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What Did It Feel Like To Be Inside The World Trade Center At Tthe Time Of The 9/11 Attacks?

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I arrived for work that morning on the 77th. floor of World Trade Center tower 2 (WTC2) around 8:00AM. It was a bright beautiful morning, and you could see seemingly forever out the floor to ceiling windows of the building. My company had offices on the 77th. and 78th. floors. My office was on 77 facing WTC1 (the north tower).

I was standing in the hallway outside my office talking to a co-worker, when I heard a tremendous explosion at 8:46AM. I looked into my office (office wall was floor-to-ceiling glass) and saw a gaping hole in the South side of WTC1. We had no idea what had happened. No part of the plane was visible (it had hit WTC1 from the North–the opposite side from where my office faced).

Eventually word filtered in from somewhere that it was a plane that hit the building. We didn’t know whether it was a commercial jet or a private plane like a Gulfstream. It also didn’t occur to me at the time that it was a terrorist attack. I just assumed it was a terrible accident.

At some point I saw people appear at the edge of the gaping hole. Smoke was pouring out, and while I don’t recall seeing much in the way of flames, it was clear that there was a raging fire going on inside the building. I saw a number of people jump to their death, desperate to get away from the heat/flames.


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9 Hours Straight

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A Few Answers To Questions You Always Wondered About

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What is it like being a single bachelor in China knowing that the men outnumber women by 34 million?

I am a single bachelor living in China, but I’m a foreigner. For expats, it’s pretty good being single, as there is that foreigner mystique and the general idea that all expats are rich, so finding women is pretty easy.

As for Chinese, it’s a bit of a different story. The actual number is closer to 38 million more men, but also realize that this doesn’t mean either single men, gay men, or anything else – it’s an overall statistic.

That said, there are a LOT of single Chinese guys. Almost every guy in my office is between 21-30 and they’re almost all single. To even consider getting a wife, a Chinese guy needs to own a home (apartment in a big city), a car, and preferably make XXX money every month. The women have high expectations (as they’re expected to pop out their one-child policy kid before the age of 24-25).


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What’s It Like To Microdose LSD And Mushrooms

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I have 3 friends who have done the same over periods lasting from 0.5-3 months. 2 of them with LSD and 1 with mushrooms. I am taking their observations and experiences into account as well.

In the beginning, zi swallowed 0.3g golden teacher mushrooms every Mon, Wed, Friday morning, before attending studies (Multimedia design), while my friend chewed on a 25ug (1/9 of a 220ug) Lord Shiva LSD tab before going to work as a phone salesman 3 days a week. We continued this way for 1 month.

On the bus, on my way to school, I often caught myself smiling for no apparent reason. When i looked out the window I saw some sort of beauty in everything, like the motion the wind created on things like leaves, peoples hair, and it was sort of fun to observe how tired other people on the bus were looking every morning.

In class and during lectures, i became significantly more active. I had an increased focus on what was presently happening, which made it easier for me to listen to what my teacher was saying.


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What Is Burning Man?

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(photo: @br33zzyy)

First, Burning Man isn’t a music festival (a lot of people think that it is) – it is an experiment in creating a temporary city devoted to art / having a good time for a week in one of the harshest possible places (a dry lake bed that is almost 200 miles north east of Reno, NV…the middle of fucking nowhere).

Again, this temporary city of 80,000 people is built in the middle of a dry lake bed just for the purpose of having fun / seeing cool things. There’s no official music lineup, no food courts, no beer-gardens…unless that is a person or camp decided to do any of those things themselves. There’s no water out there. There’s just as wide a range of things to do there as in any city; you can get fucked up and party at BM versions of clubs, create art for people to see interact with, or create a camp for people to come to for a service or experience, like salon style hair washing.

There’s everything…but there’s also nothing provided for you with your ticket. The only things you can buy there are ice (so food doesn’t go bad in coolers) and coffee/tea at center camp (a long tradition and the money goes to charity). Every camp / person has to bring everything that they need to survive. You can have a really hard time at Burning Man, I’ve seen people really break down and have a bad time because things just didn’t go right, there’s a lot of stuff that is out of your control:


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Confessions Of The Son Of A Billionaire

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How much is your father worth?

My father is worth just shy of $2 Billion liquid, and he’s on a rapid trajectory be worth significantly more.

What do you do for a living?

As for my current job, I work a generic IT position with a standard salary – nothing that will produce the kind of fortune my father’s work has.

What kind of car do you drive?

A 2014 Subaru Outback. Prior to that, a very-used ’98 Outback. Probably not the answer you were expecting!

As for my parents, the primary cars at each property are a Mercedes GLS and SL Roadster; they have lots of others, but nothing too fancy. Mostly old Chevy and Ford cars primarily driven by the various employees they have.

What do you do for work and why did you go into that field?

I’m a computer systems adminsitrator for a small company because it’s what I enjoy and it doesn’t require a large amount of non-immediate work. I didn’t inherit my dad’s strong ambition and drive, unfortunately.


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What’s It Like To Be Anorexic

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I remember the simultaneous high and pain of being hungry and light-headed. One can of diet Pepsi, one loaf of bread on my better days.  Peruse obsessively through foodie magazines, as if looking was eating—without the calories.  Whenever my mother left the house to go shop or run an errand, I ran to my closet, dug out my backpack, filled it with gallons of spring water, and—when the pack was full—grasped the handle of a gallon in each hand and ran or lifted.  I biked. I took 2 hour aerobic classes and returned home for 2 more hours of surreptitious stair-climbing as my parents watched television downstairs.  I got up in the middle of the night to pace the bedroom or stand on tiptoe. I sat on the edge of the seat—determined not to relax and let my fat recline and absorb into my body.  Before I knew it, the only thing I was doing in my life was starving and exercising.  


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Confessions Of A Former Mafia Boss

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Michael Franzese  is a former New York mobster and caporegime of the Colombo crime family who was heavily involved in the gasoline tax rackets in the 1980s.  At age 35, he was the youngest mobster listed on Fortune Magazine’s survey of the 50 most powerful and wealthy Mafia bosses in America. Franzese hit the list at number 18, only five spots behind the infamous John Gotti. At the height of his operation, federal authorities claim Franzese generated close to a billion dollars a year in a gas-tax scheme he masterminded. Since then, he has publicly renounced organized crime, created a foundation for helping youth, and became a motivational speaker.

What was the main appeal of joining the mob for you?

I joined to help my day get out of prison. plain and simple. the money and power came for me later on. once i got in, i wanted both.

What is the process of becoming a “Made Man” like?

Very intense. very solemn, very serious. I took an oath with a picture of a saint burning in my hands. My thumb was cut with a knife and blood dropped on the floor. The oath is never to violate the brotherhood of La Cosa Nostra.


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What’s It Like To Have A Photographic Memory?

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I have a semi-photographic memory in that I can remember the content of most anything I’ve read and sometimes visually remember where the information is on the page or how far into the book/article it is.  I don’t generally remember the names of the author or possibly the article/book but can usually find it with the specific information I do remember.  I have almost no autobiographical/experiential memory ability and that usually feels like an unfair price to pay

What is it like?  It’s complicated.  

There are certainly positive ramifications: 

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Confessions Of A Former Heroin Dealer

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What drug did you sell?

Heroin. Well, it started off years earlier with ecstasy then I moved to cocaine then prescription pills and finally to heroin. I was chasing the biggest profits. When I was selling ecstasy it was because that was my favorite drug and I wanted a little bit of extra money to compliment my regular job. By the time I was selling dope and prescription pills, I had a whole organization and this was my full time job.

What quality/type of heroin did you end up selling?

The highest quality black tar heroin. The connect was so low level that we had to warn people when switching over from another dealer. I know everybody says that but we had a lot of close calls. It was dark almost black but a drier charcoal like that would crumble and turned into dark brown tar when handled or breathed on.


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