Man Robs Bank On First Date And Forces Woman To Be His Getaway Driver

February 26, 2020 | No Comments » | Topics: Story |

first date bank robbery

A woman was forced to rob a bank during her first date with a man she met on Tinder.

Christopher Castillo, 33, tricked a woman he met on the dating app Tinder into becoming his getaway driver as he robbed a bank on their first date. 

The woman says she picked up Chris from his parents’ house and then drove him east for 30 minutes while he drank wine in the passenger seat of her Nissan Maxima.


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Flat Earther “Mad Mike” Hughes Dies In Rocket Crash Trying To Prove Earth Is Flat

February 24, 2020 | No Comments » | Topics: Story |

mad mike hughes

“Mad Mike” Hughes, an amateur astronaut who said he wanted to prove the Earth is flat has been killed in the crash of his homemade rocket in California after attempting to launch 5,000 feet with a steam-powered homemade rocket in Barstow California. He was 64.

The stunt was part of an upcoming Science Channel series Homemade Astronauts.

A video shows the moment of the launch, where the parachute deployed too early, as the spacecraft loops downward and crashes several hundred meters from the launch site near Barstow, 110 miles northeast of Los Angeles.


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Inmate Confesses to Killing Two Child Molesters And Says He Did “Everyone a Favor”

February 24, 2020 | No Comments » | Topics: Story |

jonathan watson child molestor

A inmate accused of beating two convicted child molesters to death with a cane last month has publicly admitted to the killings, explaining his motive behind the murders and claiming that he had given prison officials plenty of advance warning that the attacks would occur.

Jonathan Watson, 41, confessed to murdering David Bobb, 48, and Graham DeLuis-Conti, 62, on January 16 at the California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and State Prison in the small Central Valley city of Corcoran in a letter to the Mercury News.

The impetus for Watson’s rage was when the inmate saw one of the convicted sex offenders watching a children’s television show.


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Mom Shares Heartbreaking Video Of Bullied Son With Dwarfism: ‘I Want Someone To Kill Me’

February 21, 2020 | No Comments » | Topics: Story |

quaden bullying

An Australian mother took to Facebook to make an impassioned plea against bullying as her son, 9-year-old Quaden, begged to die after years of abuse over his dwarfism.

Quaden’s mom, Yarrak Bayles, posted a video on social media with the message, “This is the impacts of bullying! I seriously don’t know what else to do!”

In the heart-wrenching, Quaden, who was born with achondroplasia, a genetic disorder that results in dwarfism — sobs in the family car after another child at his school taunted him about his height, she says.

“I wish I could stab myself in my heart,” Quaden, 9, says through tears. “I want someone to kill me , and get it out of me.”


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Police Office Placed On Leave After Putting Student In Chokehold

February 10, 2020 | No Comments » | Topics: Story |

police puts student in chokehold

A police officer in Arkansas has been put on leave after a video appeared to show him putting a high school student in a chokehold.

A video began circulating, showing Officer Jake Perry in an altercation with what appears to be a student at Camden High School. According to the Camden Police Department, an officer has been relieved of his duty, pending an investigation, after a video began circulating involving an officer and Camden Fairview High School student.


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Further Proof That Meth Is The Devil

January 29, 2020 | No Comments » | Topics: Story |

Shaun Weiss, who starred as hockey goalie Greg Goldberg in “The Mighty Ducks” movies, has been arrested and charged by police for burglary and for being under the influence of methamphetamine.

Weiss, 41, was arrested by Marysville, California, police after he was discovered in a car parked within a local resident’s garage at about 7 a.m Sunday morning, according to a release posted on the police department’s Facebook page.


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Islamic Terrorist Group Bans Single-Use Plastic Bags To Protect The Environment

January 28, 2020 | No Comments » | Topics: Story |

terrorist group bans plastic bags

Terrorist group al Shabaab has banned single-use plastic bags.

The Somali militant Islamist group, which has links to al Qaeda, has long had an interest in environmental issues.

It made the official announcement on Radio Andalus, which is operated by al Shabaab.

Jubaland regional leader Mohammad Abu Abdullah said the group had come to the decision due to the “serious” threat posed by plastic bags to both humans and livestock.


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45-Year-Old Convicted Sex Offender Tells Judge He Identifies as an 8-Year-Old Girl

January 21, 2020 | No Comments » | Topics: Story |

Joseph Gobrick

A Michigan pervert defended himself over a stash of kiddie porn found on his computer — claiming he identifies as an 8-year-old girl.

Joseph Gobrick, 45, put up the bizarre defense in Kent County court before he was sentenced last week to up to 20 years in prison, news station WZZM reported on Thursday.


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Mom Goes To Daughter’s School To Report Bullies, Bullies Beat Her Up Too

January 20, 2020 | No Comments » | Topics: Story |

mom beaten up by daughters bullies

A mother is recovering after she says two teenage girls brutally beat her up outside a Union City high school earlier this week.

Their 16-year-old daughter goes to school at James Logan and told them she was being bullied by a group of girls.

On Tuesday morning, Maria Guadalupe Jimenez drove to the school with her husband, Eder Rojas, and her four-month-old and 16-year-old daughters with the intent of speaking with the principal.

Instead, they say the girls met them outside and began throwing punches.


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Morbidly Obese ISIS Terrorist Dubbed ‘Jabba The Jihadi’ Arrested In Iraq

January 20, 2020 | No Comments » | Topics: Story |

jabba the jihadi

Iraqi authorities made an arrest so large they had to load it onto a flatbed truck.

An Iraqi SWAT team arrested 560-pound Islamic State preacher Abu Abdul Bari, also known as Shifa al Nima, this week in Mosul. The extremist ideologue was transported in the back of a truck.

The Iraqi government said the large jihadi is a top ISIS leader known for “provocative speeches against the security forces,” according to a statement by the Iraqi government.


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