11 People Reveal What Life Is Like Under Sharia Law

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1. I lived in Saudi Arabia most of my life. Not Saudi myself, and am a woman and left Islam. I hate that place with a passion.

I had to wear a headscarf at the age of nine, lived a segregated life style and in fear of half of the population. I was deprived of my own childhood, and the moment I started wearing a headscarf was the moment I stopped going outside to play because other kids and local imams and religious police would give me shit when they saw a girl in a headscarf at the playground or in the street rollerblading. That’s also when my depression started.

I had to have my male guardian’s permission to get an education, get a job and even get paid for my job. For my BA I wanted to major in graphic design, which wasn’t available in Saudi Arabia. I told my parents that I wanted to go study abroad where my brother was. My papers were ready for submission, but my father went ahead and got me admitted into a public university while I was prepared to study abroad. Neither my permission nor presence were needed. I was at least luckier than two of my friends whose parents didn’t allow to go to uni and forced them to marry men twice their age.



Confessions Of A 58-Year-Old Virgin

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So, when you say you’re a virgin, how do you define that? Have you engaged in any sexual acts at all?
Nothing whatsoever, with anybody. I gave a girl a kiss on the lips when I was a kid, but it wasn’t a make-out or anything. That was before adolescence; those hormones and desires hadn’t kicked in. 

The last, and the only, time you kissed a girl was nearly 50 years ago.

What was your childhood like?
My father was very abusive. He was always telling me I was useless and would never amount to anything. Once I was in my grandfather’s plane at 12,000 feet and my dad was yelling such terrible things that I tried to open the door and jump out. 

Was he like that with your mother, too?
Yes, he subjected her to physical and emotional abuse. She was a homemaker and couldn’t drive because she had a lot of neurosis. My dad was a construction supervisor and didn’t stop bossing people around when was done with work. He was in the war and, according to my grandmother, he was one of the only survivors on a ship of 250 people that blew up. She says that’s when he snapped — he had to be taken home in chains. Apparently he was a nice person before that. 

Did you have siblings?
I have a much older brother and there was a baby boy who passed away before I was born. He was crying, as infants do, and my dad made mom take the crib outside in the rain and leave him there until he stopped. My dad refused to take him to the hospital and he was dead by the time the ambulance arrived. 



How To Survive A South African Prison

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Before being sentenced you will probably be in a holding cell with some numbers. In the morning they will ask everyone to stand in a circle while the highest ranking number stands in the middle. They will recite a story making his rank official (you won’t know wtf), then they will go around asking everyone if they are a number, which you will have to prove by reciting your specific number’s story. If you are not part of the numbers, you will be “skud”, meaning they will take anything of value from you. Don’t fight it or they will kick your ass.

After sentencing and you are on your way to proper jail, in the back of the transport van they will throw something to you on the floor, money, smokes, etc and tell you to put it up your ass. If you do you will forever be a bitch mule and will be doing that every time you go to court and back, also your chances of being raped go up considerably. So don’t do it. No matter how much pressure they put on you. Even if they threaten violence, don’t do it.


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6 People Share Their Mind-Blowing Experiences While On The Psychedelic DMT

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1. The other side was like a rollercoaster ride. I had no choice but to sit back and be carried away as things unfolded in front of me. I — or, my essence, my consciousness — was just floating in space, detached from existence, not fighting anything, not trying to direct anything. It was like I was being given a spiritual tour of this parallel world. 

The first thing that I remember is the imagery. The infinitely intricate, breathtakingly complex geometric images that I saw were indescribably beautiful. One pattern after another, in split seconds, unfolded. Dozens of them. They unfolded or melted away as quickly as they appeared. Glowing rainbow colors — everything had an aura. It turned blue, green, yellow, hot pink, light orange — unfathomably beautiful. And they kept coming and coming and coming — It is simply astonishing that the mind is capable of such things. 

Then, it’s like I’m in space — pitch-black darkness, but with hundreds of glowing, rainbow stars in the background, shining beautifully. And I go past these holographic, glowing blue floors — and then I saw — them. They could be described as aliens or elves — aliens, since I had the feeling of being in outer space; elves, because of their elongated ears. They were very thin, but not emaciated — everything was proportional. Their bodies were comprised of triangular shapes, and were glowing blue, too, although they also had an aura. 


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8 Martial Arts That Will Get You Killed In Real Life

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by Richard Power

Which martial art is the best for street self defense? This question has been around since the beginning of time and is always highly debated.

Every martial art has something to offer but no martial art can stand on its own. Maybe an Aikido move will work against a drunk, untrained jerk at a bar but it won’t work against an 240lb athletic linebacker-esque attacker, generally speaking.

The main problem in a lot of traditional and exotic martial arts is that they don’t practice against real resistance but claim their techniques will work during a real life scenario. It makes little sense logically. If one never practices against real resistance, how do you know it works against real resistance?

Ultimately, it’s about the practitioner, not the actual art itself. However, if you’ve been practicing a particular ineffective art for long enough, those moves become automatic. And if the automatic moves are not effective, you’re gonna have a bad time in a real self-defense situation.

Let’s take a look at 10 martial arts that would probably get you killed in a real life self defense situation.



Artist Perfectly Captures The Flaws Of Our Society In A Series Of Illustrations

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Hopefully You Won’t Need This: A Comprehensive Guide To Prison Life

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Prison Vs. Jail

In the State of New Jersey, if you are convicted of a crime that comes with jail time, you will

either serve that time in the county jail (in the county the charges were brought up in, not necessarily your county of residence), or a State facility. The difference basically comes down to how much time you’ve been sentenced to.

Anything less than 365 days will be served in the county jail. Anything 365 days or more will be served in a State facility. A lot of times, I see people confusing “jail,” and “prison.” This is the difference (at least in NJ).


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Confessions Of A Humilatrix

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Lynch is a self-described “humiliatrix,” who makes her living primarily by selling videos that cater to a wide array of sexual fetishes — specifically, those of men who wish not only to be dominated by a woman, but also belittled, denigrated and, ultimately, destroyed. As Lynch puts it on her website (NSFW), her videos are “specifically designed to exacerbate your inexplicable urge to have a pretty girl ruin your life.”

How did you got into femdom humiliation. What exactly is it that you do?

I got started when I was 17 years old. I was online, creating little profiles on various vanilla social networking sites, nothing too kinky. Well, nothing kinky at all, actually. Then I had a guy start chatting with me. He was a big pervert, and he had all these weird fetishes. I was kind of grossed out by him, but I was also very much intrigued by him. For reasons I really didn’t understand at the time, the meaner I was to him, the more he wanted to talk to me. He really wanted me to pee on him — that was his thing, he really liked getting peed on. So one day he asked me if he could buy a bottle of my urine and I was like, “Yeah, of course.” I didn’t think it was serious. He told me that he would only pay for it if I sent it to him first. So I’m thinking, all right, this guy is full of shit, but what do I really have to lose here? I pee for free all the time. There’s a tiny chance that he pays me, let’s see what happens.

So I sent him a bottle of my piss, and a couple weeks later I get an envelope back containing $250. I was shocked and amazed and I immediately started thinking about this. This guy just found me by accident, but what would happen if I went looking for guys like this? So from there, I started doing a little research. I had heard of women selling their used panties before, and from there I found this website called Ebanned. It’s basically an auction site just like eBay, but they specialize in used panties or socks, pretty much anything a woman could harvest off her body — even crazy stuff like toenail clippings or pubic hair or tampons. I was looking at other girls’ auctions, and they were all going for pretty low, like $20. So I was thinking, maybe $70 — if someone buys my panties for 70 bucks, that would be cool. The next day they did.


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