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A damn fine collection of bewbs, awesomeness and everything in between – Leenks

Sultry Singer Niykee Heaton Posed in White Lingerie for Some Sexy Birthday Photos – Maxim

Proof That Keanu Reeves Is The Nicest Guy In Hollywood – Ranker

Work on your core muscles, posture, and relieve back pain while you sit at desk chair with one of these balance ball – Amazon

Foods You Eat Every Day Surgeons Have Now Confirmed Are “Death Foods” – Five Fatal Foods

The Weepul toy phenomenon is secretly a sales cult – The Outline

Hot Instagram Pictures Of Jenna Charlette – Lurk And Perv

A Simple 5 Step Process to Become Wildly Successful At Any Endeavor – Knowledge For Men

Taylor Hill’s Racy Skimpy Bikini of the Day – Drunken Stepfather

What Actually Is Bitcoin? Princeton’s Free Course “Bitcoin and Currency Technologies” Provides Much-Needed Answers – Princeton

Hump Day is a Happy Day! (47 Photos) – Radass

Look Out For These Warning Signs Before You Take That New Job – Fast Company

This girl is the epitome of PAWG – Imgur

Charlotte McKinney, Bella Thorne and Other Random Women – G-Celeb

The Most Under-Rated Super Heroes – Grumpy Sloth

I Used To Think Babies Were Ugly – Sad And Useless

What You Can (and Can’t) Do In California With Recreational Marijuana – Life Hacker

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8 Books That Elon Musk Says Changed His Life – Daily Curiosity

14 Things You Didn’t Know Happened After The Original Star Wars Trilogy – Ranker

This conveniently small car mount attaches to your dashboard and holds your phone in place so you can better check GPS, quickly control music, or make calls and texts in a safer, more convenient way – Amazon

74 Things That Blew Our Minds in 2017 – The Atlantic

What Car Dealers Will Do With 2017’s Cars That Didn’t Sell – Discount Drivers

Watch Iggy Azalea Twerk Her Way Into 2018 While Wearing a See-Through Bodysuit – Maxim

Dolphins Purposefully get Pricked by Puffer fish to get High – Smithsonian

This Is The Easy Way To Save Money: 6 Powerful Secrets From Research – Barking Up The Wrong Tree

Rapper B.O.B says Bill Nye needs to read more books to understand flat earth – Patheos

40 Hottest Instagram Pics of Anastasia Kvitko – Regretful Morning

9 of the Best Ways We Know of to Get Rid of a Hangover – Mel Magazine

The 10 Most Genocidal Leaders In World History – Grumpy Sloth

Jen Selter Flashes her Bare Ass – Drunken Stepfather

Here Are The Top 10 Most Followed Models On Instagram – Radass

How to Eat Ass – Life Hacker

The Daily Picdump – Leenks

Amanda Bynes Has Big, Boring Plans In 2018 – The Blemish

I Paid $400 to Eat Olive Garden in Times Square on New Year’s – VICE

The ‘Black Mirror’ Season 4 Exit Survey – The Ringer

You Can Make The LaFerrari Engine Swap Of Your Stupidest Dreams Happen For Just $385,000 – Jalopnik

15 Realistic New Year’s Resolutions – Sad And Useless

Olivia Munn Busting Out Of Her Tiny Bikini – Popoholic

10 Things You Can Do Right Now to Make Your Brain Sharper – Big Think

The Top 40 Bikini Photos of 2017 – G-Celeb



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Do you ever see a super-old, super-rich guy out on the town with a super-young girl who’s super out of his league and wonder, how the hell did that happen? This is how it happened – GQ

Colombian ‘Sex Island’ Hosts Raunchy 4-day New Year’s Party with Unlimited Sex and Drugs – Maxim

7 Warning Signs You Need to Break Up with Your Girlfriend – Knowledge For Men

Apple apologizes for iPhone slowdown drama, will offer $29 battery replacements for a year – The Verge

Nifty little kettle that has 6 different temperature setting and will automatically stop when it reaches that temp – Electric Kettle

How Mark Hamill’s Messed Up Face In ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ Led To A Three Decade Mystery – Ranker

How To Become The Toughest Man Alive – Medium

A Beginner’s Guide to Opening an IRA – Life Hacker

10 Surprising Things Your Nails Reveal About Your Health – Trendy 

The fabulous life of Alexa Dell, the 24-year-old billionaire heiress who just got engaged with a million-dollar ring – Insider

A trip to The Villages, a booming retiremement community outside Orlando, where the golf is free, casual sex is everywhere, and there is no cemetery – BuzzFeed

Victoria Lomba’s Booty Deserves Your Attention – Yes Bitch

There Might Be A Universe Inside Every Black Hole – Daily Curiosity

A damn fine collection of bewbs, awesomeness and everything in between – Leenks

Every Episode of Black Mirror, Ranked From Worst to Best – Vulture

Bella Thorne’s Got the Lingerie On – Drunken Stepfather

Demi Lovato, Sommer Ray and Other Random Women – G-Celeb

Getting Ripped vs. Getting Strong – The Art Of Manliness

The Daily Picdump – Radass

Michael Jackson wanted to be Spiderman so bad that he attempted to buy Marvel – Movie Pilot

10 Thoughts All Girls Have During Sex – Grumpy Sloth

Why Life Seems to Speed Up over Time, and How to Slow It Down Again – Big Think

Ariana Grande Assumes The Position – Hollywood Tuna

These Charlottee McKinney swimsuit photos are pleasing to the eye – Popoholic

Woman Leaves Her Dog With Dad, Receives Adorable Texts From Him – Sad And Useless

4 Common Mistakes Men Make That Lower Their Testosterone – Return Of Kings

Dr. Phil and his staff have been accused of giving drugs and alcohol to addicts before appearing on his show in efforts to boost ratings – The Blemish

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It was sex all the time at this 1800s commune, with anyone you wanted and none of the guilt – Timeline

These Were The Ideal Beauty Standards For Men And Women From Each Decade of The 20th Century – Ranker

2017’s Game Of The Year And Aguably One Of The Best Games Ever Made – The Legend of Zelda Breath Of The Wild

Sommer Ray and Her Hot Mom Gifted Us With Super Sexy Christmas Costumes – Maxim

Top 50 Sexiest Celebs In Tight Dresses – List Monarchy

Putin: Russia warns U.S. against ‘meddling’ in presidential election – USA Today

This Is How To Quit Bad Habits Without Willpower: 3 Secrets From Neuroscience – Barking Up The Wrong Tree

Hot Pictures Of Brittney Palmer – Lurk And Perv

The Daily Picdump – Leenks

Bruce Willis’ daughter got naked (nsfw) – Drunken Stepfather

Things Healthy Couples Don’t Fight About – Fit Yourself

13 sci-fi series starters that will let you visit other worlds – The Verge 

Bella Thorne Looking All Kinds Of Drop Dead Sexy In Retro Lingerie – Popoholic

What the rich do differently: Habits that foster wealth and success – Get Rich Slowly

Why the Secret of a Happy, Successful Marriage Is Treating It Like a Bank Account – The Art Of Manliness

These Hotties Are Generous With The Cleavage – Radass

Let’s Be Real: Americans Are Walking Around With Dirty Anuses – Tonic

29 Shocking Photos Of Modern History’s Most Infamous Assassinations – All That Is Interesting

‘Hamilton’ Is on PornHub, In Case You Need a Break From Naked Boobs – The Blemish

Demi Lovato’s Sweet Cleavage Show – Hollywood Tuna

The Funniest Marriage Tweets of 2017 – Sad And Useless

The 20 Best Gangster Movies of All Time – High Snobiety

The 10 TV shows from 2017 most worthy of your time – Quartz

Everything I Learned from Watching As Much Porn from Around the World As I Could – Mel Magazine

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The Best Night $500,000 Can Buy – GQ

The $1.5 Million EarthRoamer XV-HD Is a Go-Anywhere Rolling Fortress – Maxim

A card game for people who are into kittens and explosions and laser beams and sometimes goats – Exploding Kittens

Actual Satanists Reveal The Biggest Misconceptions Everyone Has About Their Religion – Weird History

My Family’s Slave. She lived with us for 56 years. She raised me and my siblings without pay. I was 11, a typical American kid, before I realized who she was – The Atlantic

The Mysterious Creator Of Bitcoin Has Baffled Investors For Years – Unilad

A Month-by-Month Guide to Saving $1,000 and Ending the Paycheck to Paycheck Lifestyle – The Penny Hoarder

Hacking the Tax Plan: Ways to Profit Off the Republican Tax Bill – NY Times

Sean Parker unloads on Facebook “exploiting” human psychology – Axios

The Libido Drug – Mens Journal

How To Tell If Your Significant Other Has Been Disloyal – Buzz

Hot Pictures Of Yovanna Ventura – Lurk And Perv

9 Beliefs You Have to Let Go If You Want to Find Inner Peace – Tiny Buddha

As Putin seethes over Olympic ban, doping whistleblower fears for his life – Yahoo

Sommer Ray and her Mom Pose Slutty Together – Drunken Stepfather

30 innovations that improved the world in 2017 – Mashable

The Daily Picdump – Leenks

The BEST of Hump Day 2017 – Radass

Instagram Is Now a Dating Platform, Too. Here’s How It Works – NY Times

Dude stole $1 million in chips – then checked himself into casino’s hotel to live like a king – Rolling Stone

I was an Amazon delivery driver: What it’s like to work in the tech giant’s citizen package brigade – Geekwire

Our Favorite Sports Moments of 2017 – The Wire

Russian Opposition Leader Barred From Running Against Putin In 2018 – NPR

Kristen Bell, Taylor Swift and Other Random Women – G-Celeb

The 7 Best Martial Arts Fight Scenes in Movie History – Grumpy Sloth

Tired of Negative News, Man Tweets Positive Things That Happened This Year – Sad And Useless

55 Savage Assholes Who We’d Hate If They Weren’t So Funny – Runt Of The Web d

With Net Neutrality Dead, Proposed Bill Promises Internet “Fast Lanes” – Inverse



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How Darknet Sellers Build Trust….The Amazon for drug dealing is built around user reviews – Nautilus

Planet Earth II is now out on – Nextflix

The 10 Sexiest Things You Can Say To A Naked Woman – Maxim

This Is My Favorite Pen Of All Time. Feels Really Nice Putting Ink To Paper – Amazon

The 12 Most Unnecessarily Brutal And Sadistic Murders In American Mafia History – Ranker

The Most 2017 Photos Ever – The Atlantic

Here’s How Fans Reacted to The Empire Strikes Back in 1980 – i09

A damn fine collection of bewbs, awesomeness and everything in between – Leenks

Unbelievable Photos Captured By Walmart Cameras – OMG

Woman heading to prison after falsely accusing 15 men of rape – NY Post

Valentina Fradegrada Makes It Feel Like It’s Summer All Year Round – Yes Bitch

Ariel Winter Slutty Christmas of the Day – Drunken Stepfather

We looked at the major scientific discoveries from five years ago to see where they are now – Quartz

11 Ideas That Will Rewire Your Brain – Medium

This Fraternity Party Had So Much Alcohol That Even The Air Tested Positive For Alcohol – Radass

The Big Business of Prisoner Care Packages – The Marshall Project

Tennis Star Eugenie Bouchard Spilling Out Of Her Naughty Swimsuit – Popoholic

Arkansas man tells girl he raped from ages 4 to 12 to ‘get over it,’ police say – Kansas City

Enraged naked postal worker goes on killing spree – Fox News

He’s 79 and working full time at Walmart: A sobering truth for those without pensions – Sac Bee

Kimberley Garner Went Thong Paddleboarding in the Caribbean – G-Celeb

Eminem’s Daughter Celebrates Birthday With Tight Top – The Blemish

7 Ways To Tell She’s a B*tch – Grumpy Sloth

12 Best Exercises to Do at Your Desk – Sad And Useless

Want to Make New Friends? Here Are the Best Strategies, According to Psychology – Big Think

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5 Tips To Raise A Strong Son – Return Of Kings

How the Tax Bill Will Affect Eight American Families – Bloomberg

NASA Is Close to Picking Between Two Equally Awesome Billion-Dollar Missions – Maxim

The Most Terrifying Figure In The Bible Isn’t Satan, It’s God’s Right-Hand Man – Graveyard Shift

These Earbuds Sound Too Damn Good For Only Being $8! Great Stocking Stuffer! – Amazon

20 Years On, These Different-Colored Twins Still Look Totally Unalike – OMG

Her six-hour commute each day seems crazy, but her affordable rent is not – LA Times

The Men Who Are Convinced We’re All Living in a Simulation – Mel Magazine

The 25 Best New Apps Of 2017 – Fast Company

Lucy Pinder looks damn good in lingerie – Drunken Stepfather

10 Of The Most Weird And Macabre Medical Practices Of All Time – Listverse

Man Posts Wild Craigslist Listing Looking To Surprise Wife With Gangbang For Christmas – Today’s Dot

A photographer spent 5 years at Nevada’s brothels and found legal prostitution was nothing like what he thought – Insider

A Fifth Woman Has Accused Danny Masterson of Rape – AV Club

Emma Watson is a breath of fresh air – Popoholic

Ohio pastor under investigation for texts & calls with a minor kills himself – 10TV

Bill Gates Is Still the Best Secret Santa – The Blemish

Sofia Vergara, Olivia Holt and Other Random Women – G-Celeb

Research Shows More People Are Taking Uber Rides to The Hospital Instead of Expensive Ambulances – Radass

Sara Jean Underwood Is Still Working Really Hard – Hollywood Tuna

Here’s How to Tell If Someone Is a Toxic Person in the First 5 Minutes – INC

Poor Dads Who Took Their Daughters To a Boy Band Concert – Sad And Useless

And if you want to see your full ethnic breakdown get yourself a DNA test – Ancestry

5 of the Most Evil Civilizations in History – Grumpy Sloth

15 Things Women Do (On Purpose) To Piss Off Men – The Richest

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The Day I Found Out My Life Was Hanging by a Thread: Startup CEO Matt Bencke, 45, thought he’d thrown out his back. Then he went to the ER and received the most sobering news of his life. – Wired

A Definitive Ranking Of Fast-Food French Fries – 

One of the biggest deterrents to home burglars are security cameras – Zmodo

Comcast, Cox, Frontier All Raising Internet Access Rates for 2018 – Digital Music News

The Tortured, Painful Life of Janis Joplin, The Baddest Woman In Rock History – Weird History

The 24 Biggest Questions We Have After Seeing Star Wars: The Last Jedi – i09

Warning: Don’t Use Probiotics Before You See This – Silence Your Cravings

The Daily Picdump – Leenks

Here Is What Happens When You Fill A Car’s Gas Tank With Coke – Jalopnik

USA Gymnastics Reportedly Paid McKayla Maroney to Keep Quiet About Larry Nassar’s Abuse – The Ringer

Jaclyn Swedberg Is One Pretty Piece – Yes Bitch

The Willis Sisters Bathe Together of the Day – Drunken Stepfather

Man With World’s Largest Penis Registers As Disabled – Unilad

The ‘Lost Boys’: Hollywood producer Gary Goddard accused of sexual misconduct by 8 former child actors – LA Times

The Rise of Victimhood Culture – The Atlantic

If you like booty, this post is for you! – Radass

Seven Reasons Socialism is Bad – Grumpy Sloth

The 21 Things to Let Go to Become the Happiest Person in the World – Knowledge For Men

What Is the Most “Godless” City on Earth? – Big Think

Victoria Justice, Kaley Cuoco and Other Random Ladies – G-Celeb

A Dominatrix Made Men Mine $1 Million In Cryptocurrency For Her – Market Watch

Leonardo DiCaprio Has Himself a New 20-Year-Old Girlfriend for 2018 – The Blemish

What the ‘Tax Cuts and Jobs Act’ means for you – Fox News

Animals Having The Best Day Ever – Sad And Useless

Bella Thorne Sex Tape Needs To Happen – Hollywood Tuna