Attention Fight Scene Aficionados! Post Your Favorite Movie Fight Scene Here!

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fight scenes

This post goes out to all the folks out there who know a good fight scene when they see one. I’m going to start the show off with a few of my personal favorite fight scenes and if you want to contribute, post the Youtube link in the comment section below and it will show up for everyone to enjoy.

Way Of The Dragon



Love The Movie Scarface? Then You’ll Definitely Need A Viewing Of Cocaine Cowboys

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Cocaine Cowboys is an aptly-titled 2-hour documentary about the cocaine economy which built modern day Miami. The documentary covers the flashiest crimes and personalities in the cocaine explosion of the 1980’s. Director Billy Corben tells the story of the city built on cocaine via interviews with smugglers, hit men, and dealers. This isn’t a socio-political look at the drug trade, rather, it is a down-and-dirty Wild West story, complete with a Godmother who could give Scarface a run for his money. Sit back, relax and enjoy 2 hours of chaos, corruption and depravity.

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Not A Fan Of The Twilight Zone Yet? This Episode Will Change That

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My mission this year is to make all you guys a fan of one of the greatest shows ever aired on television, The Twilight Zone, created and written by one of the greatest creative mind the 20th century has ever known, Rod Serling. I’m posting an episode entitled Stopover in a Quiet Town, which will set you up and destroy you with an hell of an ending. Enjoy.


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You Guys Are In For A Treat: Fist Of The North Star In Its Entirety

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fist of the north star

Fist Of The North Star is the greatest, most wicked, amazing, animation I have ever seen. Fist is a pure blend of violence and gripping storyline. From the start you are drawn into the apocalyptic world of the future, and the forces at work within this world. Heads explode, people are sliced and diced, characters go splat, belly buttons expand and explode and you can’t help but love it. Fist is the exact opposite of the new generation of anime, which has become synonymous with big eyed characters that focus on being cute….it is stripped downed, raw, no hold barred tale of survival in a dog eat dog world of chaos, disorder and violence glossed over with a dark shade of the 80′s. I cannot tell you how many times I took pleasure in the delight of having the opportunity of watching this film with a virgin pair of eyes and it gives me great pleasure to be able to deliver this movie in its entirety to you guys. Happy viewing everyone!

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The Last Dragon For Anyone Who Hasn’t Seen This Magnificent Piece Of Cinema Yet

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the last dragon

If you occasionally get nostalgic for the 80’s, break dancing, lots of hairspray, De Barge, Cyndi Lauper-style hair extensions, Bruce Lee and karate, then this movie is definitely for you. The story is simple- Young kung-fu master Leroy Green must seek his inner-self by obtaining what is called ‘the glow’, and is faced with wrath of a great, cheesy bad guy called Sho’nuff, along with his gang. Along the way he will learn about his family, himself, and even find love. There’s plenty of side stories that include our hero, who, by the ways, eats popcorn with chopsticks. He’s a modest, gentle young man who is faced with other challenges you wouldn’t expect, like, for example, how to be ‘black’. Don’t come into this movie expecting oscar worthy performances, just enjoy the feeling and spirit of the movie. It’s a ton of fun if you got nothing better to do. Sho-Nuff!

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Just A Documentary About North Korean Slave Labor Camps In Siberia, That’s All

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Here’s an insanely interesting documentary brought to you by the same guys that brought us The Vice Guide To North Korea and The Vice Guide To Liberia. On this excursion, Vice chief Shane Smith travels to Siberia to shed light on the fact that North Korea is shipping its citizen to bum fcuk in the middle of Siberia and enslaving them for the betterment of their nation. Just watch the damn thing and be grateful that your country didn’t ship you half way around the world, in the middle of nowhere and you made you into an indentured servant.

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I Can Say Without A Shadow Of A Doubt, That I Found The Worst Movie Ever Made: Troll 2

January 5, 2012 | 4 Comments » | Topics: Funny Pictures, Movies |

troll 2

This is it, folks — the worst movie ever made. My friend made me watch this. She insisted it was a contagion, a disease she was compelled to spread. After seeing it, I truly understand, relate, and recommend. It’s awful! But a transcendent awfulness…you want to pass it around like milk that might be spoiled, but everyone needs to test it anyway. I’ve never laughed so much at something that isn’t even trying to be remotely comedic; it’s a travesty. I’m not surprised there are drinking games built around it, but you’ll be more than amused watching it sober. Yes, it’s that bad! But fun – you want to see it over and over again, and force other people to watch it too. Rent it on a particularly bad day: you’ll forget everything irritating in your life, and be weirdly involved in a world of badly-clad midgets; suddenly wondering if baloney sandwiches or urine could possibly be the solution… If you vote, give it a one – it truly deserves the recognition of being one of the worst movies ever.



A Full Episode Of Locked Up Abroad, Because One Day Someone Might Offer You Money To Smuggle Drugs And You’ll Look Back At This Episode And Say No

January 3, 2012 | 1 Comment » | Topics: Movies |

If you ever wondered what it was like to be locked up in a Venezuelan prison, wonder no longer, as Locked Up Abroad, takes you to the dark corners of a South American hell hole.

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Restoring your faith in Vampire movies: Let The Right One In

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let the right one in

If you perception of vampire movies has been marred by the Twilight series, let this movie be your cartharsis from the glittering vampire series. At the surface, the movie is a coming of age story of a bullied boy, who befriends a age old vampire trapped in a little girl’s body. At the core, Let The Right One In is artistic, poetic, and in many ways a very profound movie exploring the nature of good and evil. It does so through the world of a child where both pure evil and pure goodness are somewhat discernible, and it achieves an astounding array of contrasts that allow us to see that good and evil can coexist side by side. The pace of Let the Right is slow, without many exaggerations. Yet, the audience can feel the profound impact of the film within, an impact that totally transcends cheap sensory stimuli, while exerting a quiet yet POWERFUL “shake” upon people’s soul.

Part 1



MTV still has one show left that doesn’t suck all the life from your soul…MTV’s True Life

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Although you may have lost all faith in MTV, with shows like Jersey Shore, The Hills and whatever soul sucking programming they seem to conjure up nowadays, keep that tiny shred of hope alive for the fallen channel, as long as they stil continue to air True Life. An awesomely interesting documentary series that hits at the hearts of the affected youth of a nation. Here’s a full episode entitled I’m A Gamer. This one goes out to anyone who has ever put in 12 hours a day, 7 days a week trying to beat the newest and greatest game that came out that summer.


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