The Man Single-Handedly Carved A Road Through a Mountain to Help His Village

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For years, he was called a madman for toiling away on the rocks. But Dashrath Manjhi was not crazy. His quest to break a path through a small mountain to benefit the entire village is now legendary because he carved an entire road with hand tools, working for 22 years.

Manjhi started off his extraordinary task in 1960, after his wife was injured while trekking up the side of one of the rocky footpaths. To reach the nearest hospital, he had to travel around the mountains, some 40 miles.

The laborer from Gehlour Hills in Bihar, India wanted his people to have easier access to doctors, schools, and opportunity. Armed with only a sledge hammer, chisel, and crowbar, he single-handedly began carving a road through the 300-foot mountain that isolated his village from the nearest town.

“People told Manjhi that he wouldn’t be able to do it,” said Dahu Manjhi, the man’s nephew, “that he is a poor man who just needs to earn and eat.”


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Caveman Approved Products Of The Week

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Every Nice Guy Needs To Read This Book

“No More Mr. Nice Guy is the definitive book for helping men overcome their chronic tendencies to accommodate, acquiesce, and appease their way through life. Dr. Glover knows how to speak to guys, bringing straightforward, funny, audacious, and highly-practical wisdom that teaches them step by step how to be the man they always wanted to be.”


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The Daily Man-Up

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Realize this: If you live the life of a pussy, you’re going to live the life of a dependent. You’re going to live a life where others are in control of your present and your future. You’re going to be envious and cynical. You’re never going to realize the talents you possess or the opportunities that have passed you by.

Laziness has never won anyone anything, and neither has weakness.

As a society we need stronger, grittier men, clearly. But on an individual level, if there’s any ounce of you that wants to improve, to become better than the man you currently are, you, like I, are going to have to toughen up.

You’re going to have to forgo many of the habits that you’ve incurred over the years and replace them with new ones….


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Happy New Years!

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I just want to wish everybody a Happy New Year. Thanks for all the support over the years!

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Poll Of The Day

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The Dumping Grounds

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Hot New Music Of The Day

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The homie sent over a new son from gritty blues rock artist Hamish Anderson.  His new music is produced by Jim Scott who worked with Tom Petty. Give it a listen!


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Adult Film Star August Ames Commits Suicide After Being Bullied Online For Refusing To Have Sex With Gay Porn Actors

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August Ames, 23, who starred in more than 270 films and twice won at the Adult Video News Awards, was found dead Tuesday in California after hanging herself, authorities said.

The Ventura County Medical Examiner’s Office on Thursday confirmed the cause of death as asphyxia due to hanging after notifying family members.

Ames was earlier this week branded a “homophobe” after revealing she had pulled out of an adult film after finding out her co-star was a “crossover” (men who had also appeared in gay pornography)

After posting her statements on Twitter, Ames was hit with a barrage of comments accusing her of anti-gay prejudice. She defended herself, pointing out that she liked women, and said she was merely making a decision about who she has sex with, noting it is “my body, my choice.”