$100 Billion Dollars For 3 Eggs? The Inflation In Zimbabwe Is Outta Control!

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50000 dollar bill

After the collapse of the agriculture sector in Zimbabwe in 2000, the inflation in that country skyrocketed to 231 million percent a year! Just think about it – 231,000,000%! Unemployment went up to 80% and a third of country’s population left it.

million dollars worth food


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Hell On Earth: The Atrocities Committed At Japan’s Unit 731

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I have to admit that whilst I was aware that the Nazi’s carried out horrendous medical experiments on POW’s, I was not aware that the Japanese had done the same. Some of the most gruesome atrocities of World War II – medical experiments on Chinese, Russian and American prisoners – were committed in China by Japan’s infamous Unit 731. Unit 731 was first founded in 1932 in occupied China by Shiro Ishi of the Imperial Army of Japan. The Unit 731 complex covered six square kilometers and consisted of more than 150 buildings and was based in the Pingfang district of the city of Harbin in the puppet state of Manchukuo.. The design of the facilities made them hard to destroy by bombing.

Ishii’s “Secret of Secrets” was kept from thousands of employees at Unit 731. Prisoners would pass through tunnel entrances to the “death blocks” of blocks seven and eight, never to return again. The only thing guaranteed when entering either of these blocks was death and pain. The reason Ishii chose the remote location of Manchuria was in order to test specifically on live human subjects. Ishii accumulated most of his subjects from a detention camp called Hogoin in Pingfan. Russians who would not cooperate and give any information after being house at Hogoin would be sent straight to Unit 731. Though, seventy percent of the humans used were Chinese. “Unsuspecting and innocent people were also tricked into the clutches of Unit 731. Some were lured by the prospect of employment. Young boys, mothers and children, even pregnant women, were trapped”. Throughout the existence of Unit 731 in Pingfan, three thousand people were sacrificed. ” The prison was a vision of hell. Through the syphole cut in the steel doors of each cell, the plight of the chained prisoners could be seen. Some had rotting limbs, bits of bone protruding through skin blackened by necrosis. Others were sweating in high fever, writhing in agony or moaning in pain. Those who suffered from respiratory infections coughed incessantly. Some were bloated, some emaciated, and others were blistered or had open wounds. Many of the cells were communal. An infected person would be put with healthy prisoners to see how easily diseases spread. In desperation prisoners would try to practice primitive preventive medicine to escape contagion”. Female prisoners were raped daily and was almost routine among the guards. The doctors used various methods of dispersing the diseases. They could be sprayed invisibly, in gas chambers, or in food, drink, chocolates, melons, or crackers.



Dat Allergic Reaction Face!

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a gallery of pictures of people with allergic reactions

a gallery of pictures of people with allergic reactions


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F**k Everything About Meth!

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faces of meth

by s0ck

I was introduced to everything through one friend, I’ll call him Theo. Before him, I was a good kid. Straight As, never skipped school, didn’t even smoke cigarettes. He was a goth punk, started off stalking me and somehow we became best friends as a result. He was my first real friend, and in those days… he was a damn good friend. He took care of me. He cared. He was kind, generous, and just the greatest guy in the world. We started drugs at about the same time. Our first drug was LSD. Never did it often, though. Stuck with pot for years and years.

Eventually, we were introduced to meth. It started out as something we did rarely, but eventually it overtook everything. Whenever we hung out, we got high. The first three years, I was high every other week. The last two, I was high every day, except for when I would crash after being up for five days straight.

I had a job overnight stocking, and my job performance improved due to the meth. No exhaustion, no need for breaks, easily occupied with mundane tasks.

In the end, what lead me to quit was a moment of clarity. When I took a look at my situation. I used to be a straight As kid, with a future. Now I was a high school drop out, working at a dead end job where I never spoke to anyone, and at that moment I was sitting in a trailer with five other filthy guys. One was missing an eye, telling me about how he sucked dick in jail. The other was a gay man who had his relationship destroyed by meth, and he was busy picking at a sore on his forehead that had grown to the size of a half dollar. No one had bathed in days. Everyone had been up for days on end. There was a bunny that someone had caught decaying in the back room, under the bed. Where the fuck was I? What the fuck was I doing there?



Marijuana Disinformation At Its Finest

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weed disinformation

weed disinformation



Ted Bundy’s Final Interview, Hours Before His Execution

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What you are seeing in this video is the very honed and perfected manipulation technique of a psychopathic serial killer. For those unaware, the interviewer, James Dobson, is the founder of Focus on the Family, a socially conservative think tank based in Colorado Springs, who went on to use this interview to “prove” the morally degenerative effect of pronography. Ted knew this and attempted to pull at the Christian heartstring of the man. It’s blatantly obvious throughout this whole interview that he is running game with this man’s mind. Notice how he doesn’t want to talk about the underage girl he tortured raped and killed when the man brings it up. Everything Bundy is saying is a lie. He’s telling him what he wants to hear in hopes of avoiding his execution. Him being a regular, happy, and adjusted before pron is a complete lie as well. He had a very degenerate childhood and family. Ted meticulously stalked, bound, raped, cut, sliced, tortured, beat, suffocated while looking them in the eyes, killed, then fucked the corpse of these women. Don’t be fooled for a second.

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Evil Has No Boundaries: The Story Of Uday Hussein

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The only way to understand the full evil of Saddam’s regime is by living as one of Saddam’s sons. This is exactly the type of life, Latif Yahya, an iraqi soldier, had the fortunate (or unfortunate) to live. Though Saddam Hussein was hanged in 2006, details of this dictator’s reign are still coming to light up to this day.
Who was Latif Yahya? He was a school classmate of Saddam’s own soon and they had similarities in facial features. Something that the dictator’s son was going to exploit in future. Days went by and then years, they were full grown men now. Latif was serving as an officer in the Iran-Iraq war.
Things were going good for Latif until one day he was  called to Baghdad at Uday’s place. Uday then called Latif Yahya to his room and said:

“I want you to be me,” the President’s son declared, “Everywhere, always. You will be my fidai, my double.”

“You will be the son of the president under my direction. You’ll have the most beautiful life on earth. Everything that’s mine will also be yours. You’re going to be my brother.”


It seemed a bit suspicious to Latif so he politely declined the offer. Little did he know that it was not an offer but an order.

“What? You don’t want to be Uday? “ – thundered Uday.
Right at the moment, two body guards seized the former Iraqi soldier and dragged him from the room, He was blindfolded and thrown in the back of a car. What unknown location he was taken to, Latif never knew. All he remembers is that it was a psycho-torture cell, the walls were red and so was the roof. There wasn’t enough room for him to stand properly because his the roof was too low and not enough room to lie down, all he could do was sit in a squatting position and stare at the only thing he could – the red color. There was not even a bucket for waste, let alone a toilet and eventually Latif had no option but lie in his own filth. Seven days went by and then Uday arrived and said to Latif
“Latif. How are you? You’ve changed your mind haven’t you? I’ll sic my dogs on you and have your sisters raped if you refuse again.”
Latif was traumatized already, he got that how much of a sick freak Uday Hussein was, there was no option left for him and the only thing he could do was accepting the offer. It was the year 1987 and Latif had just started playing as Uday’s double.
Saddam himself had several doubles who would take his place and face death in place of Saddam himself. One had already been assasinated in 1984. These unfortunate souls were chosen usually from the Hussein family, anybody with the resemblance. Uday couldn’t find anybody resembling him until he remembered his old classmate, Latif Yahya.
Latif had to live like Uday, Eat like Uday, Talk like Uday, Walk like Uday, BE UDAY.



Put Oakland On The List Of Places You Should Never Ever Visit

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When the police are scared and won’t even do anything, that’s how you know you got to get the fuck outta there. Take it from Brentbucci:

So, I live in Oakland, on the corner of high street and San Pablo, one block from International Blvd. I can tell you firsthand that the police, local government, and even the people that live here are tolerant of behaviors and living conditions that would shock most Americans. From rampant gang violence, to regular break-ins and robberies (on average, two cars get broken into at my complex every month), the worst areas of Oakland are similar to a third world country. The irony is, within three blocks of my neighborhood in the other direction is the city of Alameda, one of the most well funded, highest income areas in the east bay.

Our Mayor should be held responsible for this. She has failed us. Crime is up 400 percent under her tenure. Our police force is corrupt, understaffed, and underfunded. Our city streets are cracked and falling apart. Our city zoning laws for derelict and destroyed houses are never enforced. Trucks constantly use our neighborhood to dump loads of trash, which creates more problems. Oakland’s leadership does not care about us. They care about attracting business to downtown. The sad truth is that the poor areas of Oakland would be better off as a separate city. At least then, we wouldn’t have to deal with the beaurocratic, corrupt, and inefficient city officials and infrastructure that is holding us back.

There are no easy solutions, however nothing is working.


Creepy Medical Images From The Past

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Masks worn by doctors during the Plague. The beaks held scented substances


Children in an iron lung before the advent of the polio vaccination. Many children lived for months in these machines, though not all survived. c. 1937


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16 Oddities Found At A Funeral

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odd things found at a funeral

odd things found at a funeral


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