Epic Oreo Cookie

November 21, 2009 | 3 Comments » | Topics: Food |

epic oreo cookie


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Santa Spews Out His Contempt On Twitter

November 21, 2009 | 1 Comment » | Topics: Funny Pictures |

bad santa twitters

It seems the once jolly purveyor of Christmas, Santa Claus is finally fed up with all the shiet he has to deal with ever year and has taken to his Twitter to express his contempt for Christmas, kids, and life. Here’s a few choice samples of the hate spewing out of his keyboard….

Leaving carrots for my reindeer is real smart kids. The only thing that was missing from reindeer shiet was fcuking carrots.

Hey Billy from Idaho, your letter says you want a PS3. Santa just changed it to “novelty calculator from Staples”

Johnny from Kansas wants an XBOX. Aw! You deserve it after all the shietting-your-pants you’ve accomplished this year.

“You better watch out, you better not cry.” What is that, a rape anthem? Fcuking carols man.

North Pole is full of boring-ass shiet. Oh yeah. The elves can make “toys of wonder” but can’t build a couple titty-bars? Biatches.

Sarah, you’ve been good all year. Good job! Too bad your dad’s an alcoholic and your mom’s mentally checked out. Chinese-made Barbie again!

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The Bhut Jolokia Owns All

November 21, 2009 | 15 Comments » | Topics: main |

bhut jolokia

Here are 10 videos of people getting owned by the Bhut Jolokia, the hottest pepper in the world, which clocks in at over 1 million Scoville units.


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Hockey Fans Fight Over A Stick

November 20, 2009 | 1 Comment » | Topics: Sports |

Here’s a video of Anaheim Ducks’ captain, Scott Niedermayer trying to give his hockey stick to a little girl when a fight breaks out over possession of the stick

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Twisted Arms And Legs In Sports

November 19, 2009 | 5 Comments » | Topics: Sports |

sports arm and leg breaks

Here’s a compilation of arms and legs getting twisted like a pretzel in various sports. I’ll give you ample warning that this post is not for the faint of the heart.








Arm Wrestling


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16 Awesome One Dollar Bill Makeovers

November 18, 2009 | No Comments » | Topics: main |

one dollar defaced

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100 Greatest Hits Of Youtube In 4 Minutes

November 18, 2009 | 1 Comment » | Topics: Awesomeness |

Here’s a compilation video of 100 of the best Youtube videos in 4 minutes for all those time conscience people who have better things to do then watch videos online all day.

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The Hottest Hot Sauce In The World

November 18, 2009 | 3 Comments » | Topics: Food |

the source hot sauce - the hottest hot sauce in the world

Clocking in at 7.1 Million Scoville units, The Source Hot Sauce extract is undoubtedly the hottest hot sauce known to mankind. Let me put 7.1 Million Scoville units in perspective for you…

A Jalapeño Pepper – 2,500–8,000 Scoville Units

A Red Savina Habanero – 350,000–580,000 Scoville Units

Law Enforcement Grade pepper spray – 5,000,000–5,300,000 Scoville Units

Here are some reviews of the hot sauce:

Holy Lord! I added three drops to a pot of chile and it tore me a new a-hole! Seriously, I thought that I would need more than one drop, so I added three, but ohmigod! I am a great lover of crazy-hot sauces, but this stuff is ridiculous! I think you could kill someone with this!

Famous for good reason: THIS IS THE HOTTEST SHIET YOU’LL EVER COME ACROSS!!! With The Source, there is no time for comfort, just loads of madness, pain, and just plain HEAT! One tiny drop will torture your mouth and body in every way possible.

And here are a couple videos of a few brave souls injesting the the sauce directly:



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