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Photos Of The Week – The Atlantic

Will Tesla’s Automated Truck Kill Trucking Jobs – Wired

12 Reasons Why Every Kid Should Grow Up With A Dog – Ned Hardy

Sara Underwood, Abigail Ratchford, Lindsey Pelas Stun In These Eye-Popping Photos – Maxim

I’d probably be bald right now if it weren’t for this shampoo. A little expensive, but it last a few months – Amazon

Train Your Mind: Overcoming Negative Thoughts Is Half the Battle – Tiny Buddha

22 Insane Stories About Andy Kaufman That Prove He’s An All-Time Legend – Ranker

Tove Lo seems fun – GFYCat

How To Reverse Dull, Sagging And Aging Skin – Beverly Hills MD

Stop Torturing Yourself and Break Up With Them Already – Medium

A self-taught rocket scientist who believes the earth is flat plans to ride his rocket over a California ghost town – AP

FCC Prepares Plan To Gut Net Neutrality – The Verge

Cindy Crawford’s daughter in a bikini – Drunken Stepfather

Nearly 28 years after the Simpsons premiered, having Apu be voiced by a white actor is now racist – Salt Lake Tribune

The Best Animated Films of the 21st Century Ranked, From ‘Anomalisa’ to ‘Spirited Away’ – Indie Wire

Hot Instagram Pictures Of Sarah Kohan – Lurk And Perv

23 Transgender Celebs Before and After Their Transition – Choice Weekly

A Basic Skill We Should Have Learned as Kids – Raptitude

WWE legend reportedly on life support following emergency surgery – Fan Buzz

These Are The 8 Friends You Need To Be Happy In Life – Bakadesuyo

What the End of Net Neutrality Means For You – Life Hacker

A Breathtaking Illustration Of How Congress Got So Partisan – FastCo Design

Gwen Stefani, January Jones and Other Random Ladies – G-Celeb

Rawdogging Your iPhone: How not having a cell phone case is like not wearing a condom – Mel Magazine

A professor of medicine explains why eating fat won’t make you fat — but sugar – Business Insider

The Daily Picdump – Radass

Teacher Creates a Lovely Candlelight Tableau for Student She Was Molesting – The Blemish

Eight Women Accuse Charlie Rose of Sexual Harassment – The Ringer

7 Female Hints Guys Don’t Get – Grumpy Sloth

The Genius of North Vietnam’s War Strategy – Daily Beast

Sara Jean Underwood Still Hustling – Hollywood Tuna

The 38 Essential Disney World Dishes and Restaurant – Eater

Girl Documents Her Life As a Third Wheel – Sad And Useless

Jennifer Lawrence on nude photo hack: ‘I feel like I got gang-banged by the f—king planet’ – Mashable

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A Dog Chained Up And Ignored For Over 10 Years Gets A New Life – Ned Hardy

19 Things About Life You Should Know Before You Turn 29 – Medium

No-Bra Goddess Ariel Winter Just Struck Again, Silencing Body Shamers Once and for All – Maxim

The World’s Strongest Coffee: 660mg caffiene per 12 fluid oz cup and is deceptively smooth – Amazon

11 Insane Facts About Simo Hayha, The Deadliest Sniper In World History  – Ranker

Anti-LGBTQ lawmaker resigns over gay sex scandal – VOX

Justice League: When a $94 Million Opening Weekend Is a Flop – The Atlantic

The Essential Questions You Should Ask Before Renting an Apartment – Life Hacker

Hillary’s entire “hit list” just went public. And you’ll never guess who’s #1 – HSI

Championship boxing match ends with the quickest knockout in a title fight ever – Fan Buzz

Courtney Stodden Topless for the Holidays of the Day (nsfw) – Drunken Stepfather

Elon Musk says he was ‘raised by books’ and credits his success to these 8 – CNBC

How On Earth Did A Painting Sell For $450 Million? – New Yorker

Sandra Kubicka In A Tiny Bikini Will Melt Your Eyeballs! – Yes Bitch

If the entire US went vegan, it’d be a public health disaster – Quartz

Victims ‘told not to report’ Jehovah’s Witness child abuse – BBC

The Daily Picdump – Leenks

Bras are Optional and Life is Good! (38 Photos) – Radass

Aging research specialists have identified, for the first time, a form of mental exercise that can reduce the risk of dementia, This is the game they mention in the paper – Brain HQ

Selena Gomez Teases – Popoholic

Humans are reportedly being sold as slaves for $400 each on the front line of the migrant crisis – Business Insider

Uber buys 24,000 Volvo XC90s: The autonomous fleet that will replace drivers – The Daily Dot

Meet Muay Thai and BJJ Fighter Hotite Juli Firso – G-Celeb

The Most Expensive Thanksgiving Meal In America Will Set You Back $76,000 – Thrillist

Woman Explains 5 Sex Myths – Grumpy Sloth

Frosted Tips and Butterfly Clips: Early 2000’s Fashion Trends We Never Want To See Again – Runt Of The Web

Russian Dogs Have Figured Out How To Ride The Subway And It’s Incredible – Direct Expose

5 Etiquette Tips to Help You Thrive In Any Social Situation – Curiosity

The Real Reasons Your Toxic Ex Keeps Crawling Back – Thought Catalog

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How to Talk Dirty for the First Time – Life Hacker

Tesla’s new second-generation Roadster will be the fastest production car ever made – The Verge

The Motherboard Guide to Not Getting Hacked – Motherboard

How Did Two All-Americans Fall In With ISIS? – Pyschology Today

The Heir Of Jameson Whiskey Bought An 11 Year Old Slave Girl Just To Watch Her Be Cannibalized – Graveyard Shift

This handy gadget eliminates keychain bulk by folding up all your keys into the size of a small swiss army knife – Amazon

A New Phone Comes Out. Yours Slows Down. A Conspiracy? No – NY Times

Could this overlooked “cocktail” finally be the cure for Alzheimer’s disease? – Nutriton

Report: U.S. troops told to ignore child rape by Afghan security forces – UPI

Video Shows 100-Year-Old Couple Sharing A Moment On Their 80th Anniversary – Direct Expose

Life Under Kim Jong Un: Recent North Korean escapees relate how the secretive country has changed under the “Great Successor.” – Washington Post

World’s first human head transplant a success, controversial scientist claims – “carried out on a corpse in China in an 18-hour operation that showed it was possible to successfully reconnect the spine, nerves and blood vessels.” – Telegraph

Jessica Alba Thick Mom Ass In A Bikini – Drunken Stepfather

25 Genius Cooking Hacks Everyone Will Wish They Knew About Sooner – Boredom Therapy

Google’s parent company has made internet balloons available in Puerto Rico, the first time it’s offered Project Loon in the US – Business Insider

26 Shocking Things News Anchors Have Said And Done On Live TV (Link At Bottom For Full Article) – Omg Lane

A Damn Fine Collection Of Bewbs, Awesomeness And Everything In Between – Leenks

Keystone pipeline spills 210,000 gallons of oil in South Dakota – NPR

The Jehovah’s Witnesses owe $4,000 every day they don’t turn over details of alleged child sex abuse. It’s cost them $2 million so far – The Week

A woman who was born with a severe facial deformity and whose parents raised $303,462 to pay for 18 operations over the next 14 years gets her happily ever after – Yahoo

MIT just won a prize for their Mars colony design – Second Nexus

The Hot Girls Of Summer – Radass

Watch a former UFC heavyweight champion throw a boomerang at another fighter – Fan Buzz

Olympic Gymnast Aly Raisman went off on victim shamers in a harsh post on Instagram – Rare

Heidi Klum, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Other Random Hot Ladies – G-Celeb

15 Of The Most Heartwarming Historic Photos Ever – Grumpy Sloth

Kim Kardashian Gets Sexy In The Bathroom – Hollywood Tuna

Sexual Harassment Apology Letter Template Available For Immediate Download – Runt Of The Web

YouTube bans the creepy and weird kid channel ‘Toy Freaks’ who had over 8.5 million subscribers – Mashable

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Why I Fixed Fights – Deadspin

Why Faking the Moon Landing Was Impossible – Popular Mechanics

A rail company in Japan has apologised after one of its trains departed 20 seconds early – BBC

Her Parents Abandoned Her At The Age Of 3, But Wild Dogs Raised Her As Their Own Feral Child – Graveyard Shift

Game Changer…This Aeropress Makes The Best Cup Of Coffee At Home – Amazon

How To Fix Aging Skin – Inner Skin Research

Rapper Lil Peep Has Reportedly Passed Away At The Age of 21 – Billboard

This Airbnb LEGO House Is Real, And Yes, You Can Stay There – Direct Expose

With Star Wars Battlefront II, Disney and EA May Have a Gambling Problem  – Fortune

Dina Meyer’s 48 Year Old Ass Clickbaits of the Day – Drunken Stepfather

Sylvester Stallone accused of shockingly graphic acts against a 16-year-old in newly uncovered police reports – Rare

CTE has reportedly been confirmed in a living person for the first time – Fan Buzz

Doctors Told 420-Lb Kid She Was Dying, So “Fattest Kid In World” Drops Over 300 Lbs – Inspire More

Intense Moment After Cheating Girlfriend Gets Caught – Leenks

Former Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney showing off her assets – Imgur

How to Shape a Story, According to Famous Writers – Life Hacker

Amazon and Whole Foods unveil new price cuts for Prime members – The Verge

Emily Ratajkowski Back in the Thong for Social Media – G-Celeb

Harvard scientists think they might have pinpointed the source of human consciousness – Business Insider

TBT: Scarlett Johansson Bikini Pictures – Popoholic

VICE piece discussing the Soda Pop Club with Corey Haim – VICE

Four women have accused the “That ‘70s Show” star of raping them in the early 2000s – HuffPost

The 10 Bloodiest Battles In History – Grumpy Sloth

42 Ridiculously Hot Instagram Photos Of Rosanna Arkle – Regretful Morning

19 year old auctions off her virginity for $3mil – The Blemish

A person is more effective at analyzing fake news and conspiracy theories if they have a tendency for analytical thinking, which provides consistent protection against conspiratorial thinking and other irrational beliefs, but only if it was accompanied by a belief in the value of critical thinking – ARS Technica

Boses Beloved Noise-Canceling Headphones Are 40% Off Today – Amazon

Why the Nazi Party Loved Decaf Coffee – Atlas Obscura



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These People Claimed To Have Actually Visited Hell, And What They Saw Was Horrifying – Ranker

25 Signs That Your Girlfriend Is Cheating On You – BuzzFuse

North Korea ‘sentences Trump to death’ for insulting Kim Jong-un – Business Insider

The 50 Best Superhero Movies Of All Time – The Ringer

The Making of an American Nazi…How did Andrew Anglin go from being an antiracist vegan to the alt-right’s most vicious troll and propagandist – The Atlantic

How to Remember What You Read – Farnam Street Blog

Job Searching? Skip The Job Boards And Take These Five Steps Instead – Fast Co

Lebron tried to slide into this girls DMs – Drunken Stepfather

Intense Moment After Cheating Girlfriend Gets Caught – Leenks

Stop Spending So Much Time In Your Head – Darius Foroux

A Firestick with Kodi installed gives you everything your heart desires – Amazon

Man killed in Chicago’s 600th homicide on Tuesday – Rare

UCLA players respond to President Donald Trump’s tweet following their arrest in China – Fan Buzz

Everything you wanted to know about bitcoin but were afraid to ask – The Guardian

Reading Books Will Help You Build These 7 Habits – Medium

Hot Instagram Pictures Of Diana Melison – Lurk And Perv

The Daily Picump – Leenks

9 Changes Warner Bros Wishes It Could Make To Its DC Universe – What Culture

Madison Beer is in a sexy swimsuit! – Popoholic

Abraham Lincoln Letter About Slavery Could Fetch $700,000 at Auction – Mental Floss

A Texas car garage uses volunteer mechanics to fix and overhaul cars for single moms, widows and wives of deployed – NBC News

If you like butts, check this gallery out – Radass

Founder of Florida’s Biggest Megachurch Accused of Molesting a 4-Year-Old – Miami New Times

Zimbabwe’s Military, in Apparent Takeover, Says It Has Custody of Presdient Mugabe – NY Times

The 10 Most Impressive Physical Transformations In Cinematic History – Grumpy Sloth

Grim vintage crime scene photos from the LAPD archive – Dangerous Minds



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How Conjoined Twins Are Making Scientists Question the Concept of Self – The Walrus

If you ever visit Japan, you need to take the Mario Kart Tour of Tokyo! – Thrillist

15,000 scientists From 184 Countries give catastrophic warning about the fate of the world in new ‘letter to humanity’ – Motherboard

The Most Punishing Video Games of All Time – Ranker

This Incredible Video Shows CRISPR Slicing A Strand Of DNA In Two – Digg

What Consumers Are Quickly Learning About Paying Off Their Debt:- Weekly Financials

How To Get Rich Playing Video Games Online – New Yorker

Amazon is turning The Lord of the Rings into a TV show – The Verge

Hot Instagram Pictures Of Anastasia Kvitko – Lurk And Perv

Right and left always excuse the worst behavior in politicians so long as he’s “their guy” – Rare

Former WWE World Champion officially making the transition from wrestling to MMA – Fan Buzz

Demi Lovato showing off some nice braless cleavage – Drunken Stepfather

More magnificent sidebewbs – Leenks

This mouth-watering Instagram is dedicated to real-life re-creations of food from Miyazaki movies – Dangerous Minds

These $8 Panasaonic earbuds are shockingly good! – Amazon

The First 911 Restored By Singer With A 500 HP Williams Engine Looks Phenomenal – Jalopnik

The New Firefox Is Out: 2x Faster and 30% Less Memory – Mozilla

Every successful relationship is successful for the same exact reasons – Quartz

Top 10 Terrifying Civilizations – Listverse

Emma Watson at her finest – Popoholic

How to Sign Documents on Whatever Device You’ve Got – Life Hacker

Hot Girls with Tattoos – All The Girls Mama Warned You About (46 Photos) – Radass

John Travolta: Sexual battery case involving 21-year-old male masseur surfaces – Mercury

Ashley Tisdale, Taylor Swift and Other Random Hotties – G-Celeb

Leave the Past in the Past: What Matters Most Is Who You Are Now – Tiny Buddha

7 examples of what elite athletes eat in a day – Grumpy Sloth

Russia tried to use computer game footage to prove that the U.S. is helping ISIS – Newsweek

Alexis Ren Is The Biggest Tease – Hollywood Tuna

First Black Friday shopper claims his spot in line – KGNS

The Daily Struggles of Living With a Cat – Sad And Useless

Absurdly bad relationship advice from Cosmo mag – Runt Of The Web

12 More Fraternity Brothers Charged in Penn State Hazing Death After FBI Recovers Deleted Footage From Their Supposedly "Inoperable" Security Camera – Time



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Ever State Ranked By It’s Food – Thrillist

Revenge Of The Nerds Was A Nightmare Of Homophobia, Racism, And Sexual Assault – Total Nerd

Niantic’s follow-up to Pokémon Go will be a Harry Potter AR game launching in 2018 – Tech Crunch

Kevin Spacey Taking Break From Acting To Focus On Catholic Priesthood Training – Runt Of The Web

The Saudi Crown Prince Is Gambling Everything on Three Major Experiments – The Atlantic

After being called “old” by Kim Jong-un, Trump hurled a schoolyard insult for the ages right back – Rare

Jasmine Tookes is a smoking hot Victoria Secret model – Drunke Stepfather

Miami and Notre Dame fans brawled following the Hurricanes’ 41-8 blowout win – Fan Buzz

Jessica Alba is absolutely perfect in a bikini – Popoholic

Probably the best $30 you can spend on Amazon, Portable Charger for iPhone, iPad & Samsung Galaxy & More – Amazon

The Most Loyal Dog Breeds For The Perfect Partner In Crime – OMG

Equifax sells your salary history to debt collectors, financial service companies, and prospective employersBusiness – NBC News

‘Incel’: Reddit bans misogynist men’s group blaming women for their celibacy – The Guardian

Tyana Hansen Is Killing Instagram – Yes Bitch

If You Want To “Flattening” a Bloated Belly, Check This Out – ActivatedYou

Shoplifter Gets Caught And Served Some Street Justice – Leenks

Actress Ellen Page writes Facebook post detailing sexual harassment by Brett Ratner and others – Facebook

Pentagon gives dire assessment of ground war with North Korea – Tampa Bay Times

The Weekend Picdump – Radass

Megan Fox, Hailey Baldwin and Other Random Ladies – G-Celeb

42 Ridiculously Hot Instagram Photos Of Rosanna Arkle – Regretful Morning

The 7 Stages of Getting Drunk – Grumpy Sloth

Two Navy SEALs being investigated in the strangulation death of Green Beret – Fox News

LAPD Officers Unwittingly Film Themselves Putting Cocaine In A Suspect’s Wallet – Digg

The 43 Best Netflix Original Series, Ranked – Uproxx



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Star Wars is getting an all-new trilogy from Rian Johnson – The Verge

Your To-Do List Isn’t Working. Here’s How to Fix It in 1 Step – INC

Here’s What Motorcyclists Wish Drivers Did Better – Jalopnik

32 Things You Didn’t Know About Wolverine – Total Nerd

Photos of the Week – The Atlantic

Alzheimer’s Reversing Junk Food You Should Know About – Nutrition And Healing

40 Ways To Live A Full Life (And Leave Nothing On The Table) By Age 30 – Thrive

Ariel Winter’s Cleavage is a sight to behold! – Drunken Stepfather 

How The ‘Montreal Screwjob’ Changed The Wrestling Industry Forever – VICE

President Trump might be challenging the Church of Scientology’s coveted status soon – Rare

Report: O.J. Simpson’s latest incident caused a Las Vegas bar to “permanently ban” him – Fan Buzz

Hot Instagram Pictures Of Sara Calixto – Lurk And Perv

Supporters defend Roy Moore: “Mary was a teenager and Joseph was an adult carpenter” – Time

Louis C.K. breaks silence on sexual assault allegations: ‘These stories are true’ – MSN

Secret Service agent stole 1,600 Bitcoins from Silk Road walletPolitics – Justice

49-Inch 4K Ultra Smart LED TV for only $359! (4.5 Stars / 900 Reviews) – Amazon

A Damn Fine Collection Of Bewbs, Awesomeness And Everything In Between – Leenks

Emma Roberts’ Scrawny Sexiness In A Tiny Bikini – Popoholic

Man falsely imprisoned for 10 years, uses prison library to study law and have his conviction overturned. Becomes a lawyer and is now helping overturn other false convictions – NBC News

Warren Buffett’s best investing advice for beginners – Business Insider

Curvy Girls Rock The World! (40 Photos) – Radass

Behind the scenes with David Lynch on ‘Eraserhead’ – Dangerous Minds

Only Once A Year At 11:11 AM The Sun Aligns Perfectly To Uncover This Memorial’s Hidden Beauty – Bored Panda

This Website Will Help You Figure Out If You Can Make Money as an Instagram Influencer – Life Hacker

7 Ridiculous Mistakes that Are Destroying Intimacy and Ruining Your Relationships – Knowledge For Men

The 5 Worst Things About Being a Genius – Grumpy Sloth

Aly Raisman Says She Was Abused By USA Gymnastics Doctor – NPR

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