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A Tribute To The Art Of Jiu-Jitsu

A Collection Of Historical Photos Beautifully Colorized

This One Goes Out To All Those Who Have Experienced The Joys Of Owning A Dog

Photos Inside A Krokodil Croc House


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PHOTOS: The Many Possible Shapes Of Trump’s Border Wall – NPR

PCP is a hell of a drug! NSFW – Twitter

Wife Makes Husband Hold Unfortunate Sign After She Catches Him Giving A Blow Job – Mandatory

What the Wives of the Richest Men in the World Look Like – Leenks

Signs You’re Chemically Bonded To Your Partner – Noire

27 Things You Didn’t Know About the Crusades – Ranker

Wealthy Residents Complain Their Dialing Code Doesn’t Reveal How Rich They Are – Telegraph

Uber Is Doomed – Jalopnik

6 tips for Gen-Xers who haven’t prepared for retirement – Rare

Congresswoman Rosen introduces Restoring American Privacy Act of 2017 to reverse S.J. Res. 34 – Private Internet

Former Oklahoma Football Player Arrested for Pimping Out Ex-Sooners Cheerleader – Maxim

Instagram Model Morgan Lux Has A Thumb Sucking Problem – Hollywood Tuna

The Trailer For The Upcoming Tupac Shakur Biopic ‘All Eyez On Me’ Is Here – YouTube

Hot girls who are generous with the cleavage – Radass

Emily Ratajkowski Showing Off Her Butt Again – G-Celeb

Florida woman smuggles Mexican slave, puts sick thing inside her – Trending Views

Former Ticketmaster CEO explains why you can’t buy tickets – The Ringer

Man gets stuck inside married woman while doing the nasty (video) – Live Leak


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6 Harsh Truths That Will Make You a Better Person – Cracked

Instagram Megastar Lyna Perez Showed Her Support for the Troops in the Sexiest Possible Way – Maxim

How Sex Is Different When You’re In Love – Madame Noire

This Restaurant Banned Kids Under 5 Years Old And Business Is Booming Despite Outrage – Distractify

Alexandra Cooper Is A Former Soccer Player But Who Cares Because She’s Hot – Mandatory

16 Fascinating Facts About Zoroastrianism, the World’s Oldest Religion – Ranker

What Would Happen in the Minutes and Hours After the US Attacked North Korea? – VICE

By Golly We Made It, It’s Another Happy Hump Day! (43 Photos) – Radass

Man Starts GoFundMe Page to Buy $15K Engagement Ring – Newser

Sara Jean Underwood Is Hard At Work – Hollywood Tuna

A damn fine collection of bewbs, awesomeness and everything in between – Leenks

Steve Bannon removed from National Security Council – Fox News

Girl Beats Up A Guy Hits Him With A 15 Piece Combo!!! – Media Takeout

Thug suckerpunches boy with brass knuckles, then finds out his fate in court – Trending Views

Dog Used As Bait Lived On Old Armchair For Days Before Being Rescued – The Dodo

I camped out with a tech billionaire. The advice he gave me was priceless – Medium

Anne Hathaway, Ariana Grande and Other Random Ladies – G-Celeb

A Texas mom allegedly left her two kids in a 100-degree car to get her nails done at Walmart – Rare

Game of Thrones : Greatest Moments – Gunaxin

Woman Who Gave Up Social Media For Lent Can Now Sympathize With Christ’s Suffering – Runt Of The Web

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April 4, 2017 | 2 Comments » | Topics: main |

10 Facts That Prove Freddie Mercury Is An Epic Legend For A Reason – Ranker

Hilarious Things Women Do When You Want To Have Sex But Won’t Say It – Madame Noire

10 Forgotten Women Who Secretly Ruled The World – Leenks

Here’s Why Having Sex With An Ex Feels So Damn Good, According to Science – Maxim

Stunning Photos Make North Korea Actually Seem Like A Nice Place –

Eva Padlock Sure Likes Pushing Instagram’s No-Nudity Rule As Far As She Can – Mandatory

Hot Instagram Pictures Of Dani Bonnor – Lurk And Perv

Nearly 50 years after trying to blackmail him into committing suicide, the FBI tried to honor Martin Luther King Jr – Rare

10 Overlooked Truths About Taking Action – The Art Of Manliness

100 Best Snacks Of All Time – Thrillist

Girls of Summer (45 Photos) – Radass

Bella Thorne’s Underboob Striptease – Hollywood Tuna

Trump signs internet privacy repeal – The Hill

What Late-Night Google Searches Tell Us About the Human Psyche – VICE

What does a melon that cost as much as a car taste like? – Roads And Kingdoms

Girl tries to fight a transexual – Trending View

Five Camping Tips for Beginners – Gunaxin


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April 3, 2017 | 1 Comment » | Topics: main |

The deep imagery of coal mining in the 1970s shows a lifestyle of peril and persistence – Timeline

30 Celebs Whose Ethnicities May Surprise You – Bossip

This Girl Is Unbelievably Flexible – Leenks

30 Things About Life I Wish I Had Known 10 Years Ago – Medium

Mario-Themed Bar Just Opened And It’s Every Geek’s Dream Come True – Linkiest

15 Great People Who Were Also Perverts – Ranker

The first images of the Russian subway bomber probably confirm the nation’s worst fears – Rare

The torture of Tokyo rush hour, up close and impersonal – Huck

Smile, It’s Bras Optional Monday! (45 Photos) – Radass

Gorgeous cast portraits from Tod Browning’s ‘Freaks’ (1932) – Dangerous Minds

Now That Nikki Bella Is Engaged, Let’s Celebrate With Her Hottest Photos Ever – Maxim

And Here We Have A Girl Getting Mountain Dew Poured Into Her Ass – Mandatory

Ariel Winter Sexily Doing a Smurfs Event – G-Celeb

Bella Hadid Knows How To Use Instagram – Hollywood Tuna

This White Dude Was a Boss in the Chinese Mafia – VICE

Boy, 14, Arrested in Facebook Live Rape No One Reported – Newser

43 Hot Instagram Pictures Of Busty Model Iryna Ivanova – Regretful Morning

FCC removes competition requirement from Charter-TWC merger conditions – The Verge

Cam Girlz – The True Lives of Women Who Pose Nude in Online Streams – Vimeo

The teacher you wish you had – Trending Views

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March 31, 2017 | No Comments » | Topics: main |

10 Horrifying Facts About America’s First Serial Killer – Leenks

15 More Things Women Absolutely Want In Bed – Maxim

Truths About Cheaters, As Told By Mistresses – Madame Noire

FBI releases 25 previously unseen photos from 9/11 attack at Pentagon – FBI

14 Companies That Have Been Around For Centuries That Are Still Open Today – Ranker

Hot Instagram Pictures Of Tianna Gregory – Lurk And Perv

Hot Russian Model Claims to Be the Real-Life “Natural” Barbie, We All Know She’s a Fraud – Radass

Russian hired 1,000 people to create anti-Clinton ‘fake news’ in key US states during election – Independent

The Climate Change Battle Through One Coal Miner’s Eyes – The Daily

Is Model Sophie Mudd The Next Emily Ratajkowski? – Mandatory

“In 2014, for the first time in recorded history, police in the United States seized more money and property through civil asset forfeiture than all burglars and thieves combined." – Rare

What It’s Like To Purchase A New Car When You’re Loaded – Jalopnik

Here’s a foolproof method to increase your Chipotle burrito size by 86 percent – AV Club

Shrooms Help Cancer Patients Overcome Anxiety and Depression – Tonic

Brooke Burke Went Back to the Beach in St. Barths – G-Celeb

Annet Reinen Would Make A Great Super Naughty Mail-Order Bride – Hollywood Tuna

Sleeping thug gets KNOCKED out while waiting for jail – Trending Views

Science Explains Why Having Sex With Your Ex Feels So Damn Good – Pairade

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March 30, 2017 | 1 Comment » | Topics: main |

Heartbreaking Facts About Joseph Merrick, The Elephant Man – Ranker

Meet The Beautiful Army Vet Who Loves to Post Photos of Herself Posing With Badass Guns – Maxim

Sidepiece Showdown: The Most Notorious (Alleged) Celebrity Mistresses And Jumpoffs – Bossip

10 Forgotten Muscle Cars That Deserve to Be Restored –

Mike Flynn Offers to Testify in Exchange for Immunity – WSJ

53-Year-Old Actress Juliette Binoche Clearly Still Has The Goods – Mandatory

Sommer Ray Gets Nice And Wet – Yes Bitch

Girls you wish lived next door – Trending Views

Activists seeking to expose Planned Parenthood instead get nailed with 15 felony counts – Rare

EPA Chief Rejects His Own Agency’s Science, Chooses Not To Ban Insecticide –

Becoming A Man Of True Grit – Chad Howse

True Detective’s Alexandra Daddario Just Did A Jaw Dropping Photoshoot – Pairade

9 Texas High School Football Players Arrested and Accused of Sodomizing Teammates With Coke Bottles and Bats – The Daily Beast

Lucie Jaid Is A InstaBabe You Should Know! – Hollywood Tuna

These girls are generous with the cleavage – Radass

Russia ‘actively involved’ in French election, warns US Senate intelligence chief – France24

Rita Ora Having Bikini Fun in Maldives! – G-Celeb

This Is Your Brain On Recreational Adderall – OMG Facts

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March 29, 2017 | No Comments » | Topics: main |

The 265 members of Congress who sold you out to ISPs, and how much it cost to buy them – The Verge

Set up a VPN in 10 minutes for free—and yes, Americans urgently need one, thanks to Congress – Quartz

Meet the Shredded Instababe From China Who’s Been Dubbed the World’s ‘Prettiest Bodybuilder’ – Maxim

Bri Teresi Is Back In A Tiny Bikini, Woohoo! – Linkiest

The 10 Most Successful Real-Life Pirates – Ranker

The Russian Kim Kardashian told one modeling agency to shove it and we are so glad she did – Rare

Hump Day is a Happy Day! (47 Photos) – Radass

The Best Part Of Waking Up Is Carlie Jo Howell In Your Cup – Hollywood Tuna

Policeman shoots deranged man armed with HUGE knife – Trending Views

7 Ways Diabetes Affects Your Body – Improved

18 Incredible Inventions That Will Change Our Lives – Leenks

Anne Hathaway’s Colossal Sideboob – G-Celeb

10 Infamous Street Fights Involving UFC Stars – Low Kick

How Flipping The Script Can Help You Meet Hot Girls – Return Of Kings

Can You Reverse the Horrible Long-Term Effects of Drugs with Exercise, Food, and Vitamins? – VICE

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A Few Glorious Clips For Your Consideration

March 28, 2017 | 2 Comments » | Topics: main |

Steve Aoki throws a cake into the crowd