Awesome Compilation Of Fails, Ownages And Hurt

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Here’s an awesome video compilation of the best fails, ownages, explosions and hurt captured on video that have surfaced over the internet over the years. Enjoy.


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9 Greatest Pro Wrestling Villains

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hollywood hogan

If I were going to make a list of the greatest fake sports in the world, professional wrestling would be #1. Now, just settle down wrestling fans, I’m not knocking it. Pro wrestlers really are great athletes, and what they do really takes skill. I’ve heard it all before, and I’m sold. All I mean by “fake” is that the actual outcome of the competition—who wins, who loses—is rigged. Besides, fake is good. If the outcomes weren’t rigged, if the matches weren’t fake, there couldn’t be really awesome pro wrestling villains (aka “heels”). And the villains are the best part about pro wrestling, if you ask me.

In fact, in honor of these great athletes, the ultimate cheeseballs of the sport, I give you this list of the 9 Greatest Pro Wrestling Villains of All Time. I think everyone can enjoy it, but if you’re a pro wrestling expert and I made some terrible error in compiling the list, please, let me know in the comments section.

Check Out The 9 Greatest Villains In Pro Wrestling Here >>


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10 Sick Arm Wrestling Accidents

September 11, 2009 | 6 Comments » | Topics: List, main |


World’s Coolest Family?

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worlds coolest family

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Awesome Lightning Storm Caught On Tape

September 11, 2009 | 1 Comment » | Topics: Awesomeness |

Holy Schizer! Here’s a crazy video of an awesome lightning storm caught on tape….

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An Immoral Pleasure Seeker

September 9, 2009 | 1 Comment » | Topics: Funny Pictures |

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Sister Busted By Brother

September 9, 2009 | No Comments » | Topics: Funny Pictures |


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Star Trek + Nine Inch Nails = Closer

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Awkward Father And Daughter Chat

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MackTrucker2000: Hey there sexy.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: Do I know you?
MackTrucker2000: Not yet but you should want to.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: Really?
MackTrucker2000: Yah
MackTrucker2000: Let’s chat.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: About what?
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: What do you want to chat about?
MackTrucker2000: Let’s talk about you
MackTrucker2000: what are you wearing right now sugar?
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: Hold on for a minute.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: ok?
MackTrucker2000: k
MackTrucker2000: What are you doing
MackTrucker2000: heloo. U still there?

Evil_Sarah_Biatch: I’m back.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: So what were we talking about?
MackTrucker2000: you were going to tell me what you were wearing.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: Not much. I’m just getting ready for bed.
MackTrucker2000: mmmmmmm. I like that.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: I’m over at my friend’s house.
MackTrucker2000: Tell me.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: Tell you what?
MackTrucker2000: tell me what you have on
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: No. You tell me what you have on.
MackTrucker2000: I’m wearing a pair of jeans and that’s all.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: Gross. Is your big fat stomach hanging over them?
MackTrucker2000: No sugar. Im very good shape. Work out every day.
MackTrucker2000: have six pack.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: Lol. Me and my friend Laura are drinking a six pack right now!
MackTrucker2000: I like that. Come on baby tell me
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: Ok. I have on a pair of underwear, and Laura’s Superman t-shirt.
MackTrucker2000: Is that all?
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: Yep.
MackTrucker2000: Is the t-shirt tight?
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: Yeah. It’s skin tight.
MackTrucker2000: no bra?
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: Nope. I never sleep in a bra.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: It’s too constricting.
MackTrucker2000: mmmmm. I like that.
MackTrucker2000: tell me more
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: You like to wear a bra to sleep?
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: That’s weird.
MackTrucker2000: lmfao. No i like that you don’t wear one.
MackTrucker2000: I want to slide my hand up your shirt.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: Really?
MackTrucker2000: mmmmmm.. yeah.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: Well maybe we should get to know each other a little bit better first.
MackTrucker2000: what for.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: What’s your name?
MackTrucker2000: Chuck
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: My name is Sarah
MackTrucker2000: Hahah. Yeah that’s what I figured
MackTrucker2000: so do you like to suck cock sarah
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: Wow. You really like to get right to it don’t you?
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: What’s your last name, Chuck?
MackTrucker2000: Why do you want it
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: I’m just trying to get to know you, that’s all
MackTrucker2000: Well I don’t want to know you that well.
MackTrucker2000: I just want to have a good time
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: Ok. Sorry.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: I didn’t mean to freak you out.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: Where are you from?
MackTrucker2000: MD
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: Really? Me too!
MackTrucker2000: No your not your from San Diego.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: How do you know that?
MackTrucker2000: cause it says it on your profile page
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: No, I just put that there to throw people off.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: You really have to be careful who you talk to on these things.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: I really live in Maryland and I’m really only 18.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: I still live at home with my Mom and Dad.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: Where in Maryland are you?
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: I’m in Baltimore.
MackTrucker2000: Im in Manchester
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: No way!
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: Get out of here!
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: I live in Manchester too!
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: I didn’t want to say Manchester because I didn’t think you would know where it is.
MackTrucker2000: Don’t lie, sugar. Lets fcuk
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: Seriously! I’m not lying.
MackTrucker2000: Ok lets talk about my big cock in your mouth
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: Wait a second.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: Let’s talk more about you.
MackTrucker2000: don’t want to talk about me
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: Gosh, you’re so secretive.
MackTrucker2000: take your panties off sugar.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: Ok.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: But first you have to tell me where in Manchester you live.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: Come on. I’ll tell you.Evil_Sarah_Biatch: Maybe we already know each other.
MackTrucker2000: doubt it.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: You’re so funny
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: My Dad calls me sugar all the time.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: I live right near Grace Bible church.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: Do you have a picture that I can see?
MackTrucker2000: check my profile
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: Oh. Ok. Hold on.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: OMG. Dad, this is Chrissy.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: It’s me, Chrissy.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: Your daughter? Duhhh. Hello?
MackTrucker2000: shut up whore. I don’t have any daughters.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: Dad, I’m serious. This is really Chrissy.
MackTrucker2000: whats your last name then
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: It’s Bolchezk, same as yours.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: Evil_Sarah is just my made up name online, Dad.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: I’m over here at Laura’s house. remember?
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: Spending the night?
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: Hello?
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: Dad, are you there?
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: You’re disgusting.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: I hate you.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: I’m going to tell Mom about this.
MackTrucker2000: quit trying to mess with me
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: Dad, I’m not kidding.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: It’s Chrissy. Our phone number is 410-374-****!
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: We live at **** Charmil Drive, right by Grace Bible Church.
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: Dad?
Evil_Sarah_Biatch: Answer me.
MackTrucker2000: <>


Geeky Girls Are Awesome

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Check out the rest of the hot Geeky Girls here >>


hot geeky girls

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