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9 Male Rape Victims Reveal Their Experiences And How It Has Affected Their Lives

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The Dumping Grounds

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9 Male Rape Victims Reveal Their Experiences And How It Has Affected Their Lives

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1. I was kidnapped by my father, and tortured, molested and sodomized for over a week while it took getting state police across multiple states to get me back. There isn’t a news report of this, I’ve already checked. The worst part, my mother never believed me, and I while I wasn’t ever too afraid to talk to people about it, I never can tell anyone how deep the pain runs.

Even when you think you are a success, no matter how many mountains you climb, or what you accomplish, it is still overshadowed by your past. When you talk to other people they have no idea how deeply the pain runs through you. What it does, the power that it carries. Even as someone who is viewed externally as being successful, I still feel like a failure at anything. I don’t want to give too much away, because i don’t want this traced back to me.

A simple, senseless act from another person, turns you into a zombie. You fake emotion to others, you fake your attitude, but what really rattles around inside of your head is something that can’t be described. Such overwhelming, crushing force that is involved with everything.

Sexuality wise, I’ve still a virgin, and I’m in my late 20s. I don’t even know who to look at, what I’m attracted to, what gender, what sexual roles, etc. I don’t have a mental construct or feeling of what love is, that side of me is very dead. I fake it that I suck at relationships when talking to others, but the truth is, I feel pain for not being a success at them, but I’m largely emotionless at the actual connection of love. I haven’t ever had anyone in my life that really had that bond with me. I’ve had mentors, sure, close friends as well. But a romantic relationship, I have no idea of what that is like.

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These Dogs Were Rescued From a Dog Meat Farm And Were Terrified Of Humans But Watch Them Learn To Love And Trust Again

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The South Korean dog meat industry is one that most of us would like to pretend doesn’t exist, but the hard truth is that it does. At this very moment, there are thousands of dogs who are awaiting their death in terrible conditions, living in utter fear of all humans.

A lucky few get rescued from this fate, but that’s just the beginning of their journey. For Robin and Kaya, it took tons of care to get them to not think humans were going to treat them like a commodity.

After failing to acclimate at a shelter, Robin and Kaya were sent to ASPCA’s Behavioral Rehabilitation Center.

There, the employees study these severe cases, and find ways to help them become happy dogs.

Kaya could hardly function…

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Dad Reactions To Seeing Their Daughters On Their Wedding Day

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Chilling Last Words From Pilots Of Crashing Planes

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Vladivostokavia Airlines, Flight 352

The plane crashed and exploded in flames in Siberian woodlands near the village of
Burdakovka, about 21 miles from Irkutsk. The aircraft crashed during the third turn in
a landing approach to Irkutsk, an intermediate stop for refueling. The first officer was
flying the plane, when at 2,600 ft., an audible alarm sounded indicating a wide angle of 
attack. Eleven seconds later the aircraft swung around 180 degrees and entered a flat
spin. The captain ordered the engines at full throttle but it was too late and 22 seconds
later the plane hit the ground, belly first, broke up and burned. Incorrect actions of the
crew. Due to poor communication between pilots, they put in the wrong parameters 
while landing causing the plane to descend at the wrong angle. As a result, the plane
stalled and entered a spin and crashed. All 145 aboard killed. 

02:07:53 CAP  … Fuck, push it up! (throttles)
02:07:53 F/O  Stop! Stop! Where! Where!
02:07:55 CAP  Stop! Stop! Stop! (said in patter)
02:07:55 NAV  This way, this way, this way.
02:07:57 CAP  We’re recovering!
02:07:58 NAV  Easy, make it easy, easy!
02:07:59 F/O  Lets to the right!
02:08:01  Audio tone of Radio-altitude alert (duration 4 sec) and audi
02:08:02 ??  Power! Add thrust!
02:08:05 ??  Power!
02:08:06 F/E  … got it!
02:08:08 ??  Add thrust!
02:08:09 F/O  Take off power! Oh my God!
02:08:10 F/E  Take off power set
02:08:11 ??  That’s all guys! Fuck!


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The Daily Man-Up

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"As I gain followers I’ve found it’s important to make sure everyone knows what I am about. People swing by my page for different reasons with different expectations and you’re all welcome. That being said please know, among my others interests and passions, first, foremost and unequivocally I am a bowhunter. I train everyday for one reason, to be the most effective bowhunter I can possibly be. Being “effective” as a bowhunter means when I head out on a hunt, from the plains to the mountains, my goal is to harvest an animal. “Harvest” means kill it with an arrow. So, yes there will be photos of dead animals on this page (from grizzly bear to bull elk), but with the death of my quarry life is sustained and just maybe souls are enriched by this powerful illustration of the circle of life? I know mine is. All the meat from the animals I kill goes to my to freezer and feeds either me, my friends, my family or is donated to a homeless shelter to feed those that need it more than me. And, their antlers, hides and skulls are displayed in my home to honor their life and memory of the hunt. If this makes me a “trophy hunter” so be it. I feel respect for the animals I hunt and I feel empowered and more “alive” than any other time in my life as I roam the country they call home with a bow in my hand and a sharp knife on my belt. If the fact that I am an ethical and merciful hunter and share in my complete journey as a hunter, including the kill and butchering of this beautifully organic harvest, bothers you please leave. If you’re here as a lifelong hunter or a new hunter who like me takes self-sufficient ownership over the death of the animals I eat, welcome."

Cameron Hanes


A Few Glorious Clips For Your Consideration

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Badass Rabbit Will Not Go Down Without A Fight!


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