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Feed Your Brain With These Fascinating Facts

4 First Hand Accounts Of Different Life Experiences

19 Working Class People Share What They Wish The Upper Class Could Understand

A Heavy Metal Dose Of AWESOME To Help You Celebrate Friday

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awesome pictures

awesome pictures

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The Type Of Girl That Makes You Forget How To Talk

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pretty girls

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Awesome Stuff Around The Internet

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quote of the day

I get that it's boring to give the MVP to the same guy year after year, but LeBron is - without a doubt - the best andmost valuable player to any team.

Look at the Cavs before, during, after, then during LeBron again. Lottery team to perennial playoff contender back to lottery team and back again. All because one guy wasn't there anymore.

You could put LeBron on the absolute worst team in the league every year and he would get them to the playoffs. That's what he does, that's who he is. The Most Valuable Player to any team in the NBA.

When Mozgov forgot how to play basketball this year, LeBron carried the weight. When Love forgot to show up for the Finals, LeBron carried him too. The man is an absolute freak of nature, a basketball savant, and a one-of-a-kind talent that we'll probably never see again, like Jordan or Magic or Wilt.

I'm not ready to declare him GOAT (despite my obvious bias) because Jordan was a goddamn machine out there. You wouldn't see Jordan wearing a frog-tea hat or talking shit about the "haters" on social media, Jordan would shut them up on the court then blow $50k in five minutes on the blackjack table while banging your girlfriend in front of you.That's who Jordan was - an animal, an absolutely ice-cold killing machine - and LeBron isn't that same guy. LeBron is nice, he wants to be friends with his competitors off-court, and that's fine too.

Kobe was Jordan Lite. LeBron isn't anything Lite, he's LeBron Raymone James, and he is now and always will be the best player to ever don the Cleveland Cavalier uniform.

And for that, and this title, he's my unanimous MVP.

- OpticalDelusions 



The Dumping Grounds

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funny pictures and videos of the day

funny pictures and videos of the day

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3 First Hand Accounts Of Different Life Experiences

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What does it feel like to be an old man knowing that death is imminent?

I am in my 80s. To be this age is largely luck. To be this age and reasonably healthy with peace of mind is even luckier. To be this age, be healthy, and not lonely makes one feel so lucky that you want to gulp the moments down like a drowning man reaching air. I have been in five car crashes without being hurt (none were my fault). During the war as a child, I experienced several bombs falling within close range and where people within yards of myself were killed or injured. Numerous other such incidents sometimes gives one a sense of invulnerability, and other times that the next incident won’t be so lucky.

I regret much but also realize that having regrets meant that I had opportunities to regret; I was lucky to have those opportunities. There is a desire to leave one’s mark; graffiti on the wall of time; an apt engraving on a tombstone or small plaque on a park bench. The gifts of inheritance that will be gratefully accepted, and carry the essence of one’s past. The slogan ‘I was here’ seems as important as always, but much more in the sense of ‘I hope I deserve it’ rather than ‘And now you know.’

Much thought is sometimes given to organ donations, with an underlying feeling of ‘Please God keep me healthy and I will give my body to science in return.’ Though living on as a kidney transplant is more of an altruistic gesture than a religious one.

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Hot Babes Galore!

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hot babes

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Feed Your Brain With These Fascinating Facts

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OJ Simpson hosted a pay-per-view prank show called Juice. In one of the skits, he works as a used car salesman selling a White Bronco with bullet holes in which he promotes the car’s “escapability”. 


At the time of WW1, the King of Britain, Russia, and Germany were all first cousins. When asked about WW1, Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany sarcastically remarked, “If my grandmother (Queen Victoria) had been alive, she would never have allowed it.” 

Tsar Nicholas and Kaiser Wilhelm were actually quite close. In a series of famous wartime telegrams they referred to each other with childhood nicknames: Nicky and Willy. https://wwi.lib.byu.edu/index.php/The_Willy-Nicky_Telegrams

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There Are Some Things You Just Can’t Argue With

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funny pictures that are just too true

funny pictures that are just too true

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