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What’s It Like To Have To Put Your Dog Down

September 5, 2017 | 1 Comment » | Topics: Life Experiences |

The single hardest thing I have done in my life at the age of 31 was put down my lab, Angel, who had heart disease. I remember getting the call from my mom while I was at work and using the drive over the to vet to get all my crying out. This was my pup growing up and was the sweetest dog I’ve ever owned. Not a mean bone in her body and would absolutely light up the moment she saw me. Every time.

I remember pulling up to the vet and thinking I had everything under control but the moment I went into the room where she was laying on the table I lost it. Here is my pup breathing what seemed like slow determined breaths, dealing with pain in a foreign room without family around. My Mom walks in first and Angel immediately recognizes her and you can sense the relief. So then I come in right after and the tail wag alone was enough to break me down but the fact that she tried to stand up absolutely destroyed me. In that moment their was nothing strong about what I was projecting. I panic and turned around unready for what was happening regardless of my preparation. I wasn’t ready to lose my best friend. My family.


1 Comment »