The 10 Greatest Upsets In Sports History

23-Year-Old Student Has A $1 Million Bounty On Her Head For Killing 100 ISIS Militants

man takes care of paralyzed wife for 56 years
This Devoted Husband Has Been Taking Care Of His Paralyzed Wife For 56 Years

Stop Living in Your Damn Phone: A Wake-Up Call


The Dumping Grounds

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Men’s Fashion at New York Fashion Week – Eat Liver

Abigail Ratchford Hits Instagram With Sexy Selfies Just in Time for Valentine’s Day – Maxim

Model Julia Kelly Makes Golf Way Better By Adding Some Sideboob To The Gameplay – Mandatory

The Greatest Weapons That Never Saw Action – Ranker

Ex-Husband: Judy Garland Was Groped by Munchkins on Wizard of Oz Set – Newser

Mexican Weather Babe Yanet Garcia Poses and shows off her perfect booty – Hollywood Tuna

Everyone Loves Hump Day! (38 Photos) – Radass

This gigantic cyst looks like it’s about to blow — and it does – Faves

A damn fine collection of bewbs, awesomeness and everything in between – Leenks

Selena Weber and Lauren Ashley Bikini Photos in Miami – G-Celeb

Dying Father Gets To See Son’s High School Graduation Thanks To Early Ceremony – Bossip

Tesla Model S Breaks Acceleration Record With Ludicrous+ Mode… 0-60 mph in 2.2s –

Inside the “Obama’s Student Loan Forgiveness” Scams – The Ringer

The Domestication of Men – Chad Howse

You Will Regret These Choices in 10 Years – Medium

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Stunning Photos Of Afghan Hazara Girls Train In Shaolin Martial Arts For Competitions – Leenks

Tennis Hottie Genie Bouchard Will Go On Date With Random Twitter Dude After Pats Super Bowl Comeback – Maxim

Look How Distracted This Game Show Cameraman Was By This Contestant’s Boobs – Mandatory

How to Fold and Pack a Suit, Pants, and Dress Shirt in a Suitcase to Avoid Wrinkles – Laughing Squid

It’s no secret why just about every rapper in the game loves them some India Love – Faves

A Smokin’ Hot Christie Brinkley Poses For Sports Illustrated With Her Two Daughters – Radass

Watch a man prevent his suicidal wife from leaping to her death by grabbing her ponytail – Rare

New Apple HQ Takes Attention to Detail to Insane Heights – Newser

Raiding Instagram Model Casie Dunstan’s Instagram Page – Hollywood Tuna

10 Pretty Good Adaptations Of Stephen King BookRanker

Woman Talks About What It’s Like To Sleep With A Guy That Has A Bionic Penis – Pairade

Katy Perry, Selena Gomez and Other Random Ladies – G-Celeb

Every Oscars Winner for Best Cinematography from 1927 to 2016 – Gunaxin

San Francisco announces free community college for all residents – USA Today

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Former Patriots Cheerleader Camille Kostek May Have Split With Gronk, But She Still Looks Amazing In These Photos – Maxim

15 Subtle Ways To Screw With People – Leenks

Sommer Ray’s Booty Deserves Your Attention – Yes Bitch

20 Historical Facts That Movies Got Totally Wrong – Ranker

Guy hits a woman in front of her son, and he gets revenge with this brutal KO – Faves

Pornhub’s newest venture is not at all what you’d expect – Rare

Bella Thorne See Through Nipple Ring Snap – Hollywood Tuna

Curvy Girls Rock The World (43 Photos) – Radass

Girl Recovering From Eating Disorder Proves It Is 100 Percent Possible To Get A Perfect Kim Kardashian Butt – Pairade

Shocking Scale of Priest Sex Abuse in Australia Revealed – Newser

So These Girls Just Go Around Pulling Each Other’s Pants Down For Some Reason – Mandatory

Hilary Duff Bikini Photos in Mexico – G-Celeb

36 Ridiculously Hot Instagram Pics Of Charlotte Springer – Regretful Morning

20k Calorie Super Bowl Challenge – Gunaxin

28 Edgelords Who Don’t Believe In God Or Showering – Runt Of The Web

Someone Stole Tom Brady’s Game Jersey – The Blemish

BREAKING: Cleveland Browns reportedly showing ‘strong interest’ in Lady Gaga after seeing her catch a pass during her halftime show – NFL Memes

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You’re An A-Hole If You Bring Any Of These Things To A Super Bowl Party – Mandatory

Meet the Model Taking On An Airline For Allegedly Booting A Woman Off A Flight For CleavageMaxim

15 Shocking Unsolved Mysteries About Area 51 – Leenks

6 World-Changing Inventions (That Failed Spectacularly) – Cracked

The Best Mall Stores from the 2000s That No Longer Exist – Ranker

Wife brutally kicks her husband’s mistress nine times as a bunch of people do nothing – Faves

This guy says you can’t be addicted to plastic surgery–see what he looks like today…WTF?!!? – Rare

Director of Taiwanese animal shelter commits suicide after ‘feeling distraught about having to euthanise too many dogs’ – Newser

Hailey Clauson’s Sexy Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Teaser – Hollywood Tuna

I Found Where All Those Bikinis Have Been Hiding (47 Photos) – Radass

Mariah Carey Now Showing Off the Booty – G-Celeb

Hot girl utilizing the hand bra effectively – Ehowa

Mia Kang Is Hot and Can Beat You Up – The Blemish

22 Life Lessons I Learned From My Mentors That Every Person Should Know – Medium

The Secrets of Taco Bell, Revealed by a Manager – Thrillist

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We’re Completely Obsessed With This Classic Restomod Bronco – Maxim

Texas Teacher Fired After Porn She Made 16 Years Ago Is Discovered – Mandatory

God damn, Kara Del Toro – Celeb Slam

Lindsey Pelas’ latest photos shoot shows us her best assets  – Faves

The Best Movies of All Time Ranked – Ranker

British Fighter ‘Killed Himself to Avoid ISIS Capture’ – Newser

Insane countersuit filed today reveals that Johnny Depp is richer and wilder than we ever gave him credit for – Rare

Hot girls who are liberal with the use of cleavage – Radass

Raiding Instagram Model Sofia Jamora’s Instagram Page – Hollywood Tuna

Is this the world’s hottest fire fighter? – Leenks

Jessica Gomes in Black Bikini on the beach in Sydney – G-Celeb

Republicans To Repeal Obamacare, Replace It With First Aid Kit From Walmart Camping Section – Runt Of The Web

Chrissy Teigen Is Back in Sports Illustrated and looking good! – The Blemish

There’s no excuse for being a pussy – Chad Howse

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Lets Start Things Off With The Mother Of All Conspiracy Theories

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Put on your tinfoil hats and strap yourselves into your seats, Alex Fucking Jones is going to jettison us into the inner workings of the ruling elite . Check out the rest of the podcast here



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#AfterSexSelfiesProve How Awkward The Moment Right After Sex Really Is – Ranker

Here Is The Exact Number of Times To Have Sex Every Week To Make You Healthier and Happier – Maxim

Driving a BMW 185mph on the Autobahn – Leenks

This Is Supposedly A Doctor Rubbing His Genitals On A Patient’s Face- Mandatory

Abigail Ratchford treats us to a sneak peek of her newest photo shoot, and it’s more than a peek – Faves

Kindhearted Strangers Save An Abused Dog With A Broken Back When They Find Him Searching For Road Kill On The Interstate – Pairade

Lais Ribeiro’s Sexy Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Photos – Hollywood Tuna

Chimps Beat, Kill, And Eat The Former Leader Of Their Group In Brutal Attack – Newser

Humps, rumps and booty bumps – Radass

A self-proclaimed serial killer claimed she stabbed a blind date she met on Craigslist so she could eat his heart – Rare

The 10 Essential Traits Of Alpha Males – Defiant Masculinity

Aida Yespica Bikini Photos in Miami – G-Celeb

The 38 Hottest Instagram Pics of Katerina Schload – Regretful Morning

Kelly Gale Is a 2017 Sports Illustrated Rookie – The Blemish

A Guide To Start Saving For Retirement – Digg

MILF shows off her new thong – Ehowa

Bad Habits You Need to Kill Immediately to be a Much Better Person This Year – Medium