College Chicks From Tennessee Rock

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Smoking hot college Junior from Tennessee – College Humor

Alessandra Ambrosio Is Seriously Hot in a bikini – Celebrity Odor

A Tribute To Heidi Montag’s Ever Expanding Chest – Ned Hardy

Karly Ashworth suspects her ex for leaked nude photos – Nudography

Lady Gaga pranked on MTV’s Boiling Point – Drunken Ninja

Unretouched Pic of Madonna’s W Magazine Shoot Leaked – Yeeeah

Danielle Lloyd’s T!ts & Tail for Nuts Magazine – F-Listed

Coyote Found Frozen Dead In His Tracks, Literally – Knuckles United

Sammy Braddy is your hot babe of the day – Big Smudge

Carolyn Savage is an asian bombshell – Buge Hoobs

Denise Milani Naughty In The Bathroom – Pick Me Up News

Jessica Drake Is A Hot Carwash Girl – Beer Goggler

Shauna Sand’s Lunch Time Panty Shot –

This is a dog making out with a drunk girl – Guyism

Half Court Shot Prank Backfire – Next Round

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Most Embarrassing Mom. Ever.

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In the history of all the things parents do to embarrass their kids, this has to rank up their as the most embarrassing.

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These Kate Upton Photos Are Freaking Hot!

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kate upton

I am not gonna hate on Kate Upton…because she’s obviously going to be a fat chick, she’s obviously overrated, but she’s stepped up her model game and is looking fuking hot, especially when Terry Richardson shoots her for GQ, because he talked her into showing off her hard nipples, something she hasn’t done, even though most models only get to this level by getting naked, making her value increase a bit in my eyes as she’s in a see through fuking shirt, instead of being lazy about shiet, something I am sure she is used to, cuz she’s a fat chick in training….but not a fat chick yet…

All this to say, GQ did what they had to do. They took an opportunity that was sitting in a bikini in front of them and said “let’s go fuking viral with this biatch at her big titty prime”….and Kate Upton stepped up and delivered…cuz she needed to make a move…for fear of being replaced by a younger bustier retard in a bikini.

I still think she’s overrated and will be fat, more on that later, right now, I’m staring at her nipple…..

Check out the rest of the smoking hot pictures here >>

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Show Us Your Gaming Setup

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Whether Xbox is your sancturay or PS3 is your vice, everyone who visits this site more than likely has a gaming setup. Send us your gaming setup to [email protected] and we will post it for everyone to see, ridicule or be in awe of.

gaming setups

gaming setups

gaming setups

gaming setups

gaming setups

gaming setups

gaming setups

gaming setups

gaming setups

gaming setups

gaming setups

gaming setups

gaming setups

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Tony Montana Loves Him A Snowman

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How awesome is this picture?!?!

tony montana like him a snowman


Cute College Girl Lisa

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cute college girl

Here are some pics of a super cute college girl named Lisa who’s attending Oakland University.

View all of her cute and sexy pictures here

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Why He Get Fired….

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why he got fired

For the last company picnic, management decided that, due to liability issues, we could have alcohol, but only one (1) drink per person. He was fired for ordering the cups.


Cavewoman Of The Week

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kay valentine

Kay Valentine

Age: 24 Years Old
Location: London, England
Profession: Student
Status: Single

How many chicken nuggets could you eat in one sitting?

Not a big chicken nugget fan, but if I was forced to eat them I could probably handle 8 or 9, then I would have to call it a day.

What fun fact, talent, or mutant superpower of yours should guys know about?

I do kickboxing! I have an amazing back hook kick, otherwise known as “the crocodile whips his tail” because it looks just like that! So don’t mess with me!

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Skinny dipped in my neighbors pool!

What do you feel most comfortable wearing?

Booty shorts and a big tee.

What’s the most awkward sexual experience you’ve ever had?

A lady never kisses and tells.


Check out Kay Valentines Official Website :

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