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The Daily Man-Up: If You Want To Make Progress, You Need To Stop Avoiding The Unpleasant Moments

October 15, 2019 | No Comments » | Topics: Life Advice |

Somewhere along the line, we seem to have gained this idea that we need to enjoy every single second of our lives—that for some reason, we are no longer okay with putting in a few minutes of effort to get something great out of it. We’ve stopped putting work into anything that we don’t enjoy at that moment.

Get rid of that mindset. It’s holding you back more than pretty much anything else in your life. Getting things done is going to mean putting in effort. I know you don’t want to, and I do not care. The world does not care. The world isn’t going to coddle your ass because you just want to sit there on the internet.


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The Daily Man-Up

October 11, 2019 | No Comments » | Topics: Life Advice |

Make them count.

– Jocko Willink

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The Daily Man-Up: Mindset and Mental Focus

October 10, 2019 | No Comments » | Topics: Life Advice |

(photo: @joshuaearle)

Everybody wants more for their lives, but they’re unwilling to put forth the effort necessary to gain more.

The cause for this is primarily two things, that if you address, will drastically improve the quality of your life, the people within it, and the things you’re able to enjoy within your life.

Mindset and Mental Focus.

Mindset is important, because fundamentally, what you believe of yourself, and what you’re capable of, is exactly what you’ll gain and achieve in life. Now, this fact is hard for some people to accept and believe, because they believe that they already think about changing their lives enough to warrant different circumstances in their lives.


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The Daily Man-Up: Give Yourself The Gift Of “Enoughness”

October 9, 2019 | No Comments » | Topics: Life Advice |

(photo: @lastnameeaster)

“Not-Enough” isn’t your friend.

If you’re like me, then you’ve been plagued with the sense of “not enough” your whole live-long life.

It’s always been; not enough money, not attractive enough, home isn’t good enough, grades aren’t high enough, I’m not loved enough, not enough sex, not enough experiences, not enough travel, not enough likes, followers, upvotes.

Whenever we believe in not-enoughness then we’re operating on unstable ground. To feel like we haven’t done enough, or that we don’t have enough – is to feel a sense of insecurity, a sense of unwellness, and a need to arrive at the place of Enough.


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The Daily Man-Up: You Get To Decide Who You Are

October 8, 2019 | No Comments » | Topics: Life Advice |

(photo: @penguinuhh)

I’m not only saying “Just do it!”, instead I’m saying “just become it”.

I don’t buy junk food to bring home. I don’t do junk food. The idea of buying it repulses me, even though I’d get pleasure from eating it. Why? I thought about it, long and hard. About the kind of life I’d have if I continued to eat it, and I decided the person who eats junk food, that version of myself, that’s not me. That’s not who I want to be. I want to be healthy, and happy instead.


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The Daily Man-Up: Find a Compelling “Why” or Wash Out

October 2, 2019 | No Comments » | Topics: Life Advice, Man-Up |

navy seal advice for men

BUD/s or Basic Underwater Demolition SEALs is debatably the most difficult military training program in the world today.

Trainees are voluntarily subjected to, what can only be described as six months of endless physical, psychological, and emotional torture.

From exposure to the hypothermia-inducing waters of the Pacific or  the endless runs carrying 200+ pound IBS (inflatable boat, small) boats on their heads to endless hours of physical training on the cold sandy beaches of Coronado and Virginia, each SEAL candidate is exposed to mental and physical rigors beyond what any common man can comprehend

But the training program isn’t simply designed to break candidates down. It’s a methodical (if seemingly maniacal) process specifically designed to make each trainee question their reason for being at BUDs.


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The Daily Man-Up: If You’re Worried About What To Do With Your Life

September 23, 2019 | No Comments » | Topics: Life Advice |

(photo: @gcalebjones)

As a person who has spent YEARS worried, stressed and anxious about “what do I do with my life?” and about what choices I should or should not make, allow me to suggest a shift or two in your perspective.

There are no dead-ends in life.

There’s a very simple truth to remember here, which is that you don’t really ever “end up” anywhere. For example we’re afraid that if we make the wrong career decision, we’ll “end up” at some sort of cul de sac where we’re out of options, out of opportunity, out of avenues for growth, out of resources. Or perhaps if we choose the wrong college major, we might have wasted too much time only to find out that it was the wrong choice.


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The Daily Man-Up: “If You’re On Time, You’re Late”

September 19, 2019 | No Comments » | Topics: Life Advice |

(photo: @sonjalangford)

“BUT DAD, our coach told us to be at the field by 9:30! It’s not even 10 minutes away why do we have to leave right now?” I groaned as my dad packed my helmet and extra-small shoulder pads into the car. It was only 8:45 A.M.

I was already pissed off. First, he wakes me up at 7:30 when I totally could’ve slept until 8. Now he’s making us leave a half an hour early to drive to my game that’s at most 10 stinkin’ minutes away?! What is this madness?!?

“If you’re on time, you’re late.” He calmly replied as he sat in the driver’s seat.


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The Daily Man-Up

September 18, 2019 | No Comments » | Topics: Life Advice, Man-Up |

jocko willink advice for men

Echo Charles : “How do you deal with setbacks, failures, delays, defeats, or other disasters?”

Jocko Willink :  I actually have a fairly, simple way of dealing with these situations. It’s actually one word to deal with these situations…

And that is “Good


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The Daily Man-Up: Conquer Your Inner Bitch

September 17, 2019 | No Comments » | Topics: Life Advice, Man-Up |

joe rogan advice for men

Felt like shit today. I felt lethargic, and I didn’t want to run, but I forced myself to just do it, and now I feel 100% better. I would think after all these years of forcing myself to do shit I know I should do but don’t feel like doing that I wouldn’t indulge those weak thoughts and it wouldn’t be so much of a struggle. Not the case though. The only thing that’s changed is now I know for sure I won’t listen to my inner bitch, and I’ll just go out there and get it done, and I’ll always feel better afterwards. Getting over that feeling of procrastination and being lethargic is one of the great factors in living a full and energetic life. Learn to force yourself to do shit. #conqueryourinnerbitch

Joe Rogan


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