However Crappy Your Job Situation Is, Don’t Fall Into Those Multi-Level Marketing Traps!

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What is Mult-Level Marketing ?

A toy company convinces you to sell some of their toys to your friends and classmates. You get some compensation for the amount of toys you sell. Then they toy company tells you that if you can recruit your friends to sell toys too, you will get some compensation for all of the toys they sell too. And your friends can get more compensation for recruiting their friends. Which you also get compensated for for recruiting your friends. And so on, and so forth.

The Truth

You can see how this starts to look like a pyramid scheme where you get paid just for recruiting more people and those people recruit more people. And basically in all common sense of the term, multi-level marketing is just a re-branded pyramid scheme. However, the companies get away with it (pyramid schemes are very illegal) because there is a requirement of actually selling some units of whatever the product is. If you don’t ever sell anything, you don’t ever get paid.

The big problem with multi-level marketing is there is usually a high cost of entry. You are usually required to pay entry fees, purchase “training materials”, pay to go to “training seminars”. A lot have research as been done  and conclude that 99.6% of participants lose money.

MLM is a scam that’s just barely in the realm of legal. They are the modern form of a pyramid scheme.

The reason you can’t get a straight answer about it being a pyramid scheme is because it’s not technically a pyramid scheme. They also don’t want to scare you off. A legitimate business would be able to flat-out tell you it was legit & not have to make excuses.

It’s also naturally destructive to your relationships. Because you’re meant to recruit people to work underneath you, EVERYBODY YOU KNOW BECOMES A TARGET. This is unavoidable – especially if you believe in the product/service the MLM provides, like religion, you think you’re doing people a favor by offering them a great opportunity.

The reality is that most people feel ill about MLMs, but even more so; people do not like to be solicited… especially by someone they’re close to. By approaching people, it just cheapens the relationship.


“You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.”

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a gallery of pictures that show the TRUTH

a gallery of pictures that show the TRUTH



PSA Of The Day: Be Careful When Buying Or Selling Things Online

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This scam is older than the internet but you’d be surprise by how many people still fall for it everyday. This is from The Underground

So here’s the story:

I’m in debt with bills from moving out on my own, bills, credit cards. So I decide to sell my laptop in order to make ends meet. It’s a MacBook Pro. Put it on Craig’s list for 1300 OBO. And got an offer from a guy named Gordon jones Roberts. 

Saying he would pay asking price plus an additional 125$ for international shipping to Nigeria “where his son works abroad” Now take note that the guy lives in the US so I thought it was legit and I was just taking care of his Shipping to his son. (Which it’s his Brithday so I included a happy birthday card from “mummy and daddy”) which is also a scam story which I was stupid enough to believe. 

He said he sent a pay pal payment to my email ****[email protected] which I got em email saying that 1425$ was pending into my account just waiting on a tracking number to complete the process. Sent in the tracking number and it said needed a couple hours to verify. 

Got an email today saying the money bounced because the payment was sent to ****[email protected]” WITH 2 n’s! So fucking stupid…

Three things to take from this story. 1. If you’re selling anything online and the buyer mentions anything Nigeria or any other country surrounding Nigeria, it’s most likely a scam. They’ll even try to dupe you by saying they are based in the US and at the very last minute when you’re ready to ship, to send it to Nigeria. 2. If someone right off the bat wants to buy your item for the full price and will even give you a little bit extra, it’s a scam. The lure of coming up on a sale neutralizes the rational part of your brain that says this is fradulent. If something is too good to be true…it usually is. 3. This motherfuckers will send you a fradulent email that comes from Paypal saying that the money is in your account, you’ll send the item thinking the money is there and when you go to check your account, all your hopes and dreams will be squashed as you read the balance to be $0.00. Can we just nuke Nigeria off the face of this planet already?


The TRUTH Shall Set You Free

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This Is How A Discussion Between Two People With Different Beliefs Should Unfold

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No yelling, no name calling, no one trying to wage an all out jihadist war…what the hell is go on?? I thought this was the 21st century?!?!

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This One Goes Out To All The Smokers And Anyone Considering Smoking

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I am a smoker. It is not about control of your life. On the contrary.

When I first started I agreed with you. Then I started skipping family vacations because I couldn’t smoke around my parents. That was fucking cool. Then I skipped dinners because i couldn’t smoke in the restaurant. That was cool. Then I stopped playing sports. Then I bled whenever I brushed my teeth so I cut down on that. That was awesome becauase the bitches love a dude that doesn’t brush his teeth often. That’s fucking cool.

I live in a culture where its the norm to kiss on the cheek when you meet someone. I’m so cool that women wouldn’t kiss me because I stunk of an ash tray. Felt cool. Started getting wrinkles at 28. Cool again. Dick started to not work. That was awesome. Cool guys don’t care about getting boners because, like, fuck society, man.

I got invited to go on a boat. Everyone swam from the boat to the shore. Not me because I would fucking drown because my lungs are shit. Shit lungs like a fucking cool guy I guess. Sat on the deck and applied sun screen like a fucking movie star while my friends were on the beach drinking and having fun. Bunch of mainstream losers.

I don’t take more risks because I smoke cigarettes. I take fewer. But real risks are for pussies. It’s much cooler to secretly feel fear when I get chest pain because I’m afraid I might have cancer. It’s much cooler to go on WebMD trying to figure out how long I can have a chest pain before it’s time to get a chest x-ray. That’s cool, but you didn’t include WebMD in your little rundown of the benefits of being a cool worldly gentleman smoker.

I use them as a crutch because I’m such a pussy in social situations. It gives me something to do because I can’t think for myself well enough to do anything but go through the little ritual you described. So cool. When I go to airports in Europe I stand in a chamber the size of an elevator with 20 Chinese workers in jumpsuits chain smoking cheap shit. I’m different though. I’m cool. Anyone with two eyes and a brain can see that. That’s why I’m leaning like I am against this wall, and they’re just huffing away like a bunch of Chinese workers.



One Of The Greatest Howard Stern Interviews Of All Time

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Yesterday while researching Hollywood’s dark little secret that it harbors powerful pedophiles and predators, I came across an interview that Howard Stern did with Rich Cronin, the singer from 90’s boy band LFO and holy shit, what an interview! First and foremost, Rest In Peace. Rich died from his battle with Leukemia in 2010. Secondly, I’ve been a Howard Stern listener for almost 20 years and I have to say that this interview is one of the greatest interviews I’ve heard on the show and a lot of that credit goes to Rich, who is an amazing story teller. The majority of the interview focuses on Lou Pearlman, the guy who created The Backstreet Boys, Nsync, LFO and many of the other boy bands of the 90’s and whaddaya know, the guy is a creepy predator who created these boy bands to take advantages of young boys, and it gets you wondering about who are the Lou Pearlman’s of Hollywood? As you start to dig into these matters, you’ll come to the realization that on the surface Hollywood is glitz and glam, but deep in its crevices, below the casting couch, there exist a dark and dirty place, where kids are abused by powerful producers and where parents turn a blind eyed in the name of maintaining their child’s career. Is it any coincidence that so many child stars become fucked up adults??? Just something to think about. Enjoy the interview, its hilariously insightful and disgusting at the same time.



The TRUTH Is A Difficult But Necessary Pill To Swallow

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