used elsewhere, especially for cut gentlemen.

2. For those who enjoy the body of a car, licking, kissing, caressing and the normal actions of foreplay work well.


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Confessions Of A Dude Sexually Attracted To Mountain Lions

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It started with me doing research on mountain lions. I saw some pictures and watched some videos. And something just clicked in me – their faces were absolutely beautiful. I couldn’t stop looking.

Their faces are perfectly shaped, and so expressive. Their eyes are so bright, clear, and knowing – you can see the soul in their eyes. They have flat, rosy-pink noses, and soft, furry, perky ears. Their facial markings are distinctive and really bring out their best features. They have soft, luscious fur the color of brown sugar, and around their snout and jaw, white sugar. And the way they move – so sexy, so graceful, so confident, so seductive.


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