What It’s Like To Get In A Prison Fight

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prison fight

A prison fight is nothing like the UFC or boxing. It’s straight-up bedlam. Anything that can happen, will happen. Locks in a sock, shanks and mop wringers are all game. You can’t get a fair fight, but you can get a square one. You just have to know the rules. And the rules vary.

The universal rule is that fighting is part of prison life. You either fight or lose everything. Heart checks are mandatory. It’s called being “on the count” and if you aren’t present, you’ll get checked into the hole by your own boys.

“Whenever you are going to do any type of fighting in a penal institution what rules you go by are determined by where you are at,” said Kevin Smith, a 47-year-old penitentiary veteran from Fort Worth, Texas who has done 10 years in federal institutions, three stints in the Texas Department of Corrections (TDC) and multiple stays in county jail for a variety of charges including meth distribution and manufacture, gun possession, conspiracy to rob a bank and assault.

The TDC is one of the more notorious prison systems in the country. They got a saying when you walk into a Texas prison, “You gotta fight, fuck or bust a 60.” The first two are self-explanatory, the third means paying someone off for protection.

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Judge Rules 30-Year-Old Must Finally Move Out Of His Parents’ House

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An unemployed 30-year-old man whose own parents sued him to evict him from the family home has denied being an “entitled” millennial while declaring he was just “trying to do what’s best for me”.

New York man Michael Rotondo made headlines after parents Mark and Christina were forced to take the drastic action against their lazy son, following repeated pleas and legal notices demanding he grow up and get out.

A judge in the Onondaga County Supreme Court this week ruled in the parents’ favour, ordering Mr Rotondo to comply with their numerous eviction notices since February this year. The self-described “businessman”, who recently lost custody of his young son, has lived at home rent-free for eight years.

“I would consider much of what they were doing to try to get me out as attacks, and I was just trying to do what’s best for me, which is trying to be bit more reasonable. I’ll leave, I don’t like living here, but I need reasonable time.

“The first notice I received, the February 2nd notice, was basically, ‘You have 14 days to leave before you’re outside in the winter.’ I made sure that wasn’t going to happen. I contacted the police department, I said is this something that could happen? And they’re like, ‘No, you just call us, they can’t do that.’”

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The Daily Man-Up

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Over the past few years, masculinity has gotten a bad rap.

We’ve been told that it’s toxic, that it’s dangerous, and that it’s a vice instead of a virtue.

Somewhere along the way, men took the hint and decided to reject mature masculine virtues in favor of a seemingly permanent adolescence.

As a result, we have an entire generation of “men” who have yet to grow up.

They live at home, rely on their parents’ income to support their lifestyles, and opt for the life of the permanent partier instead of a life of contribution.

I’ve interviewed more than 400 highly successful men from dozens of fields over the past half decade.

Over the course of these interviews, I noticed that nearly every “Great Man” has a core set of mindsets and habits that lead to massive productivity, impact, and fulfillment.

Their tactics, strategies, and approaches to masculinity might differ. But the core values remain the same.

Being a “man” isn’t determined by your age, your experience, or your accomplishments.

It’s determined by the core virtues and values that drive your life.

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There Are Some Things You Just Can’t Argue With

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funny pictures and videos

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Reaction GIFs Beeeyotch!

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When I think I’m about to witness the historic reunification of the Koreas and NK suddenly pulls out of the talks, and Trump threatens to kill their leader.


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Hot Instagram Girl Of The Day: Maria Perez

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maria perez

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The Dumping Grounds

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funny pictures and videos

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