How To Run A Drug Cartel

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Every now and then, most of us have moments when we think that the industry we are in has had its day or that the office is too riven by politics  and incompetence, and so we start to consider what line of work to do instead.

Something better paid, with a high margin of profit, offering a bit of excitement, maybe the opportunity to travel to exotic locations. Something, perhaps, like the drugs business. That line of work  has so much money sloshing around in it that they carry bundles of cash in suitcases. 

But anyone considering such a jump should first read Tom Wainwright’s Narconomics: How To Run A Drug Cartel, a guide on the economic realities of running a drugs cartel. It carries a stark reminder that your professional life can always be worse. 

Your book is advertised as a business manual for drug lords.

It is a manual for how to run a drug cartel. But as well as that, it’s a blueprint for how to defeat them.

But when you write that “there has never been a better time to run a drug cartel” it sounds quite encouraging. So, please, share some tips on becoming a successful drug lord.

First, it’s not so easy. Actually, the barriers to entry in the drug business are quite high. The key important thing you have to be prepared for is violence, which is inextricable from the drugs trade. And there is a sort of economic reason for that.

Because the business is illegal, the only way people have of enforcing contracts is violence. The contract is a crucial basis of every other business. If you agree with someone that you are going to write an article for them, and they agree they will give you $100, and then one of you fails to meet that contract, you can enforce the contract through the court system, through the justice system. When it comes to drugs, you can’t really use the courts, because the whole business is illegal. So the only way to enforce the contract in an industry like drugs is through the use of violence or at least the threat of it. It’s inextricably linked to organized crime in general. That’s one important thing.


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Dog Meat To Be BANNED at China’s Annual Yulin Festival

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If you’re an animal lover, we probably don’t need to tell you all the gory details about the Yulin Dog Meat Festival in China. In short, the festival is held every year to mark the summer solstice, in which thousands of dogs and cats are brutally bludgeoned to death and sold for their meat. 

At its height, the Yulin Festival was said to be responsible for 10,000 to 15,000 slaughtered dogs. In 2014 that figure was reported as dropping to 2,000 to 3,000. Reliable sources put last year’s numbers under 1,000. Given the attention that this horrific festival has been given from activists and celebrities alike, it wouldn’t be far off to suggest that changing public opinion is behind this decline.

But now there is finally good news for the millions of animal lovers worldwide that have been tirelessly fighting to stop the festival for years…

According to a press release from Humane Society International, the Yulin government is set to prohibit restaurants, street vendors, and market traders from selling dog meat at the event. This is a huge milestone for animals! 


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12 People Who Survived Suicide Reveal Their Last Thoughts Before Attempting To Take Their Own Lives

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1. Tried to overdose on Oxycontin, last thoughts were immediate regret after I pushed the plunger on the syringe all the way down, all I felt was remorse and sadness that I wouldn’t be alive anymore. Woke up 20-24 hours later extremely grateful to be alive and got help with my drug addiction, now 4 year sober on 8/14.


2. I have severe depression and never knew what genuine happiness felt like until I was 17 and on meds from the hospital after my suicide attempt, it was so overwhelming I just started sobbing in the car with my mom, out of nowhere.

Anyway, I had taken a bottle of Xanax when my mom left for church, it wasn’t planned I was just at my mental breaking point and panicked, I sat in the kitchen floor and I felt an overwhelming sense of euphoria, I just kept thinking ‘it’s over. It’s over. It’s over’

I didn’t regret it until my mom found me because she turned around after realizing she left something at home, I will never forgive myself for putting her through that. I’m 24 and the memory of her crying and tell me she loved me and she was sorry still haunts me. I have a lump in my throat just typing this.


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How Drug Dealers Get Caught. As Told By A Police Officer

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By Anyonymous

Disclaimer: We do not endore the selling or buying of drugs. This is strictly for entrainment purposes only

I am a LEO (Law Enforcement Officer) for a medium sized city (I will not provide proof, sorry everyone), we have about 80K in population. The city is a college city so half of the population is young, experimental, and stupid. Then we have the 3-4 percenters who make a comfortable wage, have a college degree, and enjoy their life. Then we have the rest of the population who are criminals, minimum wage adults supporting families, and homeless people.

The cities average income is 19K a year and we have the most meth labs per square mile than any other place in the USA.

I’m one of the believers in legalization of all drugs. Not only could we make a mountain of cash taxing all drugs, we could stop throwing in billions trying to stop them. We’d be saving and gaining, the best kind of financial decision.

I see a lot of info on the internet about dealing and I want to help you not get caught which also helps us save money.


Photos Inside A Krokodil Croc House

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In Russia, efforts to stunt the flow of Afghan heroin have resulted in a diminished dope supply with higher prices. To some, this may seem like a success, but expensive heroin did not result in fewer junkies.

Instead, Russian heroin addicts are turning to Krokodil – a devastating home-made substitute so addicting users will inject it long beyond the decay of their flesh, until they literally rot to death. Nearly inconceivable, the effects of the drug are horrifying, and so many Russians are using Krokodil it can be seen as approaching a national epidemic.

Desmorphine, a synthetic with similar effects of heroin made from house-held chemicals like codeine (available over the counter in Russia), iodine, lighter fluid, gasoline, and industrial cleaning oil, is street-named Krokodil for the way it literally devours its users (like the mean crocodile). Injection sites turn flesh grey, green and scaly until gangrene skin peels away and bone is exposed; it can lead to amputated limbs.

Once users have compiled enough codeine, lighter fluid, industrial cleaning product, and iodine, the thirty-minute cooking process creates enough Krokodil for about a 90-minute high. Most addicts thus spend all their time cooking and shooting, cooking and shooting, until enough skin falls away that they die.

The life expectancy of Krokodil addicts is reported to be between one and three years. 



Confessions Of A Pimp

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What is your role in the sex trade?

Basically I help women, friends of mine, find paying customers. It’s a form of service and at the end of the day we all get paid.

So do you consider yourself a pimp?

That’s the word for it.

What is the difference between the role you play and the role a woman would play in a similar position, perhaps, for example, a woman running a brothel?

I have no clue. I have never been to a brothel and I don’t know if we have them here in [my city]. Maybe more organized. Got a more secure operation. Not much difference.

How many girls do you work with?

How many girls at one time? Five-six girls… right now I’m out of the game. I am finished with it.

How do you choose who you want to work with?

Everyone I work with I knew growing up, in [my city].  Most of the girls I work with I knew. When I first started with this… friends of mine knew this guy that wanted a bachelor party or wanted a stripper at a party. I knew a couple of girls… and, you know, these days are hard, you know, some have babies, no education, no high school no nothing like that. Money is hard to come by around here.  I said “look, I got a way you could make some money tonight, 2 or 3 hundred dollars plus some tips.” The first girl I go to says: “No, I ain’t doing that.” Second girl I go to says: “No, that ain’t for me.”  Third girl: “I ain’t doing that.” Fourth girl she got a baby and she got no food in the fridge, she is looking alright, you know what I am saying, she was down, made it happen. And that is how it started.

How I got into pimping was the same as one of these parties. One of the guys is like “How much to fuck a girl?” So, anyhow , I just pull out a number and say 400, 500 dollars  and he’s like “cool.” I run into the girl and she says $600 and she will do it. Go to the guy and he says $600. That’s how I really got into it. Like I say… prostitution. 


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23 Before & After Photos Of People Who Defeated Anorexia

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10 South Koreans Reveal What They Were Taught About North Koreans In Grade School

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1. Basically, we were taught that we have families and friends in NK and its their government that needs to be taken down. Annually, we had to draw or write wishes of becoming united Korea again and was given award for making the best writing or drawing in school. We were also taught not to waste food because NK “kkotjaebi” (orphaned homeless kids who eat off spilled foods on the market grounds) does not have the luxury to eat what we eat. We were also taught that we have to alert the police of military of any suspicious individuals who may be the NK spies.

My grandparents are from Kaesong before Korean conflict happened and majority of their family are in NK. We don’t know if any of them is alive or well, but just hope that one day we get to see them.


2. What we are taught about North Korea is heavily affected by our governments, pro NK party or anti NK party, and political situations at that moment.

When i was young, I was taught just like you. Things like how North Koreans are same ethnicity as South Koreans. More sympathizing than hating them, especially about the nk people. That was because back then, our government was run by liberal party which is more pro-NK. What I mean by pro-NK is less hostile to NK compared to the other party, not super friendly to NK like China. And pro united NK.

Then as I became a teenager, our government was run by super anti-NK conservative party. There were no more sympathzing stories about NK, but strong anti communism. It is like they almost dont want Korea to be united. They dont want kids to be too familiar with NK and get sympathetic, attached to them.

Until Korean president PGH was impeched, Korea has been pretty much Trump level anti NK. I believe younger generations would be still learnng about united Korea thing and all. But less and less people want Korea to be united, especiallly the younger ones. Young people really just dont care about NK. Its an old thing.

Nk is more of a joke rather than a serious enemy for younger people. What I mean is yeah, kids are still learning about NK but its significantly less important and less serious than it was.


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