Life Isn’t All Sunshine And Rainbows

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Auschwitz employees enjoying some free time

Relevant quote from American Gods

There are accounts that, if we open our hearts to them, will cut us too deeply. Look — here is a good man, good by his own lights and the lights of his friends: he is faithful and true to his wife, he adores and lavishes attention on his little children, he cares about his country, he does his job punctiliously, as best he can. So, efficiently and good-naturedly, he exterminates Jews: he appreciates the music that plays in the background to pacify them; he advises the Jews not to forget their identification numbers as they go into the showers — many people, he tells them, forget their numbers, and take the wrong clothes when they come out of the showers. This calms the Jews. There will be life, they assure themselves, after the showers. Our man supervises the detail taking the bodies to the ovens; and if there is anything he feels bad about, it is that he still allows the gassing of vermin to affect him. Were he a truly good man, he knows, he would feel nothing but joy as the earth is cleansed of its pests.


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How You Die In A Car Crash

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F**k Everything About This!

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I met my wife when we were in highschool and we married in college. We have 5 beautiful children together – really, I consider them a total blessing regardless of what I’m about to bring up – and up until a couple of weeks ago I thought that we had the perfect marriage. We were typical highschool sweet hearts, we go out together, we never fight, I feel like I’ve done everything a loving husband should do. I am saying this not to make myself out as the perfect husband, for example my work has always meant I work long hours and maybe haven’t always been there when she needed me, but I want to stress that I’ve never felt our marriage was in any trouble. And never in a million years would I ever have suspected my wife of being disloyal – she’s always done everything she could to support me and take care of our children.


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The Ramblings Of A Male Feminist

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male feminist

The concept of virginity was created because men are so egotistical, that they think that a penis can fundamentally change who a woman is. Meanwhile in real life our penises are pathetic when compared to the power of a vagina. Why do men say that women came from a mans rib, when it’s self explanatory that we came from a vagina. I also believe that if there was an Adam an Eve, because of history and not #herstory, Adam probably ate the apple then blamed Eve.


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Everything You Wanted To Know About Australia

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This Instagram Account Is Calling Out Preachers Who Wear Expensive Sneakers

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An Instagram account has gone viral by revealing celebrity preachers who wear expensive sneakers.

@preachersnsneakers, which now has more than 73,000 followers, spoke out in an interview with Fashionista that was published on Thursday.

The account focuses on famed megachurch preachers such as Miami preacher Rich Wilkerson Jr, who officiated Kim Kardashian and Kanye West‘s wedding, Hillsong NYC pastor Carl Lentz, who baptized Justin Beiber, and other Beiber confidants Judah Smith and Chad Veach. 

‘I started deep diving these mega-churches and I realized there’s a lot of people out here wearing like the hypest outfits, the highest resell kicks in the game,’ the account’s creator told Fashionista on condition of anonymity.


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How Drug Dealers Get Caught. As Told By A Police Officer

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(photo: @rendiansyah)

Disclaimer: We do not endore the selling or buying of drugs. This is strictly for entrainment purposes only

I am a LEO (Law Enforcement Officer) for a medium sized city (I will not provide proof, sorry everyone), we have about 80K in population. The city is a college city so half of the population is young, experimental, and stupid. Then we have the 3-4 percenters who make a comfortable wage, have a college degree, and enjoy their life. Then we have the rest of the population who are criminals, minimum wage adults supporting families, and homeless people.

The cities average income is 19K a year and we have the most meth labs per square mile than any other place in the USA.

I’m one of the believers in legalization of all drugs. Not only could we make a mountain of cash taxing all drugs, we could stop throwing in billions trying to stop them. We’d be saving and gaining, the best kind of financial decision.

I see a lot of info on the internet about dealing and I want to help you not get caught which also helps us save money.


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Confessions Of A Woman Who Just Confronted Her Childhood Abuser

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I knew he would lie. I knew he would deny deny deny. I knew he’d get angry and throw out whatever he could to hurt me. I didn’t care and I didn’t budge. It happened. I remember it all. I’m not the only one it happened to. I known the truth and I didn’t flinch, not even once.

I told my mom first. I had told her once before, but she didn’t believe me. I was 17 and I was afraid. My dad is a narcissist, screams and goes berserk if things aren’t EXACTLY how he wants them. He would pin the family against one another, we would all take turns being the one berated all day. If it wasn’t you then you best hop on the berate bandwagon or your next. The entire day you were followed around being yelled at for how you do everything wrong, and all the family would have to agree. You go up the stairs too slow, you don’t sit quietly enough on the couch, the way you speak, the way you smell, you’re not smiling anymore, everything. Spoken to like you are dirt hoping tomorrow won’t be your day again. If you fought back you were hit, shoved into whatever table or thing was near you. You guys get it. I was afraid.


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This Is Worth A Revisit: Modern Day Sexual Slavery Explained

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charlie chaplain

A girl will be on a cruise ship or on tour package. Slavers will pay a good looking, smooth talking, polite, clean cut guy to basically be what is termed a “barker” or a “steer”.

They’ll pick out a set of girls, and they’ll work them. Find out how trusting, how naive, how street smart, how connected they are, how much money they’re worth, what is their families financial situations, how eager is this person to please someone else(ie easy to acquiesce).

Out of that pool of girls, they may pick one. They may wait.

If they pick one, they’ll work that girl, and try to seduce her or at least get her where they can talk alone and offer her a drink- they need to do this in the day or days leading up to a port of call. They’ll spike a drink with midazolam or another benzodiazapine or sedative- barbiturates are still commonly available offshore- so sometimes they’ll use those.


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17 People Who Have Died And Come Back Describe Their Experiences

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(photo: @elsateng)

1. Atheist here. Bright light. I knew there were people waiting for me where the light was coming from. Over there. Absolute ecstasy was the feeling. Then I remembered I had a new born baby and was instantly back.


2. I had been very depressed for a while and decided it was time to go. I downed a shit ton of pills and washed them down with a ton of rum. While “dead” I was in a completely dark area all alone. The peace I felt in this area was amazing. I found myself talking to a mysterious voice who told me he was God. We talked for what felt like an entire lifetime. He told me my heaven was this dark secluded area where I could finally be at peace. We also talked about nearly everything that had to do with anything. He ended with telling me that I couldn’t stay because I still had business to take care of. Before I awoke he told me I couldn’t tell anyone of what we spoke about. When I woke up my body felt healthier than I have ever felt and I had this peace about me that hasn’t gone away. I feel like I can remember what we spoke about I just can’t put it in words. I equate it to trying to describe a new color to someone. Anyways I haven’t been nearly as depressed since then and I completely took control of my life for the better.


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