The Daily Man-Up: My life Changed When I Relied Less On Motivation And More On Discipline

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discipline vs motivation

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Remember the excitement you felt the first time you bought a gym membership? I certainly do, a long time ago.

I would get so excited that I trained until I could barely walk or even raise my arms.

But as weeks passed by I became less and less thrilled to be at the gym. I started to hate the smells and the crowdedness. I started to hate the dizziness and pain heavy lifting left me. I started to hate the utterly disgusting taste of protein shakes.

Eventually, the thoughts of going to the gym would terrify me.

The same went for everything in my life. First, I discovered something new and dove hard into it. Then, I got impatient when I didn’t see the results. Then, I got discouraged when faced with challenges. Finally, I decided it was not worth it and gave up.


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A Few Wholesome Videos Guaranteed To Make You Feel Better About Life

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Compliments can make all the difference



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A Few Photos To Help You Scratch That Nostalgic Itch

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90s photos nostalgia


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US-Born Alabama Woman Who Joined ISIS Is Not An American Citizen, Judge Rules

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hoda muthana isis

A federal judge has ruled that a U.S.-born woman who traveled to Syria and joined ISIS is not an American citizen, even though the State Department had issued her a passport when she was a child and later renewed it.

Hoda Muthana, 25, was a student at the University of Alabama at Birmingham when she traveled to Syria. While in Syria, Muthana used her social media accounts to call for the murder of Americans.

“Go on drive-bys and spill all of their blood, or rent a big truck and drive all over them. Veterans, Patriot, Memorial etc Day parades..go on drive by’s + spill all of their blood or rent a big truck n drive all over them. Kill them,” Muthana tweeted from her now-suspended Twitter account,


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14 Women Describe What It Feels Like When They’re Aroused

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woman describe what its like when they are aroused

1. You know that feeling like you’re going over a hill and you get that swoosh feeling in your stomach?It’s like that, but in my pants.

2. Its kinda like “Hey, I kinda wanna have sex” then after a while its like “Yeah, a penis around here would be pretty great”. Then a while later its like, “That dude probably fucks really good. I want to fuck him.”Then finally, “For the love of all that is holy, I want to fuck anyone.”


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The Dumping Grounds

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funny memes of the day


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A Few Answers To Questions You Always Wondered About

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(photo: @olivia_snow)

Why do Christians believe non procreational sex is immoral?

In Christian theology, the sexual act is an icon of the Trinity and of the saving relationship between Jesus and the Church.

It is an icon of the Trinity because God is a communion of persons, who all completely give of their entire selves to each other. The person of the Father subsumes his entire existential being and substance to beget the Son, who, composed of the same divine essence, gives back the same total self-giving love in turn to sustain the Father. This total self giving of two divine persons begets the holy Spirit, who is interpreted to be the love between the Father and Son that is shared between them.

When a man and woman marry each other, they ideally pledge their entire lives, wills, and bodies for the good of each other. Sexual intercourse unites the man and woman in their love, and through their love, they beget another person- a child- much like the love between the Father and Son begets the holy Spirit. When the procreative aspect of sex is willfully removed by the man and women, the act no longer serves as an image of the divine love because the creative power of the man and women have been withheld from each other. They haven’t given their whole selves to the other.


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dying dog adopted

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12 Headphones Under $100 That Audiophiles Swear By

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Samson SR850

These things are just flat out fun to listen too. They’re definitely bass heavy, but to my ear, bass doesn’t sound boomy, muddled, or cartoonishly exaggerated. Bass also never seems to overshadow vocals or anything else in a song. Upper registers are nicely present, don’t seem muffled to me at all, but are not in any way fatiguing or overpowering.

Samson SR850


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Welcome To Caveman’s Fight Club!

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The Conor McGregor Special

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