Photographer Captures Depressing Photos Of Animals Stuck In A Zoo

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These sad and captivating photos tell the story of a Zoo like so many others. German photographer Elias Hassos perfectly captures the sadness of animals living in small cages – the boredom of spending every day of their entire life in the same spot and never knowing the feeling of freedom. The photos were published in German Greenpeace Magazine together with an article on the changing concept of zoos and their necessity.

For centuries, we’ve imprisoned animals in small cages just for our entertainment. Nowadays, more and more visitors feel compassion for caged animals – behavioral scientists criticize concrete enclosures and artificial light while radical animal rights activists call for an end to “life imprisonment.”




The War On Drugs By Jeff Gomez

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This war has been going on for the past 40 years, and has proven to be a failure morally, practically, and economically. This series of 10 illustrations show various aspects or events of the war in its most recent years, and suggesting a potential solution to a very complex problem. You can view all the images and others at Jeff Gomez

The world’s largest consumer of illegal drugs is the United States. Cocaine is grown and processed in South America, and due to its illegality, the exportation and importation process is both risky and extremely profitable. A kilogram of raw coke is worth $250. By the time it reaches the United States, the retail price has grown to $107,000 for that same kilo. That is a profit margin of 1400% enjoyed by drug cartels, banks and corrupt governments. The system of prohibition put in place by Congress impedes the rights of Americans to put whatever substance they wish into their bodies, while simultaneously making billions of dollars annually. If you do not own your body, you are slave.



North Korean Defector Draws Horrifying Pictures Of Life Inside A North Korean Prison Camp

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The new report by the United Nations’ Human Rights Council is nearly 400 pages of horrifying detail about North Korea’s systematic "crimes of extermination, murder, enslavement, torture, rape and persecution on grounds of race, religion and gender." Based on interviews with hundreds of witnesses and victims, it’s dense, disturbing reading. But in case the firsthand accounts aren’t affecting enough, one former prisoner, Kim Kwang-il, who spent two years in a prison in North Korea, enlisted an illustrator to draw the torture he witnessed.

Scale, Aeroplane, Motorcycle Torture: Prisoners were made to hold uncomfortable positions for extended periods of time.


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Take This Dose Of TRUTH And Call Me In The Morning

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a gallery of photos that reveal the TRUTH

a gallery of photos that reveal the TRUTH



Modern Day Sexual Slavery Explained

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charlie chaplain

by johndoe387

A girl will be on a cruise ship or on tour package. Slavers will pay a good looking, smooth talking, polite, clean cut guy to basically be what is termed a “barker” or a “steer”.

They’ll pick out a set of girls, and they’ll work them. Find out how trusting, how naive, how street smart, how connected they are, how much money they’re worth, what is their families financial situations, how eager is this person to please someone else(ie easy to acquiesce).

Out of that pool of girls, they may pick one. They may wait.

If they pick one, they’ll work that girl, and try to seduce her or at least get her where they can talk alone and offer her a drink- they need to do this in the day or days leading up to a port of call. They’ll spike a drink with midazolam or another benzodiazapine or sedative- barbiturates are still commonly available offshore- so sometimes they’ll use those.

Another guy will come in here, he’s also on the boat. He’s someone in either security, maintenance, or planning. He takes the girl, who will be closed to passed out or even passed out. He gets her off ship and hands her off to slaver’s enforcer. The enforcer decides if he wants to buy her- based on her looks, based on the information the steer picked up, etc. The more easy to make her disappear and if she is good looking- they’ll pay anywhere from $400 for a girl all the way to $10,000. It gets split between the steer and the inside man.

If she is too high risk(has money, connections, something worries the enforcer)- they’ll give her back to the inside man and the inside man will kill her and get rid of her body. Some operations, it is expected that if the enforcer rejects a girl, he helps in getting rid of her. In addition to being a serial killer, Joran Vander Sloot was basically alternating between being a steer and being the “inside” guy- the hand off guy. I’m just giving you a frame of reference example.

From there, the enforcer is going to take a girl out in the country or to somewhere in a ghetto/shantytown/favilla. The girl will be threatened, she will be beaten, yelled at, and she will be raped. This is referred to as training. Other men, multiple men will rape her. This is her training.

She will then be given or forcibly administered sedatives, opiates, and either amphetamines or cocaine.



The TRUTH Behind Penny Auction Sites

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How do penny auctions work?

You join the site but have to purchase ‘credits’ to bid on stuff. You can bid on things only in small increments, therefore penny auctions. Often times by the time you bid on something and win it, with what you paid in credits you may as well have just bought the item new because it’s not uncommon to pay just as much if not more than the retail price for something on one of these auctions. It is possible to win an auction for very cheap, but not likely. It’s more like a form of gambling than anything.

Let’s say you’ve put an iPad up for auction with a starting price of $0.01 and somebody wants to buy it, they raise the bid to $0.02 but you charge them $0.50 for making the bid. If you only allow bids to go up one cent at a time, by the time the bidding reaches $100, you’ll have collected $1000 in bid fees before somebody actually buys the goods from you.  That means if the final bid is $100.00, there was $100 worth of bids. This is on top of the $100 the winning bidder must pay for the product. So essentially the auctioneer is getting twice the winning bid for any product. All they have to do is sell the product for at least half of what they paid for it and they make a profit.

Are they a scam?

This isn’t technically a scam, because there are some rare instances where it works out in your favor, but in the vast majority of cases you will lose money by buying things for more than you really had to pay.

Sure, you might buy an iPad for $50 but how do you get there?

Every time you raise the bit $0.01 cent, you use a bid that you purchased (let’s say that costs $0.50) and it extends the length of the auction, so the other bidders can jump in on it.

They’ve already pulled in $2500 from bid fees before they sell that iPad for $50.

The problem is that it doesn’t always stop at $50. Some people have already thrown in $100 on their bids, so they’re not going to stop – they’ve already "invested" too much money to walk away from the auction (and the system is designed to give them plenty of time to counter with a higher bid).

While, technically, you could get lucky and get something cheap, the overall system is a giant gamble that’s designed to pray on human psychology to sucker people out of money. If you win at all, you’ll probably have spent nearly as much money as you would have if you purchased it new (and there’s a significant chance you won’t win at all & you’ll end up wasting money).

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A Freemason Breaks Down Everything You Wanted To Know About Freemasons

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by mesenteric

I’m a Master Mason, a Shriner and a 32nd degree Mason.

Freemasonry is a male Fraternity which was created to help with self-improvement. The core principles are Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth and a Mason always seeks new light or education to improve with. Contrary to some beliefs and arguments, Freemasons are neither a part of the New World Order nor worship the Devil. Freemasonry adopted symbols and ideas from history, particularly from Stone Masonry, to help teach our members the important principles of living a good and honorable life.

The conspiracy and negative imagery has come from many directions including:

All furthered by the concept that Masonry keeps secrets and that a group with nothing to hide would hide nothing.

Masonry has always had secrets, sometimes due to the fact that there were and are people who have made open admittance of being a Freemason a crime punishable by death in some circumstances. Freemasons were one group that was targeted by the Nazi’s during WW2.[1] There are still areas of the world where being a Freemason is punished.[2] Furthermore there was a time when dues cards and well kept records didn’t exist and the only way to prove you were an actual Mason was to use certain handshakes and words. (Edit: This practice was adopted from Stone Masons who used certain grips to prove the level of training they had to others.) While all the past “secrets” of Freemasonry are available via the internet, some small changes have been made and these grips and words are still held private to the group as a show of respect to those that have taken the time to be initiated both past and present. There are often public installation and other public ceremonies where we welcome non members and their families to attend.


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Aldous Huxley vs George Orwell

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huxley vs orwell

huxley vs orwell