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A Damn Fine Collection Of Fascinating Sports Photos And Videos

Fascinating Photos Collected From History

Patrick Kilonzo Mwalua water trucks for animals
This Man Drives Hours Every Day To Provide Water To Thirsty Wild Animals In Drought

25 Things Foreigners Admire About Americans

Hot Instagram Babe Of The Day: Shelby Chesnes

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shelby chesnes

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Awesome Stuff Around The Internet

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The Dumping Grounds

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funny pictures and videos of the day

funny pictures and videos of the day

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Another Dose Of Hotness To Help Ease You Through Monday

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joanne mckay

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Confessions Of A Former North Korean Citizen

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How/when did you get out? 

I fleed from North Korea when I was 17, in 2006, by crossing the North Korean-China border with my mom and younger sister, with the help and under the arrangement of middlemen.

How easy was it to travel from Pyongyang to the border of China? Is it difficult? It seems like a fair amount of distance to travel when you are not in favor of the regime.

Not very difficult. No road block and no tracing, simply not exciting as you might think so. The distance is not very fair away and the travel only take 2 days.

Would you say most people in North Korea have an idea of what life outside of the country is? Were you able to pick up South Korean radio signals or use uncensored internet?

No, I never able to pick up South Korean radio signals or use uncensored internet. For common North Korean we nearly had no access to the information of what life outside of the country is life, save as those taught in school and in the media controlled by the party. 

What does the population get taught about the outside world growing up?

We had little contact with the outside world in North Korea. We were taught that other countries are full of bad things such as oppression and crimes and pollution. We were taught that the imperialist United States and the South Korea were seeking all the chance to attack and occupy North Korea.

Are people in N. Korea really as brainwashed as they seem or do they just act like that to avoid problems?

We are taught to follow and not to question the official doctrines since kindergarten. I would say brainwashed may be not the most appropriate adjective and there was nothing to wash in the very beginning when we were growing up. However, I think just like in all other societies, there were someone who have rebellious mentallity whilst there were also a lot just follow the social norm. The only difference may be that for those who have rebellious mentallity, they might be forced to act in accordance with social norms just like that to avoid problems and for the majority others we were indoctrinated to act as the others.

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A Damn Fine Collection Of Fascinating Photos

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Bionic Model Rebekah Marine (Instagram)


Chinese doctors bowing down to a 11 year old boy diagnosed with brain cancer who managed to save several lives by donating his organs to the hospital he was being treated in shortly before his death.

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Another High School Teacher Accused Of Having Sex With 2 Students

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A 28-year-old high school teacher in Austin, Texas was arrested this week and charged with two counts of improper relationship between educator and student.

A 17-year-old student told police he had sex with high school math teacher Haeli Wey 10 times in August and September, the Austin American-Statesman reports.  

The teacher allegedly first met the student during a summer ministry program described by the Daily Mail as a “Christian training program.” Later she even went with the boy and his family on a trip to Africa. 

That student put an end to the fling with Wey after finding out that she was having a thing with another 17-year-old Westlake High School student. Wey is accused of kissing the second boy in a hammock during a hike they went on over the summer. 

Texas has a specific law that makes it a felony for a teacher to have a sexual relationship with a student, regardless of the student’s age. Wey is facing up to 20 years in prison if she’s found guilty. 


Where the hell were all these nympho teachers when I was growing up?!?? That kid is a little bitch for snitching on the teacher. If he was a real homie, he’d pass that shit around.


Relevant: The 18 Hottest Teachers Caught Having Sex With Their Students


Hot Instagram Babe Of The Day: Fay

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fay suicide girl

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