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What Does It Feel Like To Change Your Sex

June 7, 2018 | No Comments » | Topics: Life Experiences |

It was my tenth year of marriage when my wife caught me in the middle of the night, cross-dressing in another room. I was forty-two years old. We’d just had our first child. She was devastated.

Eventually my wife and I divorced, and I began to plan my transition, the first step prior to surgery. I wrote a letter and sent it to everyone at work. It was kind of confusing for them because they didn’t know how to address me anymore.

I lived almost a year as a woman before having the surgery. I’d had plenty of practice by that point, so I was probably better off than most transsexuals. It’s not like I looked like a man in a dress.

During transition, I started dating the man who’s now my husband. He actually came with me to the surgery, which I had in Thailand. The technical term is “penile inversion.” After waking up from surgery, you feel a good amount of pain, but not a horrific amount. You wake up and you have this big cast made of bandages. The cast is packed in, and when they start pulling it out, it’s not the most pleasant feeling in the world.


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Confessions Of A Prison Sex-Slave

June 6, 2018 | No Comments » | Topics: Life Experiences, TRUTH |

Soon after coming to Allred prison in Texas, *** claimed me as his own. He told me I had two choices: I could submit, or I could die. Thus began my life as a prison sex slave.

What most people don’t understand is that rape in prison isn’t like it is on the outside. It’s not random or chaotic. It’s planned and methodical. It’s business. The gangs trade amongst themselves to determine who is going to be with whom. And other inmates didn’t dare touch me without clearing it first with my owner.

*** would rape me once, twice, sometimes three times a day. Then he would force me to clean his cell, make his bed, or cook food for him. Eventually he demanded that I have sex with his friends, who took to calling me “Coco.” When a different sex slave was badly beaten for refusing sex, he said the same thing would happen to me if I didn’t comply.


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What’s It Like To Be A Phone Sex Operator

June 4, 2018 | No Comments » | Topics: Life Experiences |

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What Was It Like To Be Executed In The 18th Century?

May 31, 2018 | No Comments » | Topics: Life Experiences, TRUTH |

Account of the execution of Robert-François Damiens, a French domestic servant whose attempted assassination of King Louis XV of France in 1757. He was condemned to be burnt with hot lead, torn with pincers, and finally to be drawn and quartered. Recorded by an officer of the court:

“The sulphur was lit, but the flame was so poor that only the top skin of the hand was burnt, and that only slightly. Then the executioner, his sleeves rolled up, took the steel pincers, which had been especially made for the occasion, and which were about a foot and a half long, and pulled first at the calf of the right leg, then at the thigh, and from there at the two fleshy parts of the right arm; then at the breasts. Though a strong, sturdy fellow, this executioner found it so difficult to tear away the pieces of flesh that he set about the same spot two or three times, twisting the pincers as he did so, and what he took away formed at each part a wound about the size of a six-pound crown piece.

“After these tearings with the pincers, Damiens, who cried out profusely, though without swearing, raised his head and looked at himself; the same executioner dipped an iron spoon in the pot containing the boiling potion, which he poured liberally over each wound. Then the ropes that were to be harnessed to the horses were attached with cords to the patient’s body; the horses were then harnessed and placed alongside the arms and legs, one at each limb.


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What It’s Like To Get In A Prison Fight

May 24, 2018 | No Comments » | Topics: Life Experiences |

A prison fight is nothing like the UFC or boxing. It’s straight-up bedlam. Anything that can happen, will happen. Locks in a sock, shanks and mop wringers are all game. You can’t get a fair fight, but you can get a square one. You just have to know the rules. And the rules vary.

The universal rule is that fighting is part of prison life. You either fight or lose everything. Heart checks are mandatory. It’s called being “on the count” and if you aren’t present, you’ll get checked into the hole by your own boys.

“Whenever you are going to do any type of fighting in a penal institution what rules you go by are determined by where you are at,” said Kevin Smith, a 47-year-old penitentiary veteran from Fort Worth, Texas who has done 10 years in federal institutions, three stints in the Texas Department of Corrections (TDC) and multiple stays in county jail for a variety of charges including meth distribution and manufacture, gun possession, conspiracy to rob a bank and assault.

The TDC is one of the more notorious prison systems in the country. They got a saying when you walk into a Texas prison, “You gotta fight, fuck or bust a 60.” The first two are self-explanatory, the third means paying someone off for protection.


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Confessions Of A North Korean Defector

May 23, 2018 | No Comments » | Topics: Life Experiences |

interview with a North Korean defector

What is North Korea like? Is it anything like the news stories we see on the television? Is it better or worse? 

There is so much focus in the western media about North Korea’s military and nuclear weapons. There is rarely any stories about average North Koreans, especially those that live outside the capital Pyongyang. Most North Koreans are ordinary people that want to live peaceful lives but the media makes it look like every North Korean wants to destroy America or South Korea.

Aall the news of North Korea is almost inconceivably dreadful. While I’m sure there is much misery in the country, can you tell us a story of a time when you or your family were genuinely happy? What sort of things bring joy to the average North Korean?

My fondest memories from North Korea revolve around my family. Everyday when my mom would come home she would give me a big hug and I loved that. I also have great memories of family talent shows where we would sign karaoke late into the night!

What was the part of the day you looked forward to most when you lived in North Korea?

Whenever I had something delicious to eat! I really looked forward to preparing the food and enjoying it with my family.


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Inside The Sex Life Of A Big Ten College Basketball Player

May 22, 2018 | No Comments » | Topics: Interesting, Life Experiences |

There are girls for every sport. Some girls go for football players — “puck sluts” is a slang term for hockey chasers. Girls message you, get right down to the point and say “Let’s hook up.” Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook. I’d say I’m hooking up four or five times a week. Sometimes on the weekend I’ll hook up with two or three different girls. Many of them are just hooking up with me because I’m a basketball player. They’re using me as well. We’re men, got our hormones and everything, and we kind of just want to release those every now and then. Hooking up does depend on what the girl looks like to a certain degree, and then it depends if I’m tired or not.

Sometimes the guys on the team get competitive about sex. Our freshman summer we actually made it a competition: Who could have sex with the most girls. We had a point system, and we called ourselves the EFC: Elite Fucking Committee. We’d keep track and meet up on Sunday and tell stories.


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Confessions Of A Man Who Was Chemically Castrated

May 16, 2018 | No Comments » | Topics: Life Experiences |

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What Is It Like To Have Depression?

May 15, 2018 | No Comments » | Topics: Life Experiences, TRUTH |


Imagine your head is like a whirlpool in a hurricane – thoughts are just whirling around (and around and around) in there. Positive thoughts float, and they just sit there on the surface until they are blown away, but negative thoughts get sucked into the whirlpool and spin around, repeating themselves over and over, and worse and worse, until you have arrived at the worst-case believable scenario, at which point they sink down the spout and you internalise them as truth. Worse, the whirlpool is mesmerising – it’s a natural disaster, a tidal wave, a train wreck, and you just can’t look away.

You can throw as many “chin up!”, “get over it”, “come out to this party”, “you’ll be OK” and “just get out of the house” comments at that as you like, but it won’t do shit. My mind will just force me to blow those comments off – I’ll probably ditch the party, or make some non-committal noise about leaving the house or cheering up, so I can get back to the whirlpool. Because, I’m USED to watching the whirlpool. In some sick (mentally sick) way, I LIKE that I have a whirlpool to watch.


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A Few First Hand Accounts Of Different Life Experiences

May 9, 2018 | No Comments » | Topics: Life Experiences |

What it’s like to be a man who was born with female sex organs?

So – when I look at myself naked in the mirror, I see something beautiful. Really, just the pique of feminine beauty. I have very attractive features for a woman and I don’t take issue with my body aesthetically. It’s solid. I am one hot lady. I would totally do me.

But – when I put on my chest binder and wear guy clothes, I see myself. It doesn’t matter if I’m attractive as a guy, or if other people see me as a man (not to me, anyway – some trans guys are different), or any of that. I just want to look in the mirror and see who I am. I want to be able to recognize the person looking back at me. That just doesn’t happen when I’m in “girl mode”. Wearing a dress and make-up, I feel like I’m dressing in drag. Dressing like a man, I feel like myself.

I have to hide my breasts from myself so I don’t look down and have that cognitive dissonance between who I know I am and the body I have. Because, in my head, I don’t have breasts. I have pecs. I’m not ripped. Just a small skinny dude.


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