F-Word Appropriate Situations

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f word appropriate situation

Check Out The Rest Of The F-Word Appropriate Situations Here


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If You Were Still Holding On To The Notion That Wrestling Might Be Real…..

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wrestling is fake

As much as it hurt to find out that Santa Claus and the Easter bunny were fake, it pains me to inform you that your much beloved sport of professional wrestling with all the body slams and the pile drivers, the cage matches, the chairs over the head is fake as well. Here are a couple of videos to burst your bubble of ignorance that I hope you guys weren’t surronding yourself in all these years.

via Total Pro Sports

via Total Pro Sports


Macho Man Is Perhaps The Single Greatest Interviewee In Professional Wrestling History

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macho man randy savage

In the history of professioal wrestling, there has never been a more animated, energetic, charismatic and absurdly awesome interviewee then Macho Man Randy Savage. Although we can’t be certain whether or not to attribute his absurdly high energy and excitement to recreational drug use or natural charisma, what we can be certain of is that every Macho Man interview ever conducted never dissapointed, made us laugh, made us scratch our heads in bewilderment and above all things, always drew us in. Here’s a sampling of some of his greatest interviews over the years.

Macho Man Is High On Life, But Most Likey Coke

Macho Man Is Insane

Macho Man On Arsenio Hall

Macho Madness!

Macho Man Is The Cream Of The Crop

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#1 Reason To Be A Rockstar: Groupies!

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Forget the money, forget the fact that you are sharing your music with the world, if there were ever a reason to be a rockstar, it would definitely have to be the countless number of women that throw themseleves at you for free. Here a couple of videos of groupies and their crazy antics to motivate you to get off that couch and on that guitar.

Groupies Give Awesome Lapdances

Groupie Will Try To Grab You Any Chance They Get

Groupies Are Not Afraid To Beg To Get On The Bus

Groupies Will Kick The Shiet Out Of Each Other For Your Attention


Bull Gets It’s Revenge, Gores Matador Through The Chin

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matador gets gored through chin

Im not saying this dude deserved to get gored the way he did but this is retribution for the countless number of bulls that have been senselessly murdered throughtout the history of bullfighting. Like a wise old man once said, "You Mess With The Bull, You Get The Horns(and in this case through the chin)."


Attention All Foxes: Don’t Fcuk With Walter Wilson!

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This video should be used as a warning to all rabid animals to stay clear of Walter Wilson. He will put his size 10 loafer right up your ass and not think twice.

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Kid Knocks Out Two Bullies

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Here’s an awesome video of some kid getting picked on by two douchebags and unfortunately for the douches, they didn’t see his left and right hook coming full speed into their faces. Props to the kid for throwing in a nicely placed kid to one of the bullies head after knocking him out.

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You Mess With A Deer And You Get The Hooves

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Here’s a compilation of videos of people getting their ass kicked by deer. I seriously had nothing else to post, so this will have to do for now.

Deer Attacks Hunter

Deer Attacks Fat Guy

Deer Attacks Boy on Bike

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