How Sick Was This Run By Marshawn Lynch? (GIF)

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A Boxing Primer For All Those Who Wanting To Be The Next Pacquiao

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boxing primer

Here are a few instructional videos teaching you the basics of boxing. From the jab to the cross to the uppercut to footwork. All you need to get your foot in the ring and not look like a complete idiot is provided for you in the videos below.



Paying My Respects To One Of The Greatest Boxers Of All Time, Manny Pacquiao

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If you saw the fight this past Saturday night, you saw Manny Pacquiao, who even after giving up 17 pounds, destroyed Antonio Margarito with ease and secured himself as one of the greatest pound for pound boxers of all time, who won’t back down from any challenge (hint hint Mayweather). To pay respects to this phenom, I posted a few highlights of his greatest fights.

vs Oscar De La Hoya

vs Ricki Hatton

vs Juan Manuel Marquez 2

vs David Diaz

vs Miguel Cotto

vs Joshua Clottey

vs Morales 3

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Epic Football Trick Play

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Here’s a pretty awesome video of a football team in Corpus Christi, Texas pulling off an epic trick play that leads to a touchdown and the lead in a playoff game. It gives this trick play a run for its money and if came down to it, I’m pretty sure this team could hand the Cowboys another humiliating loss.

Trick Play Touchdown – Watch more Funny Videos

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5 Football HITS That Hurt Just Watching Them

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Auburn’s Junior Rosegreen knocks Georgia’s Reggie Brown out cold

The Reggie Bush Hit

TJ Houshmenzadeh gets Jacked Up!

Texas A&M absolutely LAYS OUT Receiver

Hardest Hit Ever?

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Brett Favre Gets Hit By A Football In The Groin…Hans Moleman Would Be Proud

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This could quite possibly be the most awesome video you see this month. It’s a simple video of Brett Favre going down after someone throws a football at his groin but some Simpsons’ fan did some quick thinking editing and put it together perfectly with one of the greatest Simpsons’ moments of all time…

via Total Pro Sports

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Your Five Awesome Sports Videos Of The Week

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The Stupidest Goalkeeper Ever

Motorcycle Gets Air On Track

Best MMA Submissions Compilation

Awesome Tennis Trick Shot

Awesome Flying Tackle

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Your 5 Awesome Sports Videos Of The Week

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Angry Coach Steals First Base, Gives It To Fan

Amazing Rally Car Leapfrog

Kirk Gibson’s Home Run, Recreated In R.B.I. Baseball

U.S. Open Fight VIDEO: Fans Brawl In Stands

Floyd Mayweather’s Racist Rant Caught On Tape

Floyd Mayweather Going in on Manny Pacquiao
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