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Check out NY based alternative rock band Late Night Episode.  Their new video “Golden Age”  is shot on 16mm film and reminds us all to stop wasting our life on the Internet and actually go out and do something! 


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Awesome Stuff Around The Internet

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10 Steps to Becoming a Humiliatrix – Ceara Lynch

Sara Jean Underwood Took The Buck-Naked Road Recently – Mandatory

Tomi Lahren Just Roasted Millennials For Being Soft As America Teeters on Brink of War With North Korea – Maxim

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson just covered up his iconic tattoo, but the replacement is amazing – Rare

Your Tinder Bio Will Never Beat This One-Armed Woman’s Bio – Newser

Claudia Sampedro Is One Hell Of A Hottie – Yes Bitch

Hard Lessons in Living Off the Grid – Long Reads

Former Lehman Bro From San Diego Arrested For Pushing That Woman In Front Of London Bus – LAist

The moment in history when Muslims began to see dogs as dirty, impure, and evil – Quartz

How to make your Wi-Fi faster and better – Wired

What It’s Like to Have Bipolar Disorder in the NFL – Tonic

NFL officially announces decision on Ezekiel Elliott punishment – FanBuzz

The Most Lavish Dowries In History – Ranker

Final Photos Taken Seconds Before Tragedy Struck – OMG Lane

Leaked Emails Show HBO Offered Hackers $250,000 To Prevent ‘Game Of Thrones’ Release – Digg

A damn fine collection of bewbs, awesomeness and everything in between – Radass

Hot girls with muscles – Leenks

A Military Analysis Of The War For Westeros – ARS Technica

Hundred-Year-Old Antarctic Fruitcake Found in ‘Excellent Condition’ – Gizmodo

Kate Upton, Julianne Hough and Other Random Ladies – G-Celeb

44 Insta-Hot Pics of Jessa Hinton – Regretful Morning

The 2016 Summer Games were supposed to bring Rio and Brazil to new financial and athletic heights. What’s left behind? – ESPN

Bella Thorne Pumps Her Booty – Hollywood Tuna

When Adults Get Hold of Children’s Coloring Books – Sad And Useless

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Awesome Stuff Around The Internet

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8 Things Every Person Should Do Before 8 A.M. – Medium

North Korea Details Guam Strike Plan – Newser

Here Are The 10 Most Important Rules Of Dating Younger Women – Maxim

3X World Champion Wake Surfer Ashley Kidd Who Is All About Her Bum On Instagram – Mandatory

Where Food Is Religion: A Writer Spends A Day Eating Through Her Grandmother’s Hometown – Road And Kingdgoms

UFC fighter knocked out in one of the most vicious head kicks you will ever see – FanBuzz

Bear Grylls’ Survival Skills Are Unnecessarily Dangerous And Totally Faked – Ranker

How Successful People Make Decisions Differently – Fast Company

Top 10 Misconceptions About Famous Crimes And Trials – Listverse

Will This Be Hillary Clinton’s Secret Revenge?? – HSI Online

10 lessons about girls I’d teach my teenage self today – Return of Kings

The Distracted Man’s Guide to Meditation – Mens Journal

Here’s how we can make health care affordable – Rare

Hot girls who are generous with the cleavage – Radass

Ariel Winter Twerking for Her Doggy – G-Celeb

Ponzi scheme criminals spend an average of 21 days in prison per $1M stolen, robbers spend an average of 40,000 months per $1M – Securities Analysis

The Only 10 Rules You Need to Be a Good Parent – First For Women

These are the electric cars arriving by 2020 that you can actually afford – Business Insider

45 Hottest Instagram Pics of Khloe Terae – Regretful Morning

8 Married People on the Truth About Wedding-Night Sex – The Cut

Here’s how much it cost to go to Burning Man in 2017 – Your EDM

When In Comes to Profile Pictures, Russian Girls Get Very Creative – Sad And Useless

School Shooter Only Kid Eager To Go Back To School – Runt Of The Web


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Awesome Stuff Around The Internet

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34 Celebrities You Probably Didn’t Know Were Gay – Choice Weekly

Former Air Force General Says U.S. Would Annihilate North Korea in 15 Minutes Flat – Maxim

Caitlin O’Connor Wants You To Enjoy Her Goods As Often As You Can – Mandatory

FBI conducted predawn raid of former Trump campaign chairman Manafort’s home – Rare

How a nuclear war in Korea could start, and how it might end – Economist

Donald Trump Is Given A Folder Twice A Day Full Of Positive News And Photos Of Himself

Trump Makes Bold Claim About US Nuclear Arsenal – Newser

How Do Criminals Launder Money Through a Restaurant? – Eater

Rihanna Strips Down to Bikini for Barbados Parade – Yes Bitch

Café Gives Men the Option of Paying More as a Nod to the Gender Pay Gap – Mel Magazine

The Best Documentaries Of 2017 So Far – Thrillist

For all the booty enthusiasts out there – Radass

Hot And Fit Girls – Leenks

24 Family Values Politicians Caught Having Affairs – Ranker

Vince McMahon reportedly furious with one of his top stars after a botched move – FanBuzz

Kira Kosarin, Sophie Mudd and Other Random Ladies – G-Celeb

Hailey Clauson’s Booty Is Exquisite – Hollywood Tuna

How Reading Lets Us Live a Thousand Lives – Better Humans

"The Last Jedi" New Exclusive Images – Imgur

HBO hackers leak Game of Thrones stars’ phone numbers – The Verge


Awesome Stuff Around The Internet

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MILF Elizabeth Hurley Is Still Busy Showing Off Her Goods For Our Entertainment – Mandatory

Heavyweight Champ Anthony Joshua Slept With My Hot Wife, Says Cucked Boxer Amir Khan – Maxim

Trump threatens North Korea on nukes: “They will be met with fire and fury” – Rare

Camp for Transgender Kids as Young as 4 Is Growing – Newser

Ronda Rousey’s latest reported move has the pro wrestling world buzzing – FanBuzz

Russian Bots Are Starting to Attack the Republican Party – Newsweek

Hot Instagram Pictures Of Sara Calixto – Lurk And Perv

Why LittleFinger’s Gift To Bran Was A Plot Against Jon And Why It Won’t Work – Nerdist

Life After Death: Vilca and the Most Sacred Psychedelic Ritual in the World – High Existence

The Plan to Prove Microdosing Makes You Smarter – Inverse

Hot girls in yoga pants – Leenks

Japan’s 105-Year-Old Longevity Expert Shares 12 Secrets to Living a Long Life – My Modern Met

Government Report Finds Drastic Impact of Climate Change on U.S. – NY Times

Ariel Winter’s Intense Workouts at the Gym – G-Celeb

22 Photos Donald Trump Doesn’t Want You To See! – Trending Pop

Rhianna bust the internet with these new pictures! – The Blemish

Onitsha, Nigeria Tops WHO List Of Most Polluted Cities In The World – All That Is Interesting

Hot Married Mom Jailed After Sleeping with Teen Boys – Trending Views

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Awesome Stuff Around The Internet

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25 WWII Facts That’ll Make Your Skin Crawl – OMG LANE

Watch Ashley Graham Reveal The 6 Things She Can Do Even Better While Wearing Lingerie – Maxim

Alexis Ren Thinks Her Hands Are Better Than A Bra And She’s Right – Mandatory

MLB player takes a 97 MPH fastball to the head and his helmet comes flying off – FanBuzz

Former QB Boomer Esiason: All NFL Players Likely Have CTE – Newser

Why Only The NFL Doesn’t Guarantee Contracts – Deadspin

Why Do Rich People Love Endurance Sports? – Outside

How to learn anything faster: Don’t read books – Medium

Winners of the 2017 National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year Contest – The Atlantic

The ages you’re the smartest at everything throughout your life – Business Insider

Seniors can’t get enough of this memory-boosting junk food – Nutriton And Healing

The Russian Casino Hacker Who Makes Millions Targeting Slot Machines – Wired

Video shows the moment a 16-year-old ISIS bride from Germany was captured by Iraqi troops – Rare

Bri Teresi Belongs In A Bikini – Yes Bitch

Bras are Optional and Life is Good! (45 Photos) – Radass

Bella Thorne Is Working on Her Underboob Fitness – Hollywood Tuna

Garbage Human Being Of The Day: Sister Snapchats Dead Sister After Crashing Her Car – Heavy

How Tesla changed the auto industry forever – The Verge

When Taxidermy Goes Terribly Wrong – Sad And Useless

We Asked Couples Why They Opened Up Their Relationship – VICE

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Hot Instagram Girl Of The Day: Natalie Gibson

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Take This Dose Of Motivation And CONQUER Your Week!

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