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And not a single fu*k was given that day

hot babes
Cats taking selfies...nuff said

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A damn fine collection of fascinating photos

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The stuff they don't teach you in school

hot babes
The Mecca Of Ignorance

I Think I Found Everyone’s Next Vacation Destination: Universal Orlando’s Simpsons Heaven!

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What's heroin like?

It's like having the worst girlfriend ever, who you are madly in love with but who treats you like shit, makes you sell your car and house and furniture and even your high school yearbook that your crush from 10th grade signed and told you that you were cute. She's told you to stop talking to anyone you've ever cared about, they don't want to talk to you while you're still dating her anyways. You sell your clothes so she can go out and buy new ones. You eat ramen every meal so she ca eat at the best restaurant in town. In the morning you think about her and in the evening you think about her and when you go to take a crap but you can't because you're constipated you're reminded of her. You wake up and if she's not in bed with you you get the chills, your eyes water, you have diarrhea, you sneeze, your muscles ache, you have anxiety, you have depression, you don't want to eat because food isn't appealing even though your stomach is rumbling, you don't particularly want to drink but you're dehydrated so you force yourself to drink some water, and during all this your skin is crawling as if it was dirty covered in goose-bumps from who knows where and you wish you were still asleep so you could at least pretend she was still in the bed with you. But you're awake now. So you get out of bed, and you go find her. Maybe today you won't have to do something that compromises your morals to find out where she's gone, but really you don't even care, as long as there is a way. You walk an hour and forty five minutes to get on the bus. You travel for another 45 minutes on public transportation. You get off at the train station in the bad part of town. All the while you have to shit so bad but you know once you find her that will be solved. You're hungry but dont want to eat, once you find her you can eat. You feel dirty and sad and anxious but once you find her she'll bathe you and make you happy and calm. But right now your walking through the ghetto. You walk another 20 minutes. Maybe it's cold and raining, if so you are so so so cold. Maybe it's hotter than hell and that just makes you feel dirtier. You find a guy that knows where she is. He says he'll go get her and bring her to you. And the cops pass you as you're talking to him and they have to know what's up. What's someone like you doing in this part of town? So the 10 minute wait for her to come back to you accompanied by the guy who could give two shits about you as long as you bring him money seems like an eternity. Maybe he'll run off with her and your money. Maybe she wont be looking so hot today, maybe she won't be herself. Maybe he'll come back with a woman you don't know and don't want to meet but now your money is gone and you're broke and sick and a good few hours away before you can get some more money and the world might as well be over in your opinion. But your girlfriend comes back, he brings her, and she gives you a kiss on the cheek. Then you go home, to your mattress and your overdue rent and the lack of food and the piled up bills and the same clothes you've been wearing for three days and your parents that have called but you never answer and your friends that invite you out but you never go, but you're home and she's there with you. Eventually you go to bed. But she's never there the next morning, and you know she won't be, and you wish someone invented a way to pause time, or go back in time, to that first time you met her, the first couple months when you guys hung out, before she made you sell everything to be with her, but you can't and you're fucked. And you know it.

- notthecolorblue

Ain’t This The TRUTH

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dinner out

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Awesome Links Of The Day

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Lucy Meck

Annnnnd I think I’m in love with Lucy Mecklenburgh – Drunken Stepfather

Meanwhile In ‘Murica (23 Pics) – Ned Hardy

The 20 Hottest Mugshots Of All Time – Knowd

50 Traits of a Confident Man – The Dating Specialist

Keychain gun can fire bullets at 300mph (10 Photos) – The Brigade

6 Spectacularly Bad Ideas Movies Convinced You Are Badass – Linkiest

Paulina Gretzky Is Good At Halloween – Celeb Jihad

Jennifer Lopez has an intimidating crotch – Celeb Slam

This hottie can serve me champagne any day – Double Viking

40 Awesome Girls That Like Star Wars – Bro My God

15 Beach Babes To Celebrate Warm Weather – Regretful Morning

Katy Perry Sweat…Der Puppies! – G-Celeb

Three Full Rounds of a Mortal Kombat Fight…in Flip Book Form – Unreality Mag

She’s Uncoachable: Kristen Nicole Makes Us Beg – Uncoached

Girl on Girl: Jessica Vaugn Has a Hot Roomie! Meet Yasmine Soofi! – The Smoking Jacket

Top 10 Best Dressed at The Glamour Women of the Year Awards 2013 – Moe Jackson

35 Awesome Examples Of Vadering – Super Booyah

A Shocklingly Good Fan-Made Legend of Zelda Movie – Modern Man

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The Dumping Grounds

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funny pictures and videos of the day

funny pictures and videos of the day

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Why You Should Learn to Walk Away

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walking away

by Nick Notas

I’ve made many romantic connections with women. I’ve also lost many of those connections. I’ve met girls who weren’t into me sexually and gotten rejected in various ways. I’ve even had a date ask me if it was cool to get another guy’s number while we were out for drinks.

All of these experiences have helped me grow. But almost nothing has contributed to my self-esteem and success like the times where I was the one who walked away from girls that I knew weren’t right. Think about this for a second…

When’s the last time you chose to willingly end a connection with a girl you were attracted to?

For most, that answer is rare or even never. And it all starts with our male ego.

Needless Pride and the Win-Lose Mindset: Scarcity Mentality

Many men have fragile egos when it comes to women. I’m not judging, my pride used to get the best of me, too. I couldn’t handle the reality of being rejected or losing a girl — it was one of my worst fears. I lived with a scarcity mentality.

Scarcity mentality is the belief that there’s a limited number of opportunities in your life. With women, if you miss out on a single chance, you’ll never get another like it. What happens is that you view your connections as win or lose situations. It’s black or white:

“If I don’t get this girl, I’m a failure and a loser. I’ll be alone forever. But if I do, I’m a real man and a winner.”

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22 People Who Made Terrible Choices When It Came To Dressing Themselves This Morning

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poorly dressed people

poorly dressed people

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Danielle Lo Is Absolutely Beautiful (29 Pics)

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danielle lo


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Game of Thrones Characters As Cats!

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game of thrones as cats

game of thrones as cats

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