This Is What It Feels Like To Be Addicted To Heroin

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People call it getting high but I think that’s one of the most misleading words associated with drugs, I always think of drugs as like going and sitting in this room where everything is alright, the rooms are different but they all serve that same purpose. Of course not when you first start, at first you want to see the room, all the cool stuff, it’s so interesting, amazing look that! Wow man, can you dig it? Yeah bro. It’s nice. Reaallly nice man, like the best everrrrrrrrr.

And that’s fuking cool. And if you just visit a few times that’s what you remember. But if you stay in the room too long you get used to it in there, how nice and warm it is. How interesting it is. How much you like everyone while you’re in there. And the more time you spend in there, the colder you notice it is outside, how the lights start to hurt your eyes and everything is a bit too garish and discordant and all that stuff people want you to do and the people themselves… well they just start to grate on you and seems now you can’t wait to get away from them, back to your cocoon. That’s all you want, more than anything, if everyone would just leave you alone and let you do that then there would be no problem, and guess what? You get your wish.

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Confessions Of A Dude With A 12″ Member

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Are you at least ugly?

Average looking I suppose.

When people ask how big it is, what would you say it resembles in size?

Its as long as a 2 litre and the thickness is somewhere between red bull can and standard 12oz can.

How big is it flaccid?

8” usually

How “long” did it take for you to realize this isn’t normal? How old were you?

In terms of noticing: 7 or 8. In terms of realizing that its like something that matters: 12.

Do your parents know?

Nope, I don’t think that they do. Dont plan on telling them either…

So does the zipper on jeans just get in the way or is peeing more of a “release the kraken”-type scenario where no zipper can hold it back?

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The Daily Man-Up: How to Start a Conversation With Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime

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(photo: @jens_johnsson)

Do you want to know how to walk up to a perfect stranger– any perfect stranger– and start a conversation?

No, unfortunately, this isn’t an infomercial for an all-in-one charm-inducing drug which may or may not have been medically tested yet.

However, the good news is there are a few basic principles which most relationship experts have found work wonders in virtually any situation and with anyone.

So, whether you’re looking for that special someone and want to know how to most effectively start up a conversation in the most unlikely of places, like the supermarket, or you’re a business professional looking to improve your social skills so you can build your network, these strategies will help you start up any conversation easier.

Here’s what it comes down to:

1. Always start with a question

Always start with a question. Why? Because a question opens up the conversation for further dialogue and shows the person you’re interested in them.

The last thing you want to do is make a statement, which may or may not result in the kind of response from the other person that leads to a natural follow-up, immediately leading to an awkward silence and missed opportunity.

A question allows you to keep this from happening by controlling the conversation and sending it in a favorable direction.

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Your Weekly Dose Of All Things Jiu-Jitsu

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A takedown and some Jiu Jitsu could have turn the tide in this scenario

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Get At This Motivation And Conquer Your Week!

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motivational quotes about success

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suicide girl eveowl

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The Dumping Grounds

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funny pictures and videos

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A Few Things Guaranteed To Make You Feel Better About Life

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life is beautiful

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Classic Car Sells 3 Times In One Auction to Help Orphaned Children

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An Alberta couple forced to sell their late son’s classic car to raise money for their orphaned grandchildren’s medical expenses received a heartwarming surprise when the community bought the vehicle at auction – then gave it back to them.

Ben and Marilyn Keryluke’s son Brent and his wife Nicole were killed in a motorcycle crash just east of Innisfail, Alta., south of Red Deer, on May 5. The young couple’s three-year-old son Liam and six-year-old daughter Arielle have been in the care of their grandparents since the accident.

Since grandparents Ben and Marilyn have been caring for the children, they are anticipating an influx of medical bills as a means of treating the kids for their hearing impairments.

In order to pay for the new expenses, the Kerylukes made the painful decision to auction off their son’s beloved 1973 Pontiac Parisienne. Brent had hoped to pass on the classic car to his son Liam on his 18th birthday.

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