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18 Fascinating Photos Collected From History

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Props To All The Folks Out There Putting In Work And Making That Healthy Transformation

17 Prison Guards Reveal The Weirdest Things They've Seen In Prison


This One Goes Out To All My Jiu-Jitsu Loving Brethren

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They should teach all cops Jiu-Jitsu!



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A Damn Fine Collection Of Fascinating Sports Photos And Videos

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Profesional Cyclers legs


These 11 quarterbacks have the same combined contracts as these 4 recent NBA signings


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Kimbo brutally ends Tank Abbot’s evening



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A Damn Fine Collection Of Fascinating Sports Photos And Videos

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Lew Alcindor (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar) during graduation at UCLA on June 15, 1969

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US runner celebrates prematurely and is beaten by Brit in 4th of July 10K



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Tank folded him like a lawn chair 



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A Tribute To The Art Of Jiu-Jitsu

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Magid Hage’s baseball choke



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A Damn Fine Collection Of Fascinating Sports Photos And Videos

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Marshawn Lynch on how to be a RB.


LeBron and his accolades


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12 Stories To Help You Get To Know Kobe Bryant Better

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1. Robert (The USA Trainer)

The night before the first scrimmage I remember I was just watched “Casablanca” for the first time and it was about 3:30 AM. I lay in bed, slowly fading away when I hear my cell ring. It was Kobe. I nervously picked up.

“Hey, uhh Rob, I hope I’m not disturbing anything right?”

“Uhh no, what’s up Kob?”

“Just wondering if you could just help me out with some conditioning work, that’s all.”

I checked my clock. 4:15 AM.

“Yeah sure, I’ll see you in the facility in a bit.”

It took me about twenty minutes to get my gear and out of the hotel. When I arrived and opened the room to the main practice floor I saw Kobe. Alone. He was drenched in sweat as if he had just taken a swim. It wasn’t even 5AM.

We did some conditioning work for the next hour and fifteen minutes. Then we entered the weight room, where he would do a multitude of strength training exercises for the next 45 minutes. After that we parted ways and he went back to the practice floor to shoot. I went back to the hotel and crashed. Wow.

I was expected to be at the floor again at about 11 AM. I woke up feeling sleepy, drowsy, and almost pretty much every side effect of sleep deprivation. Thanks, Kobe. I had a bagel and headed to the practice facility.

This next part I remember very vividly. All the Team USA players were there, feeling good for the first scrimmage. LeBron was talking to Carmelo if I remember correctly and Coach Krzyzewski was trying to explain something to Kevin Durant. On the right side of the practice facility was Kobe by himself shooting jumpers. And this is how our next conversation went — I went over to him, patted him on the back and said, “Good work this morning.”


“Like, the conditioning. Good work.”

“Oh. Yeah, thanks Rob. I really appreciate it.”

“So when did you finish?”

“Finish what?”

“Getting your shots up. What time did you leave the facility?”

“Oh just now. I wanted 800 makes so yeah, just now.”

My jaw dropped. Mother of holy God. It was then that I realized that there’s no surprise to why he’s been as effective as he was last season. Every story about his dedication, every quote that he’s said about hard work all came together and hit me like a train. It’s no surprise to me now that he’s dunking on players ten years younger than him and it wasn’t a surprise to me earlier this year when he led the league in scoring.


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