Confessions Of A Cartel Hitman

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confessions of a cartel hitman

To us, it was just “The Office.” But it was a mansion with a huge atrium, a pool, a waterfall, a koi pond, and a staff. We had women who cleaned, cooked, and did our laundry, and old men who maintained the grounds.

The Office was in one of  Tijuana’s best neighborhoods, the equivalent of  Beverly Hills, or Sutton Place in New York. Our neighbors were judges, politicians, businessmen, and old-money families that made their fortunes a hundred years ago in gold, oil, cattle, and crops.

Of course, everyone in the neighborhood knew exactly what was going on behind the walls of the Office. They couldn’t help but see the heavily armed 24-hour security force that patrolled the grounds or the caravans of  SUVs, packed with armed men, coming and going in broad daylight. But the neighbors kept their mouths shut because we didn’t have any dealings with them. Our business was dope and murder, and our enemies were people whose business was dope and murder.

Occasionally the two worlds did collide, and we had to handle these “legitimate” people who decided to play with fire. Some of the kids in these wealthy families were fascinated by the life of a narco-terrorist and did business with us. Some did well. Others ended up melting in a barrel of acid.

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The Most Horrifying Thing You Will Ever Read: The 2011 San Fernando Massacre

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The bus of the ADO line was making its regular stop in the city of San Fernando, Tamaulipas on a destination to Reynosa. They arrived at the terminal unloading two people and boarding four, making a total of 15 passengers onboard the bus. The bus departed the terminal to follow the route; it was 8:30 in the evening of March 25, 2011. They quickly left the small village as they did not want to become victims of the criminals who operate in the city, however, that night would be the last they would fear, because they were already sitting in wait for them.

The streets in San Fernando empty at about 6 pm. The small town is a ghost town after dark, no one leaves their homes, and everyone protects themselves for fear of Los Zetas. Only the luxurious SUVs are seen travelling through the empty streets, no one wants to run into them.

The bus was just leaving the village when the driver saw a truck in the distance blocking the middle of the road and hooded men wielding AR-15s, at that moment he knew that all was over. The armed men ordered him to stop the bus; the driver was forced to stop. The men approached the bus pointing their long guns and shouting; “Open the door motherfucker, move it son of a bitch if you don’t want me to shoot you in the fucking head.” Shaking the driver opened the door of the bus, and instantly the armed men boarded the bus, one of them struck the driver on the face with his rifle while the others went inside shouting at the passengers, “You all just got fucked mother fuckers.” The passengers on board were terrified, the women were crying while the children were hugging their parents, and also crying. Everyone was in panic, they thought it was just a robbery, but it was not. 

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The Daily Man-Up

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attracting women

Why is it that women flock to some men and ignore others?  Is it because of looks, confidence, humor, enthusiasm, personality, status, etc?

Depending on the circumstances and the girl, any one of these ‘reasons’ could be the deciding factor, but that’s not what’s important.  What’s important is that these are all symptoms of something deeper, something more fundamental.  They are the outward expression of a single ‘rule’ for attracting women.

The problem with most dating advice is that it focuses on developing or exhibiting these traits and ignores the actual cause of these traits.  It focuses on ways to ‘fake it’ and get around your inability to attract women. 

Some advice involves lying or making up stories to make you seem more attractive.  Other advice involves various flavors of changing who you are to make a girl like you. 

These methods can work in the short term, but that doesn’t make them right, and in the long term, they usually leave you unhappy because you are rejecting who you really are just so you can get a girl to like you.

The key to becoming attractive is to avoid studying tricks and tactics and work on the inner cause of what makes you an attractive person.

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A Few Glorious Clips For Your Consideration

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Standard mating ritual at the University of Alabama


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Hot Instagram Girl Of The Day: Alyssa Sorto

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The Dumping Grounds

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10 Books Every Man Should Read

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Man’s Search For Meaning by Viktor Frankl

mans search for meaning by viktor e frankl

Man’s Search for Meaning is one of those rare books that can shift our core.

Frankl, a psychologist and Holocaust survivor, retells his three-year journey in Nazi death camps. He lost everyone he loved, starved nearly to death, was beaten and terrorized on a daily basis, and faced death numerous times. Yet, he lived to tell about it..

In the dark recesses of his human experience, Frankl found what he believed to be the true meaning of life. Even in the face of torture and inhumane treatment, Frankl was able to dive deep into his own psyche and come out the other side with profound insight on the meaning of life.

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