Testimonies From Survivors Of The Rwanda Genocide

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1. I am the only survivor of my family. I was only 19 years old when the genocide took place. My parents, three sisters and two brothers were killed in Gitarama on the 14th April.

When the killing began, my family escaped in many different directions. My two brothers and younger sister, then aged 14, escaped to Butare. Along the way my other sister and I separated from my brothers, managing to hide in a trench.

On 16th April we were discovered by some local villagers, who had joined with the interahamwe. We pleaded with them to leave us alone. We were extremely lucky, because they did just that. At around 2.00pm, still on the 16th, we naively believed that the situation must have improved. We came out of the trenches.

The killers mocked us saying: “Aha, it is the girls. Let’s go and ‘liberate’ them. We must give them something to celebrate.” They took us and another girl who was carrying a baby, to a nearby hill. We passed a roadblock where we saw that people were being killed. Right in front of us people were forced to squat on the floor and were then macheted or killed with a masu. A big truck was on standby where the bodies were piled on and taken away.

When they were tired of killing, the men came to us and ordered us to take off our clothes. They each in turn raped us. One man pleaded with the others to leave my 14 years old sister alone, saying she was only a kid. The other men laughed and said, that we were all going to be killed anyway. That we would have to chose between rape or a cruel death. They raped my 14­year­old sister. I stopped feeling my pain. I wanted to protect her, but I couldn’t. After raping us they gave us food to eat by the roadside.


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The 10 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods In America (2018 Edition)

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But using exclusive data developed by NeighborhoodScout, and based on FBI data from all local law enforcement agencies in America, we here report those specific neighborhoods in America that have the highest predicted rates of violent crime per 1,000 neighborhood residents of all. Violent crimes include murder, rape, armed robbery, and aggravated assault. These neighborhoods are the epicenters of violence in America, where social issues are likely to ignite into violence and spread

most dangerous neighborhoods in america

10. Cincinnati, OH (Central Pky / Central Ave)

1 in 15 chance of becoming a victim


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You Will Soon Be Dead

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(photo: @deskfire)

One of the hardest things to think about with sufficient seriousness and intent is the meaning of our lives. We are generally too mired in the day to day, too pressed up against immediate deadlines, to be able to gain the altitude necessary to consider the overall course we are plotting through our ever more limited years: to ask ourselves with generosity but also a little rigour and salutary impatience what we are actually trying to achieve in our careers or what kind of relationships we deep down feel we should be in.

The major obstacle to rigorous thinking is the feeling that we are immortal. We may not experience ourselves as exactly this inured to the reality of death, but in the lackadaisical way we approach the choices and hurdles before us, in the amount that we defer and evade, we are implicitly behaving as if the business of waking every new day had privately been guaranteed to us to go on forever. Why else would we fail again and again to say what needs to be said or to square up to the untenable compromises we are involved in?


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What’s It Like To Lose Everything

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I once had it all – literally what seemed to be the pinnacle of my life or so it seemed. We just purchased a beautiful new home in a great area of the city. Zero debt plus 6 figures in the bank. Cute new car. Great position at work. To the outside world, we seemed like the “it” couple. Then everything came crashing down.. fast and HARD!

Marriage dissolved almost overnight. I lasted ONE year in that brand new house. ONE. For reasons too long to list, my 14 yr relationship with what was supposed to be my “life” partner dissolved. And with it, I also lost my immediate family – goodbye brother and mother (dad croaked years ago).

SAME effin time, my work decided to let me go – AFTER dedicating 10 years of my life to them and being promoted 4–5xs. I didn’t see it coming at all. It was almost like I was blindsided. I was in the middle of a monster release, was working around the clock – so much so that my European counterparts were convinced I never slept. My developers, everyone was BLINDSIDED that THEY (VPs, CTO, etc) chose to cut me off. Me and my barely 6 figure salary. I believe I was paid about high $90k then.


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How Drug Dealers Get Caught, As Told By A Police Officer

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By Anyonymous

Disclaimer: We do not endore the selling or buying of drugs. This is strictly for entrainment purposes only

I am a LEO (Law Enforcement Officer) for a medium sized city (I will not provide proof, sorry everyone), we have about 80K in population. The city is a college city so half of the population is young, experimental, and stupid. Then we have the 3-4 percenters who make a comfortable wage, have a college degree, and enjoy their life. Then we have the rest of the population who are criminals, minimum wage adults supporting families, and homeless people.

The cities average income is 19K a year and we have the most meth labs per square mile than any other place in the USA.

I’m one of the believers in legalization of all drugs. Not only could we make a mountain of cash taxing all drugs, we could stop throwing in billions trying to stop them. We’d be saving and gaining, the best kind of financial decision.

I see a lot of info on the internet about dealing and I want to help you not get caught which also helps us save money.


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A Few Videos Showing You Why You Should NEVER Stick Your Dick In Crazy!

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Baby Mama Sets Mans Car On Fire!



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12 Former Forever-Aloners Give Valuable Advice On How To Escape The Dark Abyss Of Loneliness

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1. Keep putting yourself out there. You’re not gonna meet your future someone by sitting at home alone (unless it’s the food delivery person I guess). Even if you only have one friend (or none) who is available that day & can join you, still try to go to concerts, bars, bookstores, restaurants etc alone.

Also just because things don’t happen romantically with someone doesn’t mean cut them off. Sometimes people are meant to just be a fun friend/acquaintance and you can expand your social circle through them, and meet a romantic partner from that.


2. I was so painfully shy and insecure when I was younger. I didn’t believe anyone would see anything valuable in me. I would say don’t get caught up in thinking you’re unlovable. It’s a self fulfilling prophecy. Allow yourself to be vulnerable with people. I spent a lot of time pushing people away because I feared rejection so much.


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An Honest Obituary For A Woman Who Suffered From Opioid Addiction

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Our beloved Madelyn Ellen Linsenmeir died on Sunday, October 7. While her death was unexpected, Madelyn suffered from drug addiction, and for years we feared her addiction would claim her life. We are grateful that when she died, she was safe and she was with her family.

Maddie was born on March 31, 1988, in Burlington, Vt., where she grew up and lived on and off throughout her adult life; she also spent time in Sarasota, Fla.; Keene, N.H.; and Boulder, Colo.

Madelyn was a born performer and had a singing voice so beautiful it would stop people on the street. Whether she was onstage in a musical or around the kitchen table with her family, when she shared her voice, she shared her light. She was a member of FolKids of Vermont, a dance and musical troupe that toured the world. Maddie visited Russia and Thailand with the group and, as part of their exchange program, hosted kids from other countries at home in Vermont. She loved to ski and snowboard, and she swam on the YMCA swim team, winning medals at the New England regionals.

When she was 16, she moved with her parents from Vermont to Florida to attend a performing arts high school. Soon after she tried OxyContin for the first time at a high school party, and so began a relationship with opiates that would dominate the rest of her life.


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The Defeatist Ramblings From The Forever Alone Community

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(photo: @sashafreemind)

1. All I’ve ever wanted was just to feel what it’s like to be in love, just once.

Just once. That’s it.

All I’ve ever wanted, from the age of 16, was to fall in love with a girl who would reciprocate my feelings. I’ve wanted to feel what it would be like to rest my head on her lap while she talks about her day, to give her a loving embrace after not seeing her for a couple of days, to get butterflies in your stomach when you see her coming from a distance. To watch and laugh at shitty movies in bed one weekend, to enjoy activities that you wouldn’t normally do yourself with, to listen to a love song and see her face.

Just once I want to hear a girl I’m romantically involved with say she loves me and mean it. To help me shoulder my burdens while I shoulder hers, to be each others crutch when times are rough.

I’m 26 years old and I still haven’t experienced it. I know there are many factors as to why, but I can’t help but feel bitter that this is a normal everyday thing for most people. People get in to relationships and fall in love everyday yet here we are not having experienced even a drop of it. It makes me sad, it really does.

I even thought I accepted it, but I’m a man in his prime, its in my dna to long for companionship. I don’t know what I’m aiming at with this post, but I saw a lot of posts talking about relationships so casually and how they’ve grown from it etc, something so major and normal in people’s lives yet its an enigma to us. That is so fucking disheartening. I hope one day I meet someone, but it looks incredibly bleak.


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7 Inmates And Former Inmates Reveal What Solitary Confinement Is Like

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1. You sit in a room with nothing to do all day. 23 hours lockdown with 1 hour allowed outside in a cage alone, or you can shower, or use the phone. Some guards are really lazy and offer inmates 2 lunch or dinner trays instead of letting people out and most inmates in the solitary unit agree to the deal because they are STARVING. Normally in a normal general pop unit you eat other food along with meals because the portions are smaller than a Happy Meal. So its a sudden shock when you eat little to no food. The head of the kitchen told me that all three meals every inmate eats a day costs the Facility $0.91 TOTAL per inmate.

Some people have books if they aren’t insane and it keeps the unit quiet. But most people are banging on the doors or just plain screaming for hours. You can hear other cells in the vents and people going crazy (especially during Christmas time).

Some guys go insane. I’ve seen people purposely clog toilets to get staff in riot gear to come to their cell. But they spend about 6-10 hours covering their entire floor with soap very heavily. When the riot team tries to come in they will start throwing their feces at them and cups of pee. The floor is slippery and the riot team eats shit as they try to enter the cell with the guy in the back of the cell… They continuously spray pepper spray all over the cell which then goes all in the unit and it other cells and its really annoying.

Some guys go nuts the other way and are on suicide watch and the jail needs to pay someone to sit outside their door all day.

Its a dark dark place.


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