Hot Instagram Girl Of The Day: Charity Crawford

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What I Wish I Knew When I Started Riding Motorcycles – Jalopnik

George Clooney Once Gave His 14 Best Friends $1 Million Each – Maxim

How The World Turned On Keaton Jones ( bullied kid) – Snopes

Study Reveals That After You Die, You’re Conscious Long Enough To Actually Know You’re Dead – Graveyard Shift

The Ferrari Of Nail Clippers. I bought one for every member of my family – Tweezerman

LeBron Is Still Getting Better – Five Thirty Eight

Warning: Don’t Use Probiotics Before You See This – Silence Your Cravings

Inside the ‘Star Wars’ Fake News Con That Tortured Fans for 20 Years – Thrillist

Want Proof That Patience Pays Off? Ask the Founders of This 17-Year-Old $525 Million Email Empire – INC

Iggy Azalea showing off her curves – Drunken Stepfather

The Dutch East India Company was worth $7.9 Trillion at its peak – more than 20 of the largest companies today – Visual Capitalist

Josefine Forsberg Is Hotter Than Your Girlfriend – Yes Bitch

Stanley Kubrick’s last minute alteration to the ending of ‘The Shining’ – Dangerous Minds

50+ Amazing Before & After Pics Reveal How Weight Loss Affects Your Face – Bored Panda

Florida men who dragged shark behind boat charged with animal cruelty – ABC News

An Irish citizen recently acquitted after four years of being imprisoned in Egypt says he saw dozens of cellmates become radicalized and adopt views of the Islamic State group during his brutal captivity in overcrowded jails – AP News

Emily Ratajkowski Gets Bootylicious In A Skimpy Bikini – Popoholic

Apache Helicopter kills 20 Taliban – YouTube

7 Marvel Characters That Could Beat Superman in a Fight – Grumpy Sloth

Incredible Winners of the 2017 National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year Contest – My Modern Met

If you like rumps, check this gallery out – Radass

Decriminalising Sex Work Is Better for Everyone – Big Think

10 Top Picks of 2017: Best Cars of the Year – Consumer Reports

Selena Gomez As A Blond Is More Fun – Hollywood Tuna

Top 50 Albums of 2017 – Consequence of Sound

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The Dumping Grounds

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Confessions Of A Nazi Concentration Camp Survivor

December 13, 2017 | No Comments » | Topics: TRUTH |

During the earlier years, when did you realize that the Nazi regime was going to be a very, very big problem?

Well, in 1939, when the war broke out, I was only about 10 and a half years old. I didn’t know much about politics. But in 1938, there was Kristallnacht in Germany, and… actually, we all know what happened with that, where Jewish people were not allowed to do this or that, all the Jewish shops in Germany and Austria were broken into, the breaking of the glass, the shopkeepers were pulled out, and many were beaten to death or sent to Dachau (at that time, it was just a prison)… and many Jewish homes were ransacked and they were burning Jewish temples, places of worship, many many Jewish temples in Austria were actually burned.

And it was not done by a bunch of gangs, wild…you know, hooligans. It was government-owned. Government orders. And they actually ordered to start fires in all these temples and places of worship. And firefighters stood by, guarding the houses that are NEXT to these temples, so they shouldn’t catch on fire, but the temples were burning.

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A Few Photos To Help You Scratch That Nostalgic Itch

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This Is The House I Would Buy If I Had An Extra $27.5 Million Lying Around

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With views of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, the seven bedroom home can accommodate up to 18 guests. It is also equipped with a tennis court, ice rink, movie theater access to fishing and more. Check out the listing

Situated on the edge of a private peninsula backed by Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, Sunset Ridge is encompassed with dramatic views. But the scenery isn’t the only highlight. Designed by Aspen architect Bill Poss, the home itself is equally as stunning as its surroundings. The structure, although contemporary in form, compliments its rustic setting with Douglas fir-beamed ceilings and natural limestone walls, thoughtfully finished with fixtures and furnishings from around the world. Paired with walls of glazing, its linear layout captures panoramic vistas that include reflections of the snow-capped peaks from the adjacent pond. Its seven bedrooms provide accommodations for 18, as well as two staff members. Located within the Gray Head community, the property comes with access to fishing, a tennis court, ice rink, and an in-town ski valet to accompany you to the slopes of Telluride.

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The Daily Man-Up

December 13, 2017 | No Comments » | Topics: Man-Up |

Do you ever say you’re going to do something and then “I’ll do it later” becomes never getting around to it? If you’re like most people, you do this in small ways throughout your life and while often unintentional- it comes at a surprisingly significant cost.

All of this might seem harmless done once or twice. But little things done repeatedly have a big impact on our lives. Every time you don’t honor a commitment that you’ve made to yourself or someone else, it’s a message to your subconscious mind and to the world around you that what you say can’t be trusted, that your word doesn’t mean much. It prevents you from achieving your goals and eventually causes people not to trust you or think you’re full of shit. And just as bad- you lose respect for yourself.

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Welcome To Caveman’s Fight Club!

December 13, 2017 | No Comments » | Topics: Sports |

Vasyl Lomachenko Introduces Rigondeaux to The “Matrix“ 


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