Top 10 Movie Shootouts

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top 10 movie shootouts

There’s nothing more exhilarating in a movie than a good gun fight. Here are the best of the best that keep our pulses pounding faster than a bullet escaping a chamber.

10. Smokin’ Aces

9. Young Guns

8. Desperado

7. Tombstone

6. The Killer

5. The Matrix

4. The Wild Bunch

3. The Professional

2. Heat

1. Scarface


10 Epic Nut Shot Videos

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10 people will no longer be able to reproduce naturally after the making of these videos…..


Disaster Movies Destruction Scenes Compilation

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Anyone that goes to a disaster movie know that the best part will be the destruction and mayhem imminent in such a flick. I’m going to save all you guys some time and money and have put together a compilation of all the best parts of several well known disaster movies.

Independence Day

Deep Impact

The Day After Tomorrow


Dante’s Peak






7 Game Show’s $1 Million Dollars Winning Moments

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Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

Deal Or No Deal

Wheel Of Fortune

Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader

Price Is Right

Power Of 10

1 vs 100


The 8 Sexiest Movie Librarians Of All Time

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When you think of a librarian, some old spinster who hasn’t had a book slid through her deposit box since the early 90’s probably comes to mind. But every once in a while, there’s the one librarian that catches your eye. You’re not sure if she’s actually hot, or if the fact that she’s under the age of 37 makes her attractive by comparison. Either way, you can’t help but fantasize about the sexy librarian.

Hollywood is well aware of this phenomenon, and has incorporated the “sexy librarian” into numerous films. Because an actual woman won’t sleep with me, I took the time to compile this list. Enjoy.

See the 8 Sexiest Movie Librarians Of All Time

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9 Somewhat Entertaining Mascot Fights

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11 Awesome Things You Can Find In A Japanese Vending Machine

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Apparently, you can find anything in a vending machine in Japan.


weird japanese vedning machines



weird japanese vedning machines



weird japanese vedning machines



weird japanese vedning machines



weird japanese vedning machines


Sex Toys

weird japanese vedning machines



weird japanese vedning machines



weird japanese vedning machines


Used Panties

weird japanese vedning machines


Vacuum Bags

weird japanese vedning machines



weird japanese vedning machines


10 Awesomely Suped Up Machines

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150 HP Lawnmower

750cc Garden Tractor

150 MPH Golf Cart

Supercharged Powerwheel

Worlds Fastest Tractor

Hayabusa Implanted Quad

265HP Turbo CBR 1000RR Go Kart

95 MPH Moped

Hot Rod School Bus

1000cc Golf Cart

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Top 10 Examples Of Lazy

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And I thought I was lazy when i’ll stay on Oprah when the remote control is nowhere to be found.

top 10 examples of lazy

top 10 examples of lazy

top 10 examples of lazy

top 10 examples of lazy

top 10 examples of lazy

top 10 examples of lazy

top 10 examples of lazy

top 10 examples of lazy

top 10 examples of lazy

top 10 examples of lazy

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100 vs 1

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Here’s a compilation of fight scenes in which the the hero of the movie takes on 100 or so enemies all at once.

Drunken Master 2

Kill Bill

Kiss Of The Dragon

Tom Yum Goong

Fist Of Fury

Matrix Reloaded

A Better Tomorrow 2

The Canton Godfather

Kung Fu Hustle