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Every Successful Person Has Learned This Important Lesson

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by Mancredible

It was another day in the office and Jeff was sitting in his desk chair, staring at the lifeless, gray walls which defined“his” space. Jeff hated his job and was generally frustrated with life because he was a slacker and he knew it.

There was the time that he wanted to run a marathon. He bought a new pair of running shoes and a running book, but only showed up to run for a couple of weeks before quitting.

There was the time he wanted to build his own website. He read all about it for months and researched everything. He even put up his own site, but after a couple of weeks, he quit when nobody visited the site.

There was a similar pattern. Jeff would get excited about something and get off to a quick start, but when he didn’t see results, he quickly became discouraged and gave up. After giving up, he would fall back into old habits and life was the same for Jeff day in and day out, year in and year out.  And now here he was, bored and frustrated.

It was on this day that Jeff was sent back in time.

He couldn’t tell what had happened, but out of nowhere he found himself in the middle of an ancient construction site.  He looked all around trying to get his bearings when he saw it: the Roman Colosseum being built before his very eyes. He thought to himself, “What the hell is going on here?”

Jeff explored the construction site in amazement and came across a man who appeared to be a stonecutter. He was about Jeff’s size with a large hammer, standing next to an even larger rock. As Jeff passed the man, with one great blow, the stonecutter split the giant rock in two.

Jeff thought to himself, “Wow, what a man!  I can’t believe he cut that rock with one hit!”

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This Story Will Reduce Any Grown Man To Tears…Family Gives Dying Pit Bull The Vacation Of His Lifetime

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This is a photo series I shot back in August in Assateague, Maryland. My boyfriend Christian, and I took our three pups on an overnight stay at the beach. We dedicated the trip to our 11 year old American Staffordshire Terrier, Dyuki (Mr. Dukes). He was in his final stages of Grade III mast cell cancer at the time. His most favorite activity was swimming in our family pool, but until then, he had never seen the ocean. It was a very special trip for us, and I’m so grateful we were able to make it happen. He passed away a month later, but he put up one hell of a fight—almost two years. 

The drive to Assateague is about 3 hours, and we were being blasted with sunlight pretty much the entire time. But the moment we pulled up to the ocean, the clouds quickly rolled in, and it started to drizzle. Who cares though? We love the rain!

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quote of the day

On a bus one day.....

.....a man was sitting next to a woman who was trying to breast-feed her child. The child however refuses to suck on the breast.

Being frustrated, the mother threatens the child, "If you don't suck on, I will give it to the man next to us!" The child still refuses to oblige. After about 10 minutes of failed effort to get her child to breastfeed, the woman threatens her child again.

Finally the man clears his throat and says, "Look here woman, you better make up your mind. I was supposed to get off 6 stops ago!"

Growing Up Sucks…25 Moments That Were Amazing As A Kid But Mostly Suck As An Adult

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Eating at McDonald’s


Going to Disneyland

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There Are Some Things You Just Can’t Argue With

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funny pictures that are just too true

funny pictures that are just too true

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Hot Babe Of The Day: Liz Katz

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liz katz

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Awesome Stuff Around The Internet

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 36 Things Our Parents Used To Do That Would Get Them Arrested Today – Linkiest

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Lauren Stoner Bikini Photos in Miami – G-Celeb

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Blogger, who chronicled her child’s illness, poisoned him for years with salt while he was hospitalized – Newser

 LA’s New Parking Signs Are Brilliant and Every City Should Copy Them – Gizmodo

The Best of Tumblr Butts (32 Pics) – Regretful Morning

Damn, I think this bikini is illegal in 20 states! – Double Viking

Republican ‘Abstinence Only’ crusader’s daughter is pregnant – Daily KOS

Welcome Spring with Girls in Skirts and Shorts – Gunaxin 

It’s All About The Underbun (20 Pics) – The Rackup

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The Dumping Grounds

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funny pictures and videos of the day

funny pictures and videos of the day

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