The Phenomenon Of ‘Bud Sex’ Where Straight Men Have Sex With Other Men, But Don’t Identify As Gay

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A University of Oregon sociology doctoral student named Tony Silva recently interviewed 19 men from the M4M casual encounters section of Craigslist to ask them about their sexual habits and identities and published his findings in the journal Gender & Society. All the inteviewees identified as exclusively or mostly straight, most were over 50 (only five were under) and they all lived in rural areas of Idaho, Illinois, Missouri, Oregon and Washington known for their “social conservatism and predominant white populations.”

In his backgrounding, Silva came across several not-completely-straight terms like “dude sex” (sex between white, masculine “bros” in urban and military contexts) and “heteroflexible” (same-sex encounters of men who predominantly identify as heterosexual). But his interview also uncovered a a new term: “bud-sex”, a type of encounter that reaffirms the participants’ heterosexuality by framing their same-sex sexual activity as “helpin’ a buddy out,” relieving “urges” or having sex without sexual attraction (if that makes sense).



Texas Man Convicted Of 4th DWI Argues Blood Alcohol Limit Discriminates Against Alcoholics

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A Texas man convicted of drunk driving multiple times argued that applying the state’s blood-alcohol limit of 0.08 is discriminatory to him and other alcoholics, the Statesman reports.

Ralph Alfred Friesenhahn was convicted of drunk driving for the fourth time in 2016. His history of DWI convictions made this a felony conviction with a $1,000 fine and a four-year prison sentence. His defense during the trial, as well as during his appeal that was denied on Friday, was that alcoholics are a protected class under the Americans With Disabilities Act. 

Additionally, Friesenhahn and his lawyer claimed that the law treats alcoholics differently than other DWI defendants because alcoholics are able to function adequately at higher blood-alcohol content better than non-alcoholics, meaning that the 0.08 limit is an unfair standard for alcoholics.



Chinese Man Claims He Can Predict a Woman’s Future by Fondling Her Breasts

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An elderly man, believed to be a mystic in China, has a very strange way of telling the fortune of his clients. The unnamed Chinese clairvoyant is said to be able to tell a woman’s future by fondling her breasts.

A short footage of ‘Mr. Strange’ performing his unique fortune-telling techniques was recently uploaded and shared online. The video has since gone viral in Chinese social media and has accumulated hundreds of thousands of views, reported the Mirror.

Initially posted by a user called Xiao Yuwen on the Chinese video-sharing site Miaopai, the mysterious man is shown to be quite busy at his “craft,” cupping a client’s breasts with one hand while holding a pair of crutches on his other hand.

His stoic facial expression seems to indicate his high level of focus and concentration. The woman, while patiently awaiting the prediction, quietly rests her chin on her hand. Meanwhile, onlookers curiously watched as the master does his thing.



You Can Now Successfully Avoid Social Contact with ‘Human Uber’

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human uber

Gig economy apps like TaskRabbit, Postmates and DoorDash have made paying a stranger to go out and run errands for you increasingly easy, and now the ultimate couch potato’s dream has come true: “ChameleonMask,” (Human Uber, on Twitter), a new technology in which someone straps a screen to their face and acts as your surrogate at events.

For all you so-called introverted extroverts out there, this situation is pretty ideal.

ChameleonMask hopes to provide people with human surrogates who would interact with the real world on the customer’s behalf. To do this, each surrogate would wear a screen on their head that displays the customer’s face and plays the customer’s voice. The service would theoretically allow you to attend parties and other social functions from the comfort of your bed, achieving something known as telepresence, while you give directions to your surrogate — even so far as telling them what to wear.


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Father And 20 Year Old Daughter Face Incest Charges After Marrying And Having Baby Together

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father daughter incest

Steven Pladl, 42, of Knightdale, and Katie Pladl, 20, were arrested Jan. 27, WNCN-TV reported, citing “warrants.” They have also been charged with adultery and contributing to delinquency. The maximum sentence for the incest charge is 10 years in prison.

The child, a boy, was born in September, the station reported.

Steven Pladl was released on a $1 million bond. Katie Pladl’s bond is also $1 million but as of last week she was still being held in a North Carolina jail. They appeared in court last week.

The charges were brought in Virginia where authorities believe the relationship began.

The station reported that Pladl gave up Katie for adoption when she was an infant.

They reunited in 2016 when she tracked him down through social media.

At the time, Pladl was living outside Richmond with his wife, Katie’s mother, and their two children, girls who would have been Katie’s sisters.

Katie moved into the home, the station reported.



R&B Singer Ginuwine Is Being Labeled As ‘Transphobic’ for Refusing To Kiss A Transgender Woman On Reality Show

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Ginuwine has become the subject of debate on Twitter after he refused to kiss a trans woman on television.

In the clip above, the R&B vet is among the celebrities featured on the reality show Big Brother UK. On a recent episode, co-star India Willoughby, who identifies as a trans woman, asked Ginuwine would he date a trans woman to which he replied, no. Willoughby then tries to kiss Ginuwine and is immediately curved to the tenth power.

The clip has sparked a heated debate on Twitter over whether Ginuwine was transphobic for refusing to kiss a trans woman on live television. 

One apparent activist on Twitter called Ginuwine “transphobic,” adding that the singer “has an irrational fear of transgender women” and that “this is not rocket science.”



Shop Owner Traveled 530 Miles To Punch A Woman In The Face, Because She Left A Bad Review

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shop owner travels 500 miles to punch woman who left bad review

Business owners are very conscious when it comes to online reviews. It only takes a scathing review on social media to cast a shady reputation on a business. So it’s not surprising that this seller, who was identified as Zhang, took it very badly when a customer gave him a low rating – he took it so bad he travelled more than 500 miles just to meet and punch her! If there was a championship for overreacting, this guy most definitely would be the winner.

It all started when Xiao Li, a woman who loved shopping online, decided to order some clothes from an online shop, but later decided to write a complaint comment on the Taobao internet marketplace. The reason? Her order was delayed for four days.

Zhang, the shop owner, apparently became furious, because his ratings went down. He even threatened to murder his customer.



The Happiest Prisoner On Death Row

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Joe Arridy’s parents knew something was different about their son from a young age. Born on April 29, 1915 in Pueblo, Colorado, Joe had great difficulty in school and couldn’t understand a number of basic concepts. By the time he reached his late teens, he was admitted to Colorado State Home for Mental Defectives in Grand Junction, Colorado.

Because he had an IQ of just 46, the other boys at the mental home would often take advantage of him—and even beat him. Though they were troublemakers, he didn’t know better when he joined a few of them one day as they hopped a train that was passing by the home. They traveled for 24 hours all the way back to Pueblo.

Unfortunately, Joe would have no way of knowing about an incident that had shaken his hometown that same week. There’d been an attack on two teenage girls in their own home, in which someone raped and murdered a 15-year-old girl named Dorothy Drain with a hatchet. Her 12-year-old sister, Barbara, miraculously survived. Understandably, everyone in Pueblo was on edge, and they were hunting for the “perverted maniac” responsible. Sadly, this news didn’t bode well for Joe…

While the other boys from the mental home had returned from their train adventure, Joe ended up traveling alone all the way to Cheyenne, Wyoming—roughly 200 miles away from Pueblo. There, police found him and brought him in to Sheriff George Carroll, who suspected that Joe might be connected to the crimes in Pueblo. Following hours of interrogation, Joe ended up confessing to the attacks.


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