A Damn Fine Collection Of Fascinating Photos And Videos

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Luckily this guy obviously has folks that care for him, but a shame that this has to be done to protect him.

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‘Game Of Thrones’ Fan Writes Redeeming Epilogue To The Lackluster Finale

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In the long years of his reign, King Brandon Stark was not loved by the smallfolk nearly so much as the quietude of his rule. Bran himself was a distant and near-silent king, with no taste for great celebrations or inspiring rhetoric. But when the Driftwood Queen demanded the independence of the Iron Islands in 313 AC, Bran granted it almost immediately; the expanded fleet that the Greyjoys had long laboured over had hardly left its harbours before the raven returned from King’s Landing. Dorne’s autonomy grew not with violence, but with carefully negotiated partnership, and though now Ornelia Martell is styled the Princess of Dorne, the Maesters of Oldtown would say that the lands beyond the Red Mountains are more closely entwined – through trade and goodwill – with the Five Kingdoms than ever before. It is said that, though the Seven Kingdoms became Six through the sacrifice of a million lives, the Six became Five without a single drop of spilt blood.

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Poll Of The Day

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soul sucking job vs dream job

Which job would you rather have?
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The Daily Man-Up: What Other Choice Do You Have?

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(photo: @kfred)

Think of an important goal you wish you could achieve. 

Something that really intimidates you. Something that you haven’t begun working towards because it challenges your comfort zone.

That could be…

Getting a job (or a better job). Making more friends. Getting in shape. Writing a book. Or meeting more women – both in-person and online.

So why haven’t you taken any steps to reach that goal?

Whenever you undertake a new endeavor that makes you feel vulnerable, your mind runs wild trying to talk you out of it. Your self-doubt becomes deafening and all you can think about are the worst possible scenarios.

This usually plays out in a series of hypothetical “Am I doomed?” questions. Sometimes you ask them to yourself and sometimes you reach out to me.

“Why should I even apply to this job…won’t I just be rejected?”

“What if girls don’t like me because I’m too short/overweight/ugly?”

“What if I ask her out and she says no?” 

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Asian Girls

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pretty asian IG Models

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Get At This Motivation And CONQUER Your Week!

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inspiring and motivational quotes

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Beautiful Story Of A Man Saving A Homeless Dog From Near Death – Ned Hardy

The Young Saudi Virgin Risking It All To Have Skype Sex With Disabled Men – Mel Magazine

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Emily Ratajkowski Poses Nude To Punish ‘Old White Men’ For Alabama Abortion Law – Daily Wire

Florida man arrested for playing basketball naked. Claims it increases his “skill level” – CBS

Female politician proposes law to fine men $100 for masturbating as ‘act against an unborn child’ – Independent

Wikipedia Is Now Banned in China in All Languages – TIME

Super easy to build and install kit that allows you to play 5,500 retro video games – Amazon

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Inside the Secret Cities That Created the Atomic Bomb – City Lab

A Brief Tour Of Selena Gomez’s Hottest Bikini Pics – Egotastic

Guy Who Blew $4,000 Lowering His Car Is Demanding His Town Pay Because He Can’t Drive Over Speed Bumps to Get to Work – Jalopnik

Here’s what it’s like to live at Everest base camp – National Geographic

Kate Mara & Ellen Page lesbian scene (nsfw) – Phun

Law Graduate Claims She’s Too Attractive To Get A Job – Lad Bible

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Sage Northcutt Gets Knocked Out In 29 seconds At ONE Championship Debut – Deadspin

Musk says Tesla will be out of money in 10 months without ‘hardcore’ changes – The Verge

Minimalism on the Path to Financial Independence – Becoming Minimalist

4 Colorado teenagers are accused of killing an 18-year-old about to graduate high school over vape juice – Denver Post

Thinking about starting a business? Ask these 4 questions first – Ideas

Robert Pattinson Is Set To Replace Ben Affleck as the Next Batman – Maxim

You can travel through the Canadian Rockies in a glass-domed train, and it’s one of the world’s most scenic journeys – Insider

The 35 Greatest Speeches in History – The Art Of Manliness

How do you turn kids into bookworms? All 10 children’s laureates share their tips – The Guardian

24 Things to Know Before You Go to Lima – Roads And Kingdoms

The Real Reason Fans Hate the Last Season of Game of Thrones – Scientific American

Check out Anna Kournikova’s Spread For Russian Cosmopolitan – Sports Gossip

To Do What You Really Want to Do, You Need to Befriend your Inner Critic – Tiny Buddha

Emily Ratajkowski, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Other Random Women – G-Celeb

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Caveman Approved Products Of The Week

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This Ultra-Slim Wallet Prevents Credit Card Scanning Theft

serman brands RFID travel wallet

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The Dumping Grounds

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funny memes and funny pictures

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BJJ Black Belt Steps In To Protect Dog From Abusive Owner

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bjj black belt protects dog from abusive owner

A man and his wife witness an individual chasing and beating a dog. When they stop to see what is going on they find the man drunk and irate already interacting with other concerned citizens. When the man’s wife tells the individual the dog needs a leash, he becomes more irate and moves in an aggressive manner towards her. The husband steps in between them and asks the man to back away. The man then lunges toward the husband, throwing a strike towards his face. Unfortunately for the individual the women’s husband is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt and retired pro fighter Dennis Davidson. The fight immediately goes to the ground where the drunk man is subdued until the police arrive.

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