Llama Owns A Stupid Chick Who Doesn’t Learn Her Lesson

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Stupidity can’t be un-learned….

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12 Free iPhone Apps Every Guy Should Have

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iphone app

Apple is once again the subject of all the excitement in the ever-changing world of smartphones with their recent release of the iPhone 5. However, let’s be real: the newest iteration of Apple’s marquee product isn’t exactly a game changer. That extra half inch on the screen isn’t going to change your life, and the redesigned housing isn’t exactly a drastic departure from the previous design. No, what still matter most is how you actuallyuse whatever version of the iPhone you have. So today I’m giving you my list of the essential FREE iPhone apps that every man should have. Each one is useful, and some even have the power to transform your life. Like, for real. So check them out.

Check out the 12 Free iPhone Apps Every Guy Should Have here >>

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Prank Show Guy Gets Owned By Super Kick

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Why couldn’t this ever happen to Ashton Kutcher

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Server Issues

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server issues

I just want to apologize to everyone for the slowness of the site. The server the site is currently is hosted on needs an upgrade and I have some smart people working it right now. The site should be in tip top shape by tomorrow. Thank you for your patience.

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11 Awesome Things You Can Find In A Japanese Vending Machine

October 6, 2009 | 2 Comments » | Topics: List, main |

Apparently, you can find anything in a vending machine in Japan.


weird japanese vedning machines



weird japanese vedning machines



weird japanese vedning machines



weird japanese vedning machines



weird japanese vedning machines


Sex Toys

weird japanese vedning machines



weird japanese vedning machines



weird japanese vedning machines


Used Panties

weird japanese vedning machines


Vacuum Bags

weird japanese vedning machines



weird japanese vedning machines


8 Kids Better At Sports Than You

September 30, 2009 | 2 Comments » | Topics: main, Sports |

Here are 8 kids who are way better in their field of sports then you will probably ever be. Much like Tiger Woods’ father did when he raising his kid to be one of the greatest golfer known to the sport of golf, so too are these parents investing.










MMA Meathead Owns Video Game Nerds

September 29, 2009 | 2 Comments » | Topics: main |

Here’s a video of MMA fighter Jason Mayhem Miller going apeshiet after learning his video game character was programmed with a low fighter skill.


2 Rednecks Get Owned By A Yuppie

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It’s 6 minutes long but it is worth it….

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Fat People Getting Hurt, Scored To Unfitting Background Music

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Here’s an awesome compilation video of fat people getting while unfitting music is played in the background. Watching fat people hurt themselves is an age old past time. It’s the one thing people unanimously can agree to always be hilarious.

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6 things every girl is afraid to do in front of her man

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Moving in together is a huge step for any couple. While the guy might worry his Xbox will be replaced with a stack of Oprah magazines, we’re stressing about losing all of our privacy. It’s not that we don’t want to spend every single waking moment together — it’s more like we don’t want you to realize that we have flaws, quirks, and normal body functions.

6. Eat messy foods

A good date centers around good food, great conversation, and fantastic foreplay under the table. We don’t want to ruin the mood by slurping up spaghetti, gnawing on a piece of sushi, or stabbing ourselves in the eye with a tricky kabob stick. Save us some trouble by picking a place with bite-sized sauce-free food like carrots or ice shavings.

Check out the rest of the list here >>

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