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September 14, 2017 | No Comments » | Topics: Links |

These Wives Of WWE Stars Are Hot Enough To Make You Want To Get In The Rin – Hooch

Trump’s supporters are pissed now that he’s dealing with Democrats – Rare

The edge of reason: the world’s boldest climb and the man who conquered it – The Guardian

UFC has made a decision on light-heavyweight belt after Jon Jones tested positive – FanBuzz

The 25 Best Space Movies, Ranked – The Ringer

Amber Heard Takes Her Top Off And Gets Bootylicious In A Tiny Bikini! – Popoholic

Feeling Older? Here’s How to Embrace It – NY Times

Hot Instagram Pictures Of Anastasia Ashley – Lurk And Perv

My Three Years in Identity Theft Hell – Bloomberg

Everyone Loves Hump Day! (40 Photos) – Radass

Girls Of Woodstock, The Best Beauty And Style Moments From Summer 1969 – Design You Trust

College Rocks: More Hot Gals From The ‘College Babes’ Instagram – Mandatory

Sierra Skye is the perfect woman (nsw) – GFYcat

Netflix has no regrets on spending $6 billion on original content – IGN

Here’s How A Corvette Was Totaled Because Of One Inch Of Damage – Jalopnik

We Asked People Who Bought Brand-New Apple Products Whether They Made Them Happy – VICE

Guy makes a cigarette smoking machine to show effects on lungs – Boing Boing

Apple Has Lost Its Charm – Medium

The Hover Hand – Leenks

Drake Gets His Dick Wet with Bria Vinaite – The Blemish

People Who Accidentally Found Their Doppelgängers In Museums – Sad And Useless

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September 13, 2017 | No Comments » | Topics: Links |

A Law Professor Explains Why You Should Never Talk to Police – VICE

Ex-WWE Hottie Eva Marie In A Bikini Was A Summer Highlight – Mandatory

16 years ago, we began a “war on terror” that will never end – Rare

In Surprise Vote, House Passes Amendment to Restrict Asset Forfeiture – The Intercept

Bernie Sanders unveils universal healthcare bill: ‘We will win this struggle’ – Newser

Bri Teresi Loves To Show Off Her Booty – Yes Bitch

22 Photos Donald Trump Doesn’t Want You To See – Trending Pop

Floyd Mayweather ran into trouble when he tried to place a big bet before his fight – FanBuzz

How Facebook Changed the Spy Game – Politico

Five Essential Lessons I Learned In 20 Years Of Managing People – Fast Company

5 Types of Friends Every Man Needs – The Art Of Manliness

A damn fine collection of bewbs, awesomeness and everything in between – Leenks

Miss Texas Calls Out President Trump at Miss America Pageant – The Blemish

A Self-Made Billionaire Reveals the 1 Mental Hurdle That You Must Overcome to Reach Your Potential – INC

Hot girls in just towels – Radass

Lesbians Are Willing To Teach You How To Eat A Girl Out, So Are You Willing To Listen? – Pairade

Ariel Winter Was Out in Beverly Hills for Her Boyfriend’s Birthday – G-Celeb

42 Hottest Instagram Pics of Livia Gullo – Regretful Morning

10 R-Rated History Facts You Weren’t Taught In School – Grumpy Sloth

Sara Jean Underwood Is “Working” Hard For Her Money – Hollywood Tuna


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September 12, 2017 | 2 Comments » | Topics: Links |

Sex, Drugs, Gangsters and MMA: Remembering Pride, UFC’s Wild Predecessor – Bleacher Report

So Iggy Azalea Went The Hand Bra Route Recently – Mandatory

In ‘Super Size Me 2’ Morgan Spurlock Goes After the Chicken Industry – VICE

UFC fighter shares gruesome photo of “ripped finger” – Fan Buzz

Ariel Winter Drops Some Ginormous Cleavage And Bosom Action – Popoholic

The iPhone X feel like the future of the smartphone – The Verge

How Great Founders Present Their Vision – Medium

What Difference Does a Healthy School Lunch Make? – The Atlantic

Hot Instagram Pictures Of Jena Frumes – Lurk And Perv

Burning Man 2017: Stunning Photos From The World’s Biggest And Craziest Festival – Design You Trust

Why American Workers Pay Twice as Much in Taxes as Wealthy Investors – Bloomberg

Chaperones Took A Look At This Girl’s Dress And Kicked Her Out Of The Prom – Omg Lane

Hot girls with muscles (nsfw) – Leenks

Make Every Day a Good Day With This Morning Routine – The Art Of Manliness

Playboy Bunny Jeni Summers Wants To Be Brazil’s Next Miss BumBum Winner – Radass

Cop Writes Guy Ticket For Selling Hot Dogs Without A Permit, Then Takes All The Cash Out Of His Wallet – Rare

Ted Cruz blames staffer for ‘liking’ porn tweet – Newser

7 Actually Realistic Threesome Sex Positions You Can Actually Accomplish – Pairade

The 100 Best Movies On Netflix Right Now – Thrillist

The 12 Best New Restaurants in America – Eater

Izabel Goulart Bikini Pics in Ibiza – G-Celeb

Elizabeth Hurley doing awesome things on Instagram – Hollywood Tuna

7 Things You Shouldn’t Be Able To Buy Online But Can – Grumpy Sloth

Ikea’s AR app lets you test furniture in your home—no Allen wrench needed – Fast Company

When Pink Floyd Tried to Make an Album with Household Objects: Hear Two Surviving Tracks Made with Wine Glasses & Rubber Bands – Open Culture

The View From Pyongyang: An Exclusive Look at the World’s Most Secretive Nation – Smithsonian

5 outrageous projects Russia’s military says it’s working on – Business Insider


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September 11, 2017 | 1 Comment » | Topics: Links |

Death of NFL inevitable as middle class abandons the game – Chicago Tribune

Here’s Another One Of Lindsey Pelas’s Bikini Tops Struggling To Do Its Job – Mandatory

Your Ability to Focus Has Probably Peaked: Here’s How to Stay Sharp – Thrive

Police say nine people using Irma to loot sportswear got what they deserved – Rare

Lions defender has no shame in taking his opponent to suplex city – FanBuzz

Kate Upton Performs “The Cat Daddy”. In A Tiny Bikini. Sweet Baby Jesus – Popoholic

30 Extremely Amusing People of Walmart Photos That Will Make Your Day – Omg Lane

Russian politician says on live TV that Russia stole U.S. presidency – Axios

I Tried Sleeping for Two Hours a Day and Almost Lost My Mind – VICE

Gabriella Abutbol Will Make You Stare At Her Pictures All Day – Yes Bitch

The 25 Best Space Movies, Ranked – The Ringer

14 Ways To Save At Costco, Straight From The Employees – Eat This

Cheap Meals For When You’re Broke (That Doesn’t Suck) – Thrillist

NFL Star Anthony Cromartie Welcomes FOURTEENTH Baby Despite Having Vasectomy – Radass

What It Feels Like to Die – Life Hacker

You Just Won the Lottery. Now Here’s What You Do: Nothing – Wired

The 50 Best Albums of 2016 – Pitchfork

The wildly grotesque erotica of Japanese manga legend Suehiro Maruo – Dangerous Minds

Seven Ways to Be a Good Employee and Make Your Boss Happy – Life Hacker

The Top 7 Tips from Floyd Mayweather for Achieving Massive Success – Knowledge For Men

Exclusive: New Photos Show Bush’s Response To 9/11 Attacks – PBS

Do These 5 Emotionally Intelligent Things Within 5 Minutes Of Meeting Someone – Fast Company

9 Signs That You’re in a Toxic Relationship – Grumpy Sloth

How Do Professional Eaters Chow Down So Much Food? – Mental Floss

Bella Thorne Nipple Slip And Underboob Action – Hollywood Tuna


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September 8, 2017 | No Comments » | Topics: Links |

Social Aggression vs. Asocial Violence: Why Knowing the Difference Can Save Your Life – The Art Of Manliness

Scarlett Johansson Bikini Pictures…Booty And All! – Popoholic

Watch as road rage turns violent when a man in a truck is caught clubbing a cyclist and claims he “tried to walk away” – Rare

Top heart surgeon has some unusual tips for better digestionh – Silence Your Cravings

Celebrities Who Aged Terribly – Post Popular

Kara Del Toro Shared Quite The Jaw-Dropping Topless Photo On Instagram – Mandatory

Five facts even diehard fans of Hulk Hogan may not know – FanBuzz

How Elizabeth Holmes (Theranos) House Of Cards Came Crumbling Down – Vanity Fair

Why Leaders Must Be Readers – LinkedIn

Stop pretending you really know what AI is and read this instead – Quartz

Josefine Forsberg is super, duper fine – Yes Bitch

How Mikhail Gorbachev ended the cold war – The Economist

The 7 People You Should Never Invite on a Group Vacation – GQ

A damn fine collection of bewbs, awesomeness and everything in between – Leenks

Combat Procrastination by Visualizing Your Future Self – Life Hacker

The World’s Last Popeyes Buffet Is A Fried Chicken Lover’s Paradise – Food Beast

This Is What Your Overactive Brain Needs To Get A Good Night’s Sleep – Fast Company

Being a Chef Made Me Forget I Have a Micropenis – Munchies

9 Indie Horror Flicks You May Have Missed This Millennium – NY Times

What Does an Innocent Man Have to Do to Go Free? Plead Guilty – ProPublica

Selena Gomez, Ashley Tisdale and Other Random Ladies – G-Celeb

Ridiculously Fit Babes – Leenks

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September 7, 2017 | 2 Comments » | Topics: Links |

Dr. Pimple Popper Popped A Gigantic Pimple For Hurricane Harvey Relief – Bustle

Son of Philippines’ Duterte linked to $125 million drug shipment as his father’s drug war kills thousands – Business Insider

Did This Racy Photo Of Cosplay Model Veronika Black Deserve To Be Pulled From Instagram? – Mandatory

Wild Video Shows Woman Slip Out of Handcuffs and Steal Cop Car – Complex

Dennis Rodman offers to help Trump, US ‘straighten things out’ with North Korea – Syracuse

Chester Bennington is all smiles in a heartbreaking family photo taken before his death – Rare

How to Tell If Someone Is Lying: 10 Tells and Clues (Ranked in Ascending Order of Reliability) – INC

The Power Of Compounding: You Can Achieve Anything, If You Stop Trying To Do Everything – Darius Foroux

Why Happy People Cheat. A good marriage is no guarantee against infidelity – The Atlantic

These hotties are generous with the cleavage – Radass

How to Speak Well… and Listen Better – Success

21 Celebrities With High IQs – OMG LANE

Apple iPhone 8 event: what to expect – The Verge

The Top 100 American Films of All Time, According to 62 International Film Critics – Open Culture

Aussie Insta Model Gabrielle Grace Epstein – G-Celeb

Bella Thorne’s Major Side Boobage – Hollywood Tuna

Former Apple Employee Reveals Why The Company Lost Its Mojo – Thrillist

Curvy Model Ashley Graham Probably Did It With Her Husband After This Pic – The Blemish

Facebook Ties More Than 5,000 Political Ads to Bogus Russian Accounts – Wired

17 Game Of Thrones Characters With Their Real-Life Partners – Bored Panda

44 Hottest Instagram Pics of Jen Selter – Regretful Morning

7 Ways to Predict a Divorce – Grumpy Sloth

The Best Beards from 2017 World Beard and Mustache Championship – Sad And Useless


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September 6, 2017 | No Comments » | Topics: Links |

Why Cocaine Turns People Into Dickheads, a Simple Explanation – VICE

Panic took over when a woman on a first date couldn’t flush poop down the toilet – Rare

Controversial tweet from Colin Kaepernick’s girlfriend reportedly cost him an NFL job – Fan Buzz

Ambree Paige Wants To Get You In Shape (And You’d Let Her) – Mandatory

Predicting the NFL’s Passing, Receiving, and Rushing Leaders in 2017 – The Ringer

Inside the black market where people pay thousands of dollars for Instagram verification – Mashable

More Than 100 Exceptional Works of Journalism – The Atlantic

Why We Need to Stop Chasing Success and Start Enjoying the Little Things in Life – Tiny Buddha

Hot Instagram Pictures Of Olga Katysheva – Lurk And Perv

The Reverse Sear: The Best Cooking Method for Steak – The Art Of Manliness

Undercover In North Korea: ‘All Paths Lead To Catastrophe’ – The Intercept

Hump Day is a Happy Day! (32 Photos) – Radass

This Is How NBA Players Get Played by Porn Stars and Strippers – Esquire

I Went To An Underground Car Meet In America And It Was Ridiculous – Jalopnik

New Federal Program Pays Off Your Mortgage – Comparisons

Apple leak shows how it decides to repair or replace iPhones – The Verge

‘We’re trying to go all in’: Chocolate giant Mars pledges $1 billion to fight climate change – Business Insider

A Simple Way to Be More Assertive (Without Being Pushy) – HBR

Here’s What It Cost Me To Own A Ferrari For A Year – Jalopnik

6 Things You’re Doing That You’ll Seriously Regret In 10 Years – Fast Company

Could Football Ever End? – WSJ

Ariel Winter’s Playboy Audition? – Hollywood Tuna

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September 5, 2017 | 7 Comments » | Topics: Links |

What’s It Like To Go To Burning Man – Medium

Former WWE Star Torrie Wilson Is 42 And Still Killing It – Mandatory

Houston Rockets reportedly sold for $2.2 billion – Fan Buzz

10 Cars Proven to Get to 200,000 Miles and Beyond – Consumer Reports

Polina Sitnova Is So Hot, She’ll Blow Your Pants off – Yes Bitch

Sources: North Korea Has an ICBM on the Move And why Sept. 9 could be significant – Newser

A World Transfixed by Screens – The Atlantic

Congress is finally working to defund civil asset forfeiture – The Hill

20 Essential Tips to Make You a Better Cook – Bon Appetit

F.D.A. Approves First Gene-Altering Leukemia Treatment, Costing $475,000 – NY Times

Teach Resilience by Asking Your Kids for Help When You Have a Setback – Life Hacker

Fall Movie Guide: 35 Superhero, Scifi, and Fantasy Movies to Look Out For – Gizmodo

Now we know what Barack Obama wrote in his Oval Office welcome letter to Donald Trump – Rare

5 Mental Biases That Cause Poor Decisions – Medium

In Silicon Valley, Working 9 to 5 Is for Losers – NY Times

Can 10 Minutes of Meditation Make You More Creative? – HBR

Want to silence your left leaning friends in 17 seconds flat? Show them THIS – HSI

10 Insanely Toxic Habits You Need to Destroy to Be Successful – INC

It’s Never Too Late To Start The Week Bras Optional (41 Photos) – Radass

Meet Fashion Model Sophi Knight – G-Celeb

The 15 best business books of all time – Business Insider

People Who Said They Didn’t Want The Damn Cats – Sad And Useless

7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Slavery – Grumpy Sloth

Melissa Debling…Dayuuuum! (nsfw) – Leenks

WhatsApp’s Cofounder On How It Reached 1.3 Billion Users Without Losing Its Focus – Fast Company