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Oh Walmart, You Never Cease To Amaze Me!

March 26, 2014 | 8 Comments » | Topics: Funny Pictures |

funny pictures of walmart

funny pictures of walmart

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Rant Of The Day: Never, EVER, Co-sign A Loan

March 26, 2014 | 5 Comments » | Topics: TRUTH |

Probably preaching to the choir here, but:

About 10 years ago my best friend called me up. He’d graduated from an expensive private school with ~$100k in student loan debt, and had been admitted to law school at the same place. Turned out he was having a wee bit of trouble financing it. He wanted to know if I’d co-sign on a law school loan or two.

At the time, I didn’t even know what that meant (I got through college with no debt, thank the Old Gods). Called up my dad who strenuously advised me to under NO circumstances co-sign on anyone else’s loan, ever. So I told my buddy sorry, but no.

Unfortunately, our friendship was never the same after that. I’m sure he resented me for not being a true bud and signing. But somehow or other he managed to get financing for God knows how many more tens of thousands in loans for law school.

Fast forward 10 years. Found out recently that, like many with law degrees in the current economy, his income hasn’t kept pace with his loans, and he’s defaulted on his student loans and the debt collectors are pounding on his door, taking his car, garnishing wages, taking out liens, etc.

And if I had agreed to co-sign those years ago, those debt collectors would be coming after me.



Who Knew You Could Learn So Much About Life From Watching Adventure Time

March 26, 2014 | No Comments » | Topics: Life |

a collection of inspiring quotes from Adventure Time

a collection of inspiring quotes from Adventure Time

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quote of the day

On a bus one day.....

.....a man was sitting next to a woman who was trying to breast-feed her child. The child however refuses to suck on the breast.

Being frustrated, the mother threatens the child, "If you don't suck on, I will give it to the man next to us!" The child still refuses to oblige. After about 10 minutes of failed effort to get her child to breastfeed, the woman threatens her child again.

Finally the man clears his throat and says, "Look here woman, you better make up your mind. I was supposed to get off 6 stops ago!"

Awesome Stuff Around The Internet

March 25, 2014 | No Comments » | Topics: main |

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The Dumping Grounds

March 25, 2014 | No Comments » | Topics: The Dumping Grounds |

funny pictures and videos of the day

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Help Preserve The “Seattle Sound” At London Bridge Studio

March 25, 2014 | 1 Comment » | Topics: main |

The long-beloved, globally-adored “Seattle Sound” is made up of many elements, and one of the most noteworthy is in how music is recorded at London Bridge Studio.

World-changing, monumentally successful, and scene-defining recordings from Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, Temple Of The Dog, Mother Love Bone, Blind Melon, Candlebox, and 3 Doors Down were created in the warm, analog cavern of Seattle’s London Bridge Studio. More recent bands include Fleet Foxes, Minus the Bear, Death Cab for Cutie, Mary Lambert, Cat Power, Brandi Carlile, One Republic , and so many other artists. The idea of a studio as a collaborative instrument is proven by London Bridge Studio’s track record, with help from its vaulted ceilings, an expansive floor to ceiling brick wall the width of the room — and above all, the classic and extremely rare 1973 Neve 8048 Mixing Board.

The rich essence of globally adored music from London Bridge Studio has everything to do with the Neve. Over 2500 hours and several laborers were dedicated to hand-wiring and fabricating the Neve Mixing Board, built in a way that is deemed too expensive in this digital age. Now the Neve needs to be completely refurbished to be accessible to the music community for another 40 years.

The Neve has been responsible in helping to make history with releases such as Soundgarden’s GRAMMY-winning Louder Than Love, Pearl Jam’s multi-platinum debut Ten, and countless influential recordings that account for a total of over 25 million records sold. It has been in use nearly every day since its installation in 1985. Repairs are costly and have become more frequent.

London Bridge Studio owners Eric Lilavois, Geoff Ott, and Jonathan Plum, have seriously weighed and discussed fervently their options for the Neve; the studio needs some help in keeping its big heart beating.

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A Post Dedicated To The Majestic Nature Of Pizza

March 25, 2014 | 2 Comments » | Topics: Food |

a gallery of pictures dedicated to pizza

a gallery of pictures dedicated to pizza

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Hell On Earth: The Atrocities Committed At Japan’s Unit 731

March 25, 2014 | 24 Comments » | Topics: WTF |

I have to admit that whilst I was aware that the Nazi’s carried out horrendous medical experiments on POW’s, I was not aware that the Japanese had done the same. Some of the most gruesome atrocities of World War II – medical experiments on Chinese, Russian and American prisoners – were committed in China by Japan’s infamous Unit 731. Unit 731 was first founded in 1932 in occupied China by Shiro Ishi of the Imperial Army of Japan. The Unit 731 complex covered six square kilometers and consisted of more than 150 buildings and was based in the Pingfang district of the city of Harbin in the puppet state of Manchukuo.. The design of the facilities made them hard to destroy by bombing.

Ishii’s “Secret of Secrets” was kept from thousands of employees at Unit 731. Prisoners would pass through tunnel entrances to the “death blocks” of blocks seven and eight, never to return again. The only thing guaranteed when entering either of these blocks was death and pain. The reason Ishii chose the remote location of Manchuria was in order to test specifically on live human subjects. Ishii accumulated most of his subjects from a detention camp called Hogoin in Pingfan. Russians who would not cooperate and give any information after being house at Hogoin would be sent straight to Unit 731. Though, seventy percent of the humans used were Chinese. “Unsuspecting and innocent people were also tricked into the clutches of Unit 731. Some were lured by the prospect of employment. Young boys, mothers and children, even pregnant women, were trapped”. Throughout the existence of Unit 731 in Pingfan, three thousand people were sacrificed. ” The prison was a vision of hell. Through the syphole cut in the steel doors of each cell, the plight of the chained prisoners could be seen. Some had rotting limbs, bits of bone protruding through skin blackened by necrosis. Others were sweating in high fever, writhing in agony or moaning in pain. Those who suffered from respiratory infections coughed incessantly. Some were bloated, some emaciated, and others were blistered or had open wounds. Many of the cells were communal. An infected person would be put with healthy prisoners to see how easily diseases spread. In desperation prisoners would try to practice primitive preventive medicine to escape contagion”. Female prisoners were raped daily and was almost routine among the guards. The doctors used various methods of dispersing the diseases. They could be sprayed invisibly, in gas chambers, or in food, drink, chocolates, melons, or crackers.

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