An Intro to Inceldom

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Just before killing 10 in Toronto, Alek Minassin posted, ‘The Incel Rebellion has already begun!’

If you don’t yet know the definition of an “incel,” you were probably far from alone until a few days ago, when 25-year-old Alek Minassian allegedly drove a rental van into a crowd of people in Toronto, killing 10 and injuring at least 14 others. Recent updates report that his victims are primarily women.

What does Incel mean?

Incel means Involuntary Celibate, a person who, if you take the term literally, can’t have sex despite wanting to. In practice this goes beyond simply having sex and enters the realm of having no possibility of finding a partner, either to get validation, love, or acceptance from. Sex is mostly secondary, though just like in every group a minority of incels disagrees.


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Confessions Of A Freemason

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interview with a freemason

For those of us who don’t really know, can you summarize what the freemasons are all about?

Freemasonry is the largest fraternal organization for men who believe in a Supreme Being in the world. More or less.

Is it true that the Freemasons secretly control or maintain a portion of the real control over the United States Government?

It is true that many of founding fathers and patriots (Washington, Franklin, Hancock, Revere), US Presidents (Truman, Ford), Supreme Court Justices (Warren, Marshall) , et al are or were Freemasons, and many of the government buildings were laid Masonically. The influence is undeniable. The Boston Tea Party was carried out largely by Masons, for example. You see many facets of Masonry carried over into our system of government — one person, one vote, secret ballot, executive term limits, even the oaths of office have similarities.

But that said, Masons don’t run the world as if we were a secret cabal. It just so happens that many of our members are accomplished men, which includes politics but is hardly limited to it. Harry Houdini was a Mason. Duke Ellington was a Mason. John Glenn is a Mason.


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Why Nice Guys Should Finish Last

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nice guy syndrome

By Jodan Gray

Let’s end this whole “nice guys” myth once and for all…

The term “nice guy” has been thrown around in popular culture a lot lately.  A quote unquote “nice guy” is actually a first class manipulator.

Women don’t have an aversion to truly nice guys… they have an aversion to passive, manipulative liars (just like – surprise, surprise – all humans do!).

People respond positively to others that have a strong sense of identity, solid morals, and strong personal boundaries (all things in which “nice guys” are lacking).

Nice Guys, Jerks, And Strong-Minded Men

One of the nice guys’ favourite fall back arguments is that “Women say that they want a nice guy, but what they actually want is a jerk.”

Oh, my friend, if only it were that simple. Kidding! It’s even simpler than that.

Women don’t like being lied to. They’re also generally a lot more socially intelligent than men. Even if you think you’re being extra sneaky, your intentions have been noted by females before you’ve even fully formed your first thought.

Nice guys = passive, manipulative liars who attempt to trade niceness for intimate relationships/sex. Most men are hopelessly transparent with their intentions with women, but nice guys really take it to the next level.


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A 23 Year Old’s Genius Invention Could Rid The Ocean Of Plastic Pollution

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Slat invented a way to rid oceans of damaging plastic refuse. It sounds rather far-fetched, but when you hear more about his invention, you'll understand why his project is garnering so much support.

While most 23-year-olds are spending their time drinking, partying, and figuring out their lives, Boyan Slat is hell-bent on cleaning up the world’s oceans.

At present, plastic waste in the oceans congregate within five rotating currents, or gyres, scattered throughout the world.

Slat's plan is to place enormous floating barriers in rotating tidal locations around the globe (called gyres), and let the plastic waste naturally flow into the structure. By not using traditional nets, he avoids putting wildlife at risk. Instead, he plans to employ the use of V-shaped buffers anchored by floating booms.


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PSA Of The Day: Stay The F**K Away From Meth!

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How To Run A Drug Cartel

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Every now and then, most of us have moments when we think that the industry we are in has had its day or that the office is too riven by politics  and incompetence, and so we start to consider what line of work to do instead.

Something better paid, with a high margin of profit, offering a bit of excitement, maybe the opportunity to travel to exotic locations. Something, perhaps, like the drugs business. That line of work  has so much money sloshing around in it that they carry bundles of cash in suitcases. 

But anyone considering such a jump should first read Tom Wainwright’s Narconomics: How To Run A Drug Cartel, a guide on the economic realities of running a drugs cartel. It carries a stark reminder that your professional life can always be worse. 

Your book is advertised as a business manual for drug lords.

It is a manual for how to run a drug cartel. But as well as that, it’s a blueprint for how to defeat them.

But when you write that “there has never been a better time to run a drug cartel” it sounds quite encouraging. So, please, share some tips on becoming a successful drug lord.

First, it’s not so easy. Actually, the barriers to entry in the drug business are quite high. The key important thing you have to be prepared for is violence, which is inextricable from the drugs trade. And there is a sort of economic reason for that.

Because the business is illegal, the only way people have of enforcing contracts is violence. The contract is a crucial basis of every other business. If you agree with someone that you are going to write an article for them, and they agree they will give you $100, and then one of you fails to meet that contract, you can enforce the contract through the court system, through the justice system. When it comes to drugs, you can’t really use the courts, because the whole business is illegal. So the only way to enforce the contract in an industry like drugs is through the use of violence or at least the threat of it. It’s inextricably linked to organized crime in general. That’s one important thing.


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This Is What They Serve Students For Lunch In The US

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The Story Of A Man Who Killed Himself After Loosing 15,000 Bitcoin

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Do not take this as criticism of Bitcoin, blockchain technology, or cryptocurrency users & developers, it’s not.

There are probably other factors that led to my brother’s suicide, but he had been beating himself up over Bitcoin for the past several years to the point where he seemed constantly depressed over it and gradually became a shadow of his former happy self.

He claimed to have owned 15,000 at one point, which may have been an exaggeration. But I know for a fact that at some point around October-November 2012 he did have at least 6,000 BTC which he showed me in his wallets. He was so enthusiastic about Bitcoin and how cryptocurrencies would revolutionize the financial world. For awhile he was annoying the fuck out of our relatives about how it would make them millionaires.

I’m not sure exactly what happened to his BTC. Sometime in 2013 he claimed to have lost most of them in a hack and sold the remainder too early. He very well may have sold them all too early, but who knows.

As the price took off in late 2013-early 2014 you could tell he was distraught over it and became increasingly withdrawn from family and friends. Whenever I did manage to contact him he would sometimes end up ranting about how badly he had fucked up and how he would never have a chance to be rich again.


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