The Dumping Grounds

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16 Soldiers Who Fought In Afghanistan Reveal Their Preconceptions That Turned Out To Be Completely Wrong

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1. That Afghanistan was an actual country. It’s only so on a map; the people (in some of the more rural places, at least) have no concept of Afghanistan.

We were in a village in northern Kandahar province, talking to some people who of course had no idea who we were or why we were there. This was in 2004; not only had they not heard about 9/11, they hadn’t heard Americans had come over. Talking to them further, they hadn’t heard about that one time the Russians were in Afghanistan either.

We then asked if they knew where the city of Kandahar was, which is a rather large and important city some 30 miles to the south. They’d heard of it, but no one had ever been there, and they didn’t know when it was.

For them, there was no Afghanistan. The concept just didn’t exist.

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The Hot Baristas Of Bikini Beans Espresso

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Feed Your Brain With These Fascinating Facts

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A guy from Sweden rode his bicycle to Nepal, climbed Everest alone without Sherpas or bottled oxygen, then cycled back to Sweden again. (source)

For his 1996 ascent, Kropp left Stockholm on October 16, 1995, on a specially-designed bicycle with 108 kg (240 lb) of gear and food. He traveled 8,000 miles on the bicycle and arrived at Everest Base Camp in April 1996. Following a meeting of all of the Everest expeditions on the mountain at the time, it was agreed that Kropp would attempt to summit first. On May 3, Kropp climbed through thigh-deep snow and reached a point 300 feet from the summit. However, he decided to turn around because it was too late in the day and if he continued, he would be descending in the dark. While Kropp recovered from the ordeal at base camp, the 1996 Everest Disaster unfolded. He helped bring medicine up the mountain. Three weeks later, on May 23, he again tackled the mountain, this time successfully summitting without extra oxygen support. He then cycled part of the way back home.[2] He returned to Everest in 1999 with his girlfriend Renata Chlumska to undertake a cleanup, during which they removed 25 discarded canisters from the mountain. They also successfully summited together.

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The First Installment Of Caveman’s Fight Club Series

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There Are Some Things You Just Can’t Argue With

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Hot Instagram Babe Of The Day: Kairechu

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Awesome Stuff Around The Internet

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