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Stop Being Such A Little Bitch – Chad Howse

A Single Father Walked 11 Miles To Work Every Day ― Until His Co-Workers Found Out – Ned Hardy

This helps make your old AF car feel like it’s basically brand new when you’re able to play your music through it and make calls – Amazon

How a trivial cell phone hack is ruining lives – Engadget

China has been secretly installing spyware on some tourists’ Android phones – The Verge

Why Spending Time With Friends Is One of the Best Things You Can Do for Your Health – TIME

Memes Are the New Pop Stars: How TikTok Became the Future of the Music Industry – The Ringer

The Best Health Care System in the World: Which One Would You Pick? – NY Times

Don’t Mess With the Food of Lyon – Saveur

Women Share The Best Things Guys Can Do on a First Date – Maxim

These help organize all your cords and keep them exactly where you want them – Amazon

What’s a Strip Club Without Dollar Bills? – Jezebel

Woman caught on camera abandoning toddler on stranger’s doorstep – Trending Views

The Best Movies of 2019 (So Far) – Vulture

Satanic Temple Wins Official IRS Recognition As Tax-Exempt Church – Patheos

‘We All Suffer’: Why San Francisco Techies Hate The City They Transformed – The Guardian

Ex-Kindergarten teacher’s post about why she quit teaching goes viral for how real it is – SomeeCards

Oatmeal Is Still the World’s Best Performance Breakfast – Outside

Hispanic pastors tour border facility lambasted by AOC and say they are ‘shocked by misinformation’ – Fox News

Sheboygan serial toilet clogger sentenced to 150 days in jail, probation – Sheboygan Press

15 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets of Airline Pilots – Mental Floss

The Rise and Fall of Kobayashi, Godfather of Competitive Eating: ‘They Were Making a Joke of Me’ – The Daily Beast

Selena Gomez’s Pokies Are On Point In Soaking Wet Swimsuit Pic – Egotastic

Awkwardly Posing Models, Some people just try too hard – Sad And Useless

The Manor in Holmby Hills sets new L.A. County price record at $120 million – LA Times

New FDA Warning Cautions Against Grain-Free Dog Food – The Atlantic

Woman Who Carmelo Was Caught On Yacht With Has Been Identified And She’s Actually Single – Sports Gossip

Carnie Watching Porn at the Fair and Other Videos of the Day – Drunken Stepfather

Spider-Man: Far From Home Is Full of Clues About the Future of the MCU – Wired

How safe are robotaxis? BMW, Intel, Aptiv (and 8 others) just laid out a safety blueprint – Tech Crunch

The average home price in every state — and what you get for that money – Business Insider

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Dropbox CEO: How I built a $10 billion company in my 20s – How I Did It

This Vietnam Vet’s Heart-Wrenching Missed Connection Deserves A Pulitzer – Ned Hardy

This is my second set of these sheets and I will never buy any other sheet but these – Amazon

The hottest photos of the day – Caveman AfterDark

Real Estate Is A Hedge Against Many Bad Things In Life – Financial Samurai

Paul Heyman, Eric Bischoff to run WWE TV programs – Sports Illustrated

What $4,000 rents in LA right now – Curbed

Mexican president gets little backlash for migrant crackdown – AP News

How the First Fast and Furious Movie Made a Ton of Tuner Cars for Very Little Money – Jalopnik

Bill Murray Explains Why He Created a Secret 1-800 Number to Be Reached About Roles – Indie Wire

To get the most out of your next trip, travel like a reporter – Quartz

At 33 Seconds Into This Radio Story, There Is A Tone That Supposedly Only Young People Can Hear. Can You Hear It? – NPR

Listened to a bunch of headphones, this are closest to perfection. Not bassy. Excellent mids and highs, solid lows – Amazon

This Bunk Bed Is $1,200 A Month, Privacy Not Included – CNN

Gang Member Who Got Huge Facial Tattoo Has Landed Himself A Job – LAD Bible

We Disassembled A Pickup Truck To Make It Faster Than A Sports Car – Road And Truck

San Francisco School Board Votes To Remove Mural Depicting George Washington’s Life – All That Is Interesting

Only 17% Of People Can Pass This SAT Vocabulary Quiz – BuzzFeed

The Ultimate Guide to Pick Up Lines to Break Out of Your Comfort Zone, Be More Social, and Have Fun Meeting New Women – Knowledge For Men

Top immigration official says ICE is ready to deport 1 million undocumented immigrants – CBS

Airport provides slide to help passengers make their flight on time – Boing Boing

What Happens When You Stop Eating All Sugar – Men’s Health

25 Things To Know Before You Go To Yerevan – Roads And Kingdoms

The First Footage For Evangelion 3.0+1.0 Is Here, and It’s Bonkers – Gizmodo

Military veteran physically SLAMS himself into group of protesters burning American flag, puts the fire OUT – Trending Views

Why You Need an Untouchable Day Every Week – HBR

Bitcoin scammers texted victims informing them they’d been conned out of $30,000 – The Next Web

Steve Wozniak Warns People to Get Off Facebook Over Privacy Concerns – TMZ

WWE Dropping ‘PG’ TV Rating In Attempt To Bring Back Teenage Audience – Comicbook

Couple engages in oral sex at Behemoth concert, and frontman Nergal approves – COS

What It’s Like to Make a Million Dollars a Year – The Cut

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Fed Up Bus Driver Delivers Some Instant Justice To Assailants – Leenks

This Woman Reads Books To Dogs At The Local Shelter To Help Ease Their Loneliness – Ned Hardy

The HYPE is REAL! Secret Aardvark hot sauce goes good with anything! – Amazon

The hottest photos of the day – Caveman Afterdark

Americans Strongly Dislike PC Culture – The Atlantic

How billionaire Ray Dalio used ‘mantra’ meditation to come back from financial ruin – Make It

How To Improve Your Mindset, Build Strength, And Make A Living Doing What You Love – Darious Foroux

This is what happens when you sign up with Don King – Boxing Scene

Husband Sues Wife For ‘Every Penny’ He Spent On Son (8) He Discovered Was Fathered By Another Man – Brass Pills

If you cook pasta regularly, this is an invaluable tool – Amazon

This is Japan’s oldest tempura restaurant, and it’s awesome – Sora News

1994: The 40 Best Records From Mainstream Alternative’s Greatest Year – Rolling Stone

The Ford GT Mk II Is a $1.2 Million Track-Only Monster with 700 HP – Car And Driver

21 Phrases You Use Without Realizing You’re Quoting Shakespeare – Mental Floss

What Is the Best Beatles Song? – The Ringer

Man Caught Wearing Women’s Underwear, Unscrewing Stranger’s Porch Light and Other Videos of the Day – Drunken Stepfather

The Most Expensive New Aston Martin Is a Revamp of a Classic Race Car – Maxim

Sofia Richie Tries on a Sexy Assortment of Bikinis – Egotastic

The Startling Link Between Sugar and Alzheimer’s – The Atlantic

The best Spider-Man comics of all time – Polygon

Mom overdoses in Family Dollar, kid tries to wake her – Trending Views

Bitcoin consumes more energy than Switzerland, according to new estimate – The Verge

How a Prison Cooking Show Connects Residents to Life Outside – Bon Apetit

Inside One of the Last Wet T-Shirt Contests in America – Mel Magazine

These 4 ‘harmless’ habits are sapping your brain power – Fast Co

Charli XCX Has Great Knockers – Hollywood Tuna

White supremacist is engulfed in flames after pouring gas on synagogue – Mirror

Authorities seek to seize El Chapo’s $12.6 billion assets – Fox News

This timeline of school shootings since Columbine – Imgur

Game Of Thrones showrunners now synonymous with "bad writers" on Google – AV Club

Two Families Sue Hospital After Relatives Turn Off Life Support For Wrong Man – LAD Bible

Ryan Seacrest is Dating a 24-Year-Old Model… And She’s a Woman! – The Blemish

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80 Year Old Man Builds Dog Train To Bring Joy To His Rescued Strays – Ned Hardy

The hottest photos of the day – Caveman Afterdark

Sleek and minimalist, this duffle bag even has its own compartment to store your shoes (so you’re not getting any of your clean clothes dirty) – Amazon

How to Correct Someone Who Mispronounces Your Name (Without Being a Dick) – Mel Magazine

10 of the Best-Selling Books in History (Minus Religious Texts) – Mental Floss

I’m A Graphic Designer — & I Made $200K By Starting My Own Business – Refinery 29

The best games for Nintendo Switch – Engadget

Here’s What People Thought of Amazon When It First Launched in the Mid-1990s – Gizmodo

Toddler Dies After Grandfather Dangles Her From Cruise Ship And Drops Her – Newser

Disney’s Live-Action ‘Little Mermaid’ Casts Halle Bailey as Ariel – Variety

We Disassembled A Pickup Truck To Make It Faster Than A Sports Car – Road And Truck

Nine Secrets of Successful Homebuyers – The Simple Dollar

25 Things To Know Before You Go To Yerevan – Roads And Kingdoms

Alex Morgan Celebrating US World Cup Win By Twerking in the Locker Room – Maxim

If you watch movies on your phone, this thing will make your life so much easier! – Amazon

Here’s how much President Trump’s 28-year-old director of Oval Office operations makes – CNBC

In Japan, you can pay an actor to impersonate your relative, spouse, coworker, or any kind of acquaintance – The Atlantic

27 Things About Japan That Totally Blew Me Away When I Visited – BuzzFeed

Maitland Ward At Anime Expo Will Give You Dragon Blue Ball Z – Egotastic

Wealth manager: Here’s how to retire with $1 million in 20 years – CNBC

Feminist: A Grandfather Who Offers Bubbles to Granddaughter For Hugs Is Encouraging [email protected] Assault – Linkiest

Disney discreetly deletes #MeToo scene from Toy Story 2 blooper reel – COS

What Just Happened Also Occurred Before The Last 7 U.S. Recessions. Reason To Worry? – NPR

Regret can seriously damage your mental health – here’s how to leave it behind – The Guardian

Woman Moons Gay Protestors and Other Videos of the Day – Drunken Stepfather

A third CRISPR baby may have already been born in China – Technology Review

Two obese women claim they’re too fat to work – Trending Views

How to Protect Your Personal Information Online & Stay Safe on Social Media – Money Crashers

Woman Feels ‘Violated’ When A Man Uses A Gender Neutral Bathroom In Front Of Her – Bored Panda

Kate Beckinsale, Alison Brie and Other Random Women – G-Celeb

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Package Thief Gets A Taste Of His Own Medicine – Leenks

Formerly Blind Dog Sees His Family For The First Time After Surgery – Ned Hardy

The hottest photos of the day – Caveman Afterdark

This system will change the way you look at home lighting. Set a totally different mood anytime – Amazon

The Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Guide to Solving Relationship Problems – Mark Manson

Dolphins DT Kendrick Norton Involved In Serious Car Crash, Has Arm Amputated At Scene – Newser

Billionaire Coal Baron Chris Cline Dies In Helicopter Crash Alongside Daughter – Forbes

How To Recover When The World Breaks You – Ryan Holiday

The best games for Xbox One – Engadget

The Reality of Living in the Back of a Van – VICE

Japan’s Ancient Attitude to Sex was Way Freakier than you’d Imagine – Messy Nessy

How Much Money You’d Have If You Invested $1,000 In 13 Unicorns’ IPOs – How Much

If My Kids Break Something at a Store, I Won’t Pay For It — Here’s Why – Pop Sugar

Every cook could use an instant-read thermometer, which is invaluable for gauging when your meat, poultry, or fish is perfectly cooked – Amazon

Boeing Offers $100 Million to Families of 737 Max Crash Victims – Bloomberg

Cory Booker crosses into Mexico to escort asylum seekers to US – Fox News

Japanese Zoo Animal Escape Drills Are Hilarious – Sad And Useless

Android co-founder Andy Rubin accused of cheating wife out of fortune while running a sex ring – The Verge

A Quick And Easy Survival Guide For Dealing With Jerks – Darius Foroux

If You Solve This Math Problem, You Could Steal All the Bitcoin in the World – Gizmodo

Woman seen licking ice cream in viral video faces up to 20 years in jail, police say – NBC

I Pay $3,775 For My One-Bedroom Apartment In The West Village – Refinery 29

Las Vegas cop subdues perp with his Jiu Jitsu skills – Trending Views

Why Extremely Successful Women Can Struggle to Find Mates – Brass Pills

20 Surprisingly Affordable 1990s Dream Cars – Car And Driver

25 Words That Are Their Own Opposites – Mental Floss

What It’s Really Like To Be A High-End Personal Trainer –

Peeping Tom Caught masturbating and Other Videos of the Day – Drunken Stepfather

The Billionaire Who Served Just 3 Months For Sexual Assault – Forbes

Arab prince found dead in London after ‘sex and drugs orgy’ – The Sun

Lea Michele Borrowed Emma Roberts’ Bikini – G-Celeb

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That’s My Fetish: Getting Punched In The Balls – Mel Magazine

Baby Announcement Gets Texted to Wrong Number. Guys Shows Up To The Hospital with Presents Anyways – Ned Hardy

The hottest photos of the day – Caveman Afterdark

Buy yourself a good pillow. You use it every night and the difference between a good pillow and a stack of cheap ones is almost immediately noticeable – Amazon

Women’s World Cup Soccer Star Alex Morgan Causes Uproar With Tea-Sipping Victory Over British Team – Maxim

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria says Trump was right about asylum system, ‘pains me to say’ – Fox News

The 7 stupidest things we do with money – Boston Globe

10 Timeless Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read – Darius Foroux

27 Animals Who Made Their Owners Rich – Pawsome

Here’s Anti-Gay GOP Congressman Aaron Schock Tipping A Go-Go Boy In A Mexico City Gay Bar – OMG Blog

My Time As A Bounty Hunter – GQ

This will solve that annoying problem of your beds sheets popping loose – Amazon

How Costco Gained A Cult Following — By Breaking Every Rule Of Retail – The Hustle

Girls In Bikini On The Beach Of California, 1970 – Design You Trust

Japan resumes commercial whaling after 30 years – BBC

Jony Ive ‘dispirited’ by Tim Cook’s lack of interest in product design – The Verge

The Porsche 935 looks scandalous in naked carbon fiber – Autoblog

Warren Buffett to donate $3.6 billion of Berkshire shares to 5 charities – Yahoo

Lil Nas X Comes Out as Gay – Pitchfork

A New Study Suggests You Really Do Have a Type – Curiosity

New images of Netflix’s The Witcher series featuring Henry Cavill – Socialite Life

The Best Video Games For PS4 – Engadget

The 20 Best Quotes I’ve Ever Heard About Getting Women – Brass Pills

Warriors owner Joe Lacob declares that ‘no player will ever wear’ Kevin Durant’s No. 35 for the Dubs again – Daily News

George R.R. Martin says the “Internet is toxic” in aftermath of “Game of Thrones” season 8 outrage – Indiewire

BOAT RAGE and Other Videos of the Day – Drunken Stepfather

Naked Man Arrested At Planet Fitness Thought It Was ‘No Judgement Zone’ – Trending Views

“Procrastination is an emotion regulation problem, not a time management problem,” says psychologist – Boing Boing

Jordyn Jones has some nice cheeks (nsfw) – Celeb J

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Man Discovers Starving Dog On Remote Island And Saves His Life

Man Discovers Starving Dog On Remote Island And Saves His Life – Ned Hardy

How to Find the Best Stuff in the Night Sky From Absolutely Anywhere – Atlas Obscura

The hottest photos of the day – Caveman Afterdark

These elderberry gummies will boost your immune system and help you not get sick – Amazon

The Four Stages of Life – Mark Manson

A MeToo Mob Tried to Destroy My Life as a Poet. This Is How I Survived – Quillete

Here’s What We Know About Mental Fatigue – Outside

DeMarcus Cousins ‘Closely’ Watching Lakers-Kawhi Leonard, Says Reporter – Heavy

Streaming TV is about to get very expensive – here’s why – The Guardian

Behind the Scenes of Life in the Chinese Basketball Association – Sports Illustrated

Can Winning the Lottery Ever Make You Happy? – 2 Cents

Supercars Seized From African Dictator’s Son Will Be Auctioned for Estimated $13 Million – Jalopnik

You Can Now Have a Private IMAX Theater Installed in Your Home – Maxim

This alarm clock is also a wireless charger, FM radio, white noise machine and has surround sound! – Amazon

Stop Picking Up Random African Children and Posting Them on Instagram – VICE

Deliberate Practice: A Mindful & Methodical Way to Master Any Skill – Open Culture

10 Predictions For Quentin Tarantino’s Final Movie – What Culture

4 phrases that make you sound less confident (and what to say instead) – Ladders

How the All-American Motel Became a Last Resort for the Country’s Most Vulnerable – Mel Magazine

Tesla Led The Charge, But More Premium Electric Vehicles Are Arriving – NPR

Woman Underwent Over 300 Cosmetic Procedures Because Mother Told Her She Wasn’t Pretty Enough as a Child – Oddity Central

Mom Says She’s Disturbed By A Pedophile Lusting Over Her 12-Year-Old Drag Queen Son – Brass Pills

Fight Called a No-Contest Due to the Amount of Blood on the Canvas – Sports Gossip

Man Saves Boat With Bare Hands As It Rolls Down Street – Trending Views

Without the backing of big banks, private prison stock prices plummet – The Hustle

Josephine Skriver is in the Pool of the Day – Drunken Stepfather

Tyler Skaggs has died; Los Angeles Angels pitcher dies at age 27, cause of death not given – CBS

The App That Gives Spammers a Taste of Their Own Medicine – OZY

No, Your Student Loans Should Not Be Forgiven – Human Events

What 30 Beauty Icons of the 20th Century Look Like Today – Bright Side

Can Brain-Training Apps Really Sharpen Your Mind? – Curiosity

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A damn fine collection of bewbs, awesomeness and everything in between – Leenks

This Kind Woman Opened A Retirement Home For Senior Dogs Who Have Been Abandoned Or Surrendered – Ned Hardy

The hottest photos of the day – Caveman Afterdark

This Pet Feeder Scans Your Pet To Make Sure The Right Pet Eats The Right Food – Amazon

56-Year-Old Bobby Bonilla Will Receive His Annual Payment Of $1,193,248 From The Mets Today – Daily Snark

Why Would You Do That? (Watch Your Wife with Another Man) – Psychology Today

President Trump becomes 1st president to step inside North Korea ahead of meeting with Kim Jong Un – ABC

‘Girls Do Porn’ Goes to Trial Over Allegations Women Were Tricked Into Videos – VICE

I retired at 34 with $3 million—here are 5 downsides of early retirement that no one tells you – Make It

The 50 Hottest Bikini Movie Moments of All Time, Ranked – Maxim

The 50 Best New Board Games – Popular Mechanics

Jon Peters and the Pain of Being ‘SUPERKID’ – Sports Illustrated

Everyone should have one of these in their car. Make keeping your car clean so much easier – Amazon

Woman falsely reported that her husband killed her, police say – KSL

My Childhood in an Apocalyptic Cult – Narratively

Disgraced Tech CEO Elizabeth Holmes Plans Unusual Legal Strategy – Newser

Video Shows Horse Passed Out From The Heat While Pulling Carriage – LAD Bible

Do You Know Who Kelly Gale Is? Well, You Fother Mucking Should – Egotastic

The 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Starts under $74,000 and Tops $95,000 Fully Loaded – Car And Driver

Apple’s Xbox and PS4 controller support turns an iPad into a portable game console – The Verge

Prison Guard Trying on Bikinis and Other Videos of the Day – Drunken Stepfather

Face-Reading AI Will Tell Police When Suspects Are Hiding Truth – Yahoo

Man fights several officers after they allegedly taser his wife – Trending Views

Frye Festival 2.0: Big music fest abruptly ended over security, fraud suspicion – AP News

Cosmopolitan Article: ‘I’ve Cheated on Every Boyfriend I’ve Ever Had, and I Don’t Regret It’ – Brass Pills

Construction of border wall panels underway in California – Fox News

Sara Sampaio Works It So Good – Hollywood Tuna

What Durant and Irving to Brooklyn Means for the NBA – The Ringer

Selena Gomez, Bella Thorne and Other Random Women – G-Celeb

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dakota nelson homecoming

After This Teen Was Rejected And Humiliated Before Homecoming, 13 Girls Asked To Be His Date – Ned Hardy

Illinois is going to expunge marijuana convictions from 800,000 criminal records – ABC

The hottest photos of the day – Caveman Afterdark

Badass LED Desk Lamp Has 5 Unique Lights With 7 Custom Levels Of Brightness – Amazon

What’s It Like To Eat At The World’s Best Restaurant – CNN

‘Skyrim Grandma’ Will Be An NPC In The Elder Scrolls VI – Kotaku

The best books to read at every age, from 1 to 100 – Washington Post

The 20 Most Bike-Friendly Cities On The Planet, Ranked – Wired

Work Backwards From the Life You Want – Life Hacker

Lucky Female Cyclist Barely Escapes Death (video) – Leenks

Before and After Photos Show How Jenna Jameson Lost 80 Pounds On Keto Diet – Maxim

When almost 9,000 people are obsessed with something as basic as a knife sharpener, you know there must be something pretty amazing about it – Amazon

‘Pain is a great teacher’: How Ray Dalio, the world’s most successful hedge-fund founder, came back from financial ruin – Business Insider

Entire British family of 12 who fled London to join ISIS are now all dead – Daily Mail

30 Things About Life I Wish I Had Known 10 Years Ago – Darius Foroux

How Long It Took For The World’s Richest People To Make Their First Million – Slotsia

Video Captures Dramatic Moment Teen Catches Falling Toddler – Newser

The 3 Pictures That Explain Everything About Smart Cities – City Lab

Las Vegas allows drivers to pay parking fines by donating school supplies – The Hill

10 WCW Stars That Walked Out On The Company (And Why They Did It) – The Sportser

Nazis Weren’t the Only Ones Using Meth During World War II – Gizmodo

Alaska teens allegedly killed friend after man offered $9 million to record “rape and murder” – CBS

Izabel Goulart Thong of the Day – Drunken Stepfather

Another NBA Player Has Replaced Kevin Durant as ‘Most Hated’ In NBA – Sports Gossip

Creepy Vs. Flirty — It’s Mostly About the Attractiveness of the Guy – Brass Pills

Your dog’s food may be linked to canine heart disease – USA Today

Three Hunters Brag About Illegally Killing Yellowstone Mountain Lion Online — And Get Caught – All Thats Interesting

The Lakers are in position to build the Most Hated Team Ever – SB Nation

Band teacher arrested after fist fighting student who called him the ‘N-word’ – Trending Views

What Art Icons Would Look Like In Today’s Society – Sad And Useless

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panda the cat protects her baby brother

This Cat Has Been Protecting Her Baby Brother Since Before He Was Born – Ned Hardy

The hottest photos of the day – Caveman Afterdark

This is the most impressive resume I’ve ever seen—based on my 20 years of hiring and interviewing – Make It

Quite possibly the best mop you will ever use. Makes cleaning so much easier! – Amazon

How I Stopped Scrolling My Life Away – Pick The Brain

Facebook’s cryptocurrency Libra, explained – The Verge

Alabama woman charged in fetus’ death after she was shot and lost her pregnancy – Newser

Winston Churchill Gets a Doctor’s Note to Drink “Unlimited” Alcohol in Prohibition America (1932) – Open Culture

Want to Raise Successful Kids? Science Says Do These 5 Things Every Day – INC

Paparazzi Catch Izabel Goulart Basically Having Sex With Fiancé – Egotastic

The Ultimate Way To Embarrass Your Friend At Airport Security (video) – Leenks

The Psychological Impact of Seeing YouTubers Spend Millions – Wired

15 Gorgeous Rental Homes and Villas from Airbnb’s New Luxury Rental Service – Maxim

This showerhead has a speaker planted dead center that hooks up wirelessly to any Bluetooth device – Amazon

The Richest Person In Every State – Forbes

6 Deficiencies That Are Sabotaging Your Social Life – The Art Of Manliness

The Path to Financial Independence in Detail – The Simple Dollar

Naked Cyclists.. and Other Videos of the Day – Drunken Stepfather

10 Comic Book Movies That Changed Characters For The Better – What Culture

Woman lives life as a poop hoarder – Trending Views

Boston’s ‘Straight Pride’ Parade Moving Forward, Date Set – Daily Wire

The 21 Best Seafood Shacks in America – Thrillist

Jony Ive leaving Apple after nearly 30 years to start new design firm

Sellout! This Loser Has a Job, House, Car, Wife, Kids, Stable Income, Friends, High Self Esteem, Good Health – The Hard Times

Learn How To Avoid Distraction In A World That Is Full Of It – Nir And Far

A Week In Seattle, WA, On A $255,000 Joint Income – Refinery 29

Here’s The 2001 Letter That Eminem’s Estranged Father Wrote To Him – Sick Chirpse

Lakers rework Anthony Davis trade to allow for another max contract – CBS Sports

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