A Damn Fine Collection Of Fascinating SPORTS Photos And Videos

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Welcome To Caveman’s Fight Club

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16 Year Old Kid Destroys The Worlds Biggest Bully




This One Goes Out To All The Jiu Jitsu Loving Brethren Out There

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Wrestler Challenges Jiu Jitsu Instructor at 10th Planet Decatur AL – Security Cam Footage



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Check Out Floyd Mayweather’s New $26 Million Mansion In Beverly Hills

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To celebrate both his win against Conor McGregor and his massive payout (rumored to be $300 million), Floyd Mayweather recently dropped $26 million on a 15,000-square-foot mansion in Beverly Hills.

The French Modern home has six bedrooms and 10 bathrooms and was renovated in 2015. The main house features a formal dining room with 10 sets of French doors, along with a paneled library and a family room featuring a cocktail bar with display wine cellar. The property also has guest house that includes a 20-seat screening room, gym, four-car garage, a staff suite and a pool and pool house.

The undefeated fighter, who has held more than a dozen world titles in five weight classes, has banked an estimated $800 million over the course of his career.

He owns other property in Las Vegas and the Miami area.



Top 10 Most Horrifying Wrestling Injuries Of All Time

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10. Sabu Suffers a Broken Neck by Chris Benoit – ECW November to Remember 1994

Chris Benoit was always known as a ‘stiff’ worker and that was never more evident than in 1994 when he broke the neck of Sabu. The incident took place at the 1994 ECW November to Remember when Sabu landed wrong after a suplex, breaking his neck. Sabu was paralyzed for a few moments after taking the fall, but was able to recover and make it back to the ring.



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Welcome To Caveman’s Fight Club!

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Canelo vs GGG fight stats


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Bright Idea Of The Day

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On Monday’s edition of The MMA Hour, Ronda Rousey’s head coach Edmond Tarverdyan  n said he’d be interested in seeing Ronda Rousey take on UFC featherweight champion Cris “Cyborg” Justino:

“That’s the one,” Tarverdyan said of this fight. “I want that fight. When I trained Ronda, I know Ronda could beat Cyborg. I know that. Cyborg is too slow.”

“If she wants to make a comeback and get one fight, I think she will do the best she’s ever done and I think she’ll be victorious,” Tarverdyan added. “Because I know Ronda’s personality, because she’s happy right now and she has a good challenge in front of her that she focuses on. I think whatever she wants to do right now, she can do. It’s in her mind.”

Edmond must be listed on her will because she will be absoultely murdered if she steps into the ring with Cyborg. This guy is fucking delusional.

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How The F**k Did One Jude Score The GGG/Canelo Fight 118-110?

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One word: Corruption

Thomas Hauser wrote a brilliant piece about this :

Where big fights are concerned, referees and judges receive huge officiating fees and generous travel allowances that flow directly or indirectly from the promoter. They’ve also been known to get other gratuities from promoters, including ringside tickets for family members and friends. Their assignments might come through world sanctioning organizations and state athletic commissions. But the true source of their perks is the promoter, who usually has a vested interest in the outcome of the fight.

As Lou DiBella notes, “When a judge or referee asks a promoter for another first-class ticket so he can fly to a fight with his girlfriend or wife, there’s an implied quid pro quo. Anyone who refuses to admit that is lying.”

When someone who is supposed to be a neutral official understands that he (or she) can receive something of value by ruling a particular way, it undermines the integrity of the process. Yet in some jurisdictions, major promoters even have the power to blackball referees and judges.