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September 28, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Links |

I tried to live on $3 of food a day — while still shopping at Whole Foods – Rare

These Dogs Were Rescued From a Dog Meat Farm And Were Terrified Of Humans But Watch Them Learn To Love And Trust Again – Ned Hardy

An Inside Look At One Of World’s Oldest, Family-Run Inns – Just Luxe

The Top 15 Metallica Songs of All Time, Ranked – Maxim

These hotties excel at taking selfies – Leenks

Lion King Getting a Live-Action Reboot – Newser

Who would have thought that someone so small would need a bikini top this big? – Faves

He has a cyst the size of a plum on his face and after a bunch of squeezing, the cheese finally pops – Fan Buzz

Abigail Ratchford Is Really Having A Tough Time Keeping Her Boobs In Her Tops – Mandatory

Katy Perry Naked Voting – G-Celeb

15 Old Wives’ Tales That Are Completely True – Ranker

Struggle Rapper "Thot King" Sentenced To 15-Yrs Hard Time After Using Underage Girls In Rap Video [Video] – Bossip

25 Childhood Photos Of Some Of The World’s Most Hated People – Linkiest

If you didn’t get enough bountiful rumps, heres another fine selection – Radass

Christina Milian See Through Outfit of the Day – Drunken Stepfather

Meet The Drop Dead Gorgeous Muslim Journalist Who Will Be Appearing In October’s Issue Of Playboy – Coed

Martin Shkreli raffling chance to punch him in face – The Blemish

How to Get a $3 Burrito at Chipotle on Halloween – Spoon University

Check Out The Largest Swimming Pool in the World! – Classy Bro

Gear up for the gym with hot girls in sports bras (28 Photos) – Bad Sentinel

30 Pics of Victoria’s Secret Angel Josephine Skriver – Regretful Morning

Ariel Winter bought a new house – Celeb Slam

MILF showing us what she’s working with (nsfw) – Ehowa

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Awesome Stuff Around The Internet

September 27, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Links |

20 Reasons Why Jen Selter Has The Best Butt On Instagram – Maxim

This Rare 1968 Ferrari 275 Will Sell For Well Over $20 Million – Just Luxe

Kind Women Knit Sweaters For Rescued Chickens To Keep Them Warm – Ned Hardy

The Most Unnecessary Controversies Of 2016 Thus Far – Mandatory

Grandpa Sues Grandson, 13, Over Crash That Killed Grandma – Newser

31 Mortified People Admit Their Worst ‘I Shouldn’t Have Just Said That’ Moment – Linkiest

Yanet Garcia set the weather to boiling with this tight halter top (with no bra) and skirt – Fan Buzz

Dana White says Ronda Rousey wants to be part of what could be the biggest MMA fight ever – Faves

10 money mistakes you might not know you’re making – Rare


Punk Rocker Chick Gets A Make-Under And Transformed Into A Decent Looking Chick – Leenks

The Olsen Twins Bikini Photos in France – G-Celeb

Don’t Give Up, There’s Still A Lot Of Summer Out There (42 Photos) – Radass

Proposing To Your Girlfriend And Then Giving Her The Puppy That She Always Wanted Is A Crazy Move – Barstool Sports

Katharine McPhee Is So Hot Right Now – The Blemish

Underboob is the New Sideboob (27 pics) – Regretful Morning

4 Ways Disney is Hurting Star Wars – Furious Fan Boys

Daily Man Up (26 Photos) – Suburban Men

This Meditation Exercise Builds Mental Muscle and Cures Procrastination – Better Humans


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Awesome Stuff Around The Internet

September 26, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Links |

15 Photos Guaranteed To Put A Smile On Your Face – Ned Hardy

Girl Runs Away In Disgust After First Kiss – Leenks

The 7 All-Time Best Beaches in the World – Just Luxe

Ariel Winter Bares Her Butt In Cheeky Instagram Post – Maxim

10 Men Reveal The Brutal Truth About Why They Cheated On People They Loved – Linkiest

Actor Calls for Black Americans to Boycott Work for a Day To Protest Police Brutality – Newser

7 secret ways to hide valuable items around the house – Rare

This home remedy for popping an infected abscess made everyone sick, especially when it erupted everywhere – Faves

Vida Guerra is killing it with her latest bikini photos that border on NSFW – Fan Buzz

Michelle Lewin’s Swimsuit Photos in Miami….Dayum! – G-Celeb

This Instagram Model Is Encouraging Women To Try ‘Semen Facials’ To Clear Their Skin Up On A Budget – Basrtool Sports

Where We’re Going We Won’t Be Needing Bras (41 Photos) – Radass

What’s in a Prison Meal? – The Marshall Project

The Most Brutal Military Training Exercises Throughout History – Ranker

This 33-Foot-Long Anaconda Found In A Brazilian Cave Will Make Your Skin Crawl – Bossip

When You’re Craving These Foods, This Is What Your Body Really Needs – Spoon University

30 Smokin’ Instagram Pics of Kaira Magalhaes – Regretful Morning

The 12 Most One-Sided Trades in Sports History – Gunaxin

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Awesome Stuff Around The Internet

September 23, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Links |

9 Worst Cities On Earth To Live In – Leenks

2 Homeless Dogs Living On A Trash Heap Rescued Together – Ned Hardy

Watch a Tesla Absolutely Shame a Lamborghini In a Drag Race – Maxim

These armed home invaders met their match when a gun-wielding homeowner sent them packing (video) – Rare

10 Entrances To Hell That You Can Visit – Linkiest

CBS Panel: Burke Ramsey Killed Sister JonBenet – Newser

Weather woman Giselle Bravo turns up the heat with a blouse that opens to her navel – Faves

Silvina Luna bounces around this TV show in a revealing dress – Fan Buzz

The Most Pathetic Ways People Have Tried To Win Their Ex Back – Mandatory

Bella Thorne Dining in See-Through – G-Celeb

25 Things to Eat in France Before You Die – Spoon University

Daring Video Stunt Gets Tourist Lifetime Ban From Egypt – Just Luxe

Hot Girls in Nature (40 Photos) – Radass

Smokesmash Matchup from Hell – Caroline from LA vs. Katya from BU – Barstool Sports

Kim Kardashian Exhibitionist of the Day – Drunken Stepfather

25 Pics of Adult Goddess Angela White – Regretful Morning

Splash it up with girls in bikinis (34 Photos) – Bad Sentinel

Ten Awesome Animals in Horror Movies – Gunaxin

Late Night Randomness (25 Photos) – Suburban Men

Girl grocery shopping the shortest dress ever! – Ehowa

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Awesome Stuff Around The Internet

September 22, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Links |

A boy grew his hair out for two years and stuck to his plan to help children with cancer – Rare

19 Pets Who Don’t Have Any Respect For Your Personal Space – Ned Hardy

Girl Gets Caught Cheating By Best Man (video) – Leenks

A boy grew his hair out for two years and stuck to his plan to help children with cancer – Rare

Bar Refaeli Just Posted a Lingerie-Clad Pic Six Weeks After Giving Birth – Maxim

Hilary Duff Sure Is A Fan Of Showing Her Boobs On Snapchat – Mandatory

10 celebrities who went makeup-free on the red carpet and looked absolutely stunning – Linkiest

She wore the most wide-open top she could while riding in a very fast car – Fan Buzz

Scientists Find Earth’s Oldest Civilization – Newser

When you see her walking without a bra, you’ll understand why this starts with "Lord Have Mercy" – Faves

15 YouTube Hacks That Will Turn You Into a Smarter Cook – Spoon University

Being Hannah Ferguson’s “Glosser” Seems Like A Fun Gig – Barstool Sports

Kate Upton Playing Tennis in Pink Tights – G-Celeb

7 of the Most Amazing Presidential Suites – Just Luxe

Hot girls who are generous with the cleavaeg – Radass

The Maury Show: Does Tracy Have 22 Kids??? – Bossip

Pixie Lott in a Bikini of the DAy – Drunken Stepfather

School Uses Money Donated by Book-Loving Librarian to Build Shiny New Scoreboard – The Blemish

Six Reasons Gaming is Getting Better – Gunaxin

Afternoon Drive: Off-Road Adventure (31 Photos) – Suburban Men

Kim showing off her new ring on Instagram – Celeb Slam

10 People Every Man Should Have in His Rolodex – The Art Of Manliness

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Awesome Stuff Around The Internet

September 21, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Links |

Curvy Model Ashley Graham Bares It All in British Magazine Spread – Maxim

24 Crazy Thoughts About Space That Will Change The Way You Think About Existence – Ned Hardy

7+ Hilariously Accurate Comics About Adulthood And Life – Leenks

14 Women Share the Things That Men Do That Actually Impress Them – Linkiest

The Best Hacks For Getting Rid Of Weeds In Your Lawn – Better Homes

This smoking hot SI swimsuit model wants everyone to know how much she loves showing off her butt – Faves

Twelve officers are in the hospital after protests erupted following the shooting death of a black man in North Carolina – Rare

Katie Price leaves TV host tongue tied when she struts in heels and an NSFW outfit – Fan Buzz

10 People Who Party Harder Than You Ever Could – Mandatory

30 Times Amber Rose Defied Slut-Shamers By Sharing Suggestive Pics – Bossip

This Doritos BLT Will Forever Change Your Sandwich Game – Spoon University

Melissa Lori Bikini Photos in Miami…Dayum! – G-Celeb

Nearly Half Japan’s Millennials Are Virgins – Newser

The Most Scandalous Rumored Details of Celebrity Prenups – Ranker

More rumps to help you celebrate hump day – Radass

The Game’s Sex Tape Leaked – The Blemish

Hot nerdy girls are back to rock on your day (30 Photos) – Bad Sentinel

30 Fabric-Filling Pics of Tracy Saenz – Regretful Morning

Stella Maxwell had a little wardrobe malfunction – Celeb Slam

MILF shows off her new lingerie – Ehowa

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Awesome Stuff Around The Internet

September 20, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Links |

Ariel Winter went shopping in a tight shirt and nothing underneath – Fan Buzz

17 People Reveal The Things They Still Wish Existed From Their Childhood – Ned Hardy

Top 8 Reasons Couples Get Divorced After Decades Of Marriage – Retirement Improved

Meet the Beautiful French Actress Rumored to Be Behind the Brad Pitt-Angelina Jolie Split – Maxim

The Russian Kim Kardashian told one modeling agency to shove it and we are so glad she did – Rare

She decided to wear as little as possible on a news show and we are so glad she did – Faves

Jessica Alba Remains Relevant In The Hottest Way Possible With New Photo Shoot – Mandatory

This Guy Subsisted on Beer and Candy to Get Through a 2,190 Mile Run – Linkiest

US Drivers Waste $2.1B a Year on Expensive Gas for No Reason – Newser

10 Career Mistakes I Wish I Had Never Made – Medium

There’s Now a Coffee Called "The Asskicker" That Will Keep You Awake for 18 Hours – Spoon University

Kate Upton Wore Blue Tights – G-Celeb

Girls of Summer Will Soon Be Gone, Let’s Wish Them a Happy Winter (45 Photos) – Radass

Smokesmash Matchup from Hell – Nicole from URI vs. Madi from UNLV – Barstool Sports

Swedish Model Told She’s “Too Big” To Model – Leenks

A collection of 25 pictures of some sexy girls in bed – Bro My God

Heidi Montag Still in a Bikini of the Day – Drunken Stepfather

7 Ways My Body Has Changed After Hitting 30 – Return Of Kings

28 Virginal Girls in Pure White Lingerie – Regretful Morning

Hot selfies are what girls do best (30 Photos) – Bad Sentinel

Kids who have already beaten your Halloween costume ideas – Thunder Dungeon

The Most Overpaid Defensive NFL Players of 2016 – Gunaxin

23 questions you should never ask your boss, even if you’re friends – Business Insider

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Awesome Stuff Around The Internet

September 19, 2016 | No Comments » | Topics: Links |

We Can’t Get Enough of Russian Model Anastasia Safonov – Maxim

A Collection Of Life Advice To Help You On Your Travels Through Life – Ned Hardy

Slow Cooker Soups & Stews: The Only Recipes You Need for Fall – Better Homes

Picdump of bewbs, awesomeness and everything inbetween – Leenks

39 Shamelessly Flirty Things That Would Win Any Woman Over – Linkiest

Bright Light Stimulates Men’s Sex Drive – Newser

Jessica Alba is proud of her tramp stamp, and shows off just how good it looks – Faves

10 Deal Breakers For Guys When It Comes to Women – Mandatory

This poor kid has the most painful looking face abscess ever, and when it leaks, oh my God  – Fan Buzz

Coward Baby Daddy Makes Suicide Video Before Killing 4-Yr-Old Daughter Because Her Mother Moved On [Video] – Bossip

Sofia Vergara’s Wonder Woman Cleavage & a Fiesta – G-Celeb

5 Valuable Life Lessons I Learned From Running a Food Instagram Account – Spoon University

Sometimes You’re Going to Have a Bad Day – Bro My God

A little Asian persuasion for the betterment of mankind (28 Photos) – Bad Sentinel

The Piece Of Shit Sought in NYC Bombing Taken Into Custody – Rare

Bras Optional Make Monday a Better Place To Be – Radass

The Craziest Craigslist Encounters That Somehow Didn’t Involve Sex – Ranker

28 Barely Tamed Pics of Natalie B – Regretful Morning

Ariel Winter’s Braless in a See Through – Drunken Stepfather

Our Best 100 Photos from the Past Week – Suburban Men

Cris Cyborg Has To Cut From 165 To 141 By Friday Morning To Make Weight  – Barstool Sports

The First Jobs of Super Rich People – Thunder Dungeon

Shailene Woodley Has Some Opinions About Jerking Off for You – The Blemish

Kim Kardashian is noticeable – Celeb Slam

Wouldn’t you like to come home to this everynight – Ehowa

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