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fascinating historical photos
22 Fascinating Photos Collected From History

A Few Photos To Remind You That Life Is Beautiful

12 Women Reveal What The Perfect Penis Size Is For Them

Reaction GIFs Up In This Beeyotch Yo!

August 7, 2015 | 3 Comments » | Topics: Funny Pictures, GIFs |

When I see my crush getting with someone else at a party


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The Type Of Girl That Makes You Forget How To Talk

August 7, 2015 | 2 Comments » | Topics: Compilation |

pretty girls

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Awesome Stuff Around The Internet

August 6, 2015 | No Comments » | Topics: Links |

25 Women Who Deserve the Sexiest Woman Alive Title

25 Women Who Deserve the Sexiest Woman Alive Title – Scribol

Homeless Dog Found On The Road Undergoes Amazing Change Through The Love Of Kind Strangers – Ned Hardy

Lets Burn Some Bras And Celebrate – Bro My God

Hot Girl Cosplay Picdump – Linkiest

The World’s Most Expensive Alcohol – Radass

Turkish bride and groom feed 4,000 refugees on their wedding day – SomeeCards

Beyonce is smoking hawt in a swimsuit! – Drunken Stepfather

Alina Boyko Is New, And A Supernova Of Hotness In A Bikini – Popohlic

Iron Dome Intercepts 15 Qassam Rockets At Once (video) – Leenks

Dog Chained Up For A Decade Has The Sweetest Reaction To Being Set Free – The Dodo

Beyonce’s Busty Cleavage in NYC – G-Celeb

The World’s Highest Paid Actors of 2015 – Sneak Hype

Ashley Greene’s hot bikini scene in a Staten Island Summer – Celeb Odor (nsfw)

Botched Surgery Allegedly Left Man With Deformed Penis – Newser

Offensive Hand Gestures from Around the World – Ranker

The Hottest Charlotte Mckinney Pics – Classy Bro

The Internet Killed Meek Mill, Not Drake – Medium

44 Cute Girls in Sports Bras – Regretful Morning

7 Overlooked ‘80s Toys Worth More Than You Think – Mental Floss

These people prove that you are never too old to have fun (38 Photos) – Bad Sentinel

Ruby Rose is on vacation – Celeb Slam

Gavin Rossdale’s Gay Ex-Lover Alleges Gavin Still in the Closet – The Blemish

The 20 Funniest Coupons Of All Time – World Wide Interweb

User submited Hotel Horror Stories – Hotel Nightmares

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The Dumping Grounds

August 6, 2015 | No Comments » | Topics: The Dumping Grounds |

funny pictures and videos of the day

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A Hodgepodge Of Hotness To Help Ease You Through The Day

August 6, 2015 | No Comments » | Topics: Compilation |

hodgepodge of hotness

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The 10 Unhealthiest Chain Restaurant Meals You Can Order in America

August 6, 2015 | 12 Comments » | Topics: Food |

Cheesecake Factory’s Bistro Shrimp Pasta

Description: Crispy Battered Shrimp, Fresh Mushrooms, Tomato and Arugula Tossed with Spaghettini and a Basil-Garlic-Lemon Cream Sauce.
Damage: 3,120 calories, 89 grams of saturated fat ,and 1,090 mg of sodium.

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10 Answers To Questions You Always Wondered About

August 6, 2015 | No Comments » | Topics: Interesting |

70 Years ago the US dropped atomic bombs on Japan. How did the US justify this use of force?

This is the casualty estimate for an invasion of mainland Japan. Those are just our casualties…Based on the Battle of Okinawa, the Japanese military casualties would have been about 20% higher, and the civilian casualties would have been 2 to 3 times as high.

The most telling statement in that passage is this: “Nearly 500,000 Purple Heart medals (awarded for combat casualties) were manufactured in anticipation of the casualties resulting from the invasion of Japan; the number exceeded that of all American military casualties of the 65 years following the end of World War II, including the Korean and Vietnam Wars. In 2003, there were still 120,000 of these Purple Heart medals in stock.[60] There were so many left that combat units in Iraq and Afghanistan were able to keep Purple Hearts on hand for immediate award to soldiers wounded in the field.”

People can argue all day about the predicted numbers but the logistics experts make their decisions based on reality and their data showed they needed 500,000 purple hearts. Thats an incredible number of expected casualties.

Compare that to the top estimates for the casualties for both bombs: 246,000.

It was horrific, but clearly the right thing to do.


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36 Guys Who Used Their Expert Photoshop Skills To Get Hot Girlfriends

August 6, 2015 | No Comments » | Topics: Funny Pictures |

guys with photoshop girlfriends

photoshopped girlfriends

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