This One Goes Out To All The Latina Lovers

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The Dumping Grounds

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Confessions Of A Man Who Lived Through Stalin’s Communist Dictatorship

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How did Russians generally feel about Stalin during the time? Was support mostly fear based, or did propaganda play a bigger role?

He was supported by fear because any indication of disagreement with his line would lead to exile in the best case and to execution in the worst.

I’ve always wondered how omnipresent the state surveillance apparatus was. Was there such a thing as a normal daily life or could you feel the state breathing down your neck at all times? Could you afford to be more relaxed outside of urban centres or was it just impossible to avoid?

It was impossible to avoid, but people tried to ignore it because any appearance of fear would only increase their suspicion. This doesn’t mean that every single person was followed, but the possibility of it was enough to terrorize the population. It was more intense in towns and cities than in villages.

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A Damn Fine Collection Of Fascinating Photos And Videos

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This Woman Makes Prosthetic Pinkies for Ex-Yakuza Members (article)

Yubitsume, also referred to as “yubi o tobasu” (meaning “finger flying”), is a ritual from yakuza tradition that is performed when grovelling in apology just isn’t enough. If a yakuza were to dishonor himself or his superiors, he is required to cut off the tip of his left pinky finger and offer it up as an apology to the offended party. And if a yakuza continues to screw up, it might not stop at one pinky tip, continuing in losing more joints and more fingers.Yubitsume usually involves a specific ritual. The offending yakuza spreads out a clean cloth and lays his hand palm-down on it. With a short sharp knife (often a tanto), he then cuts off his pinky tip at the first knuckle. The knuckle is then wrapped in the cloth like a nice “package” and delivered to his superior.

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This One Goes Out To All The Jiu-Jitsu Loving Folks Out There

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It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog…Mackenzie Dern vs Gabi Garcia 


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The Daily Man-Up

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We all struggle with our habits — sticking to them, staying motivated, getting started, dealing with disruptions, it can become a big struggle.

And yet, to change our habits is to change our lives. If we can’t make habit changes, we will be stuck in our current way of doing things, which might not be so helpful.

If you want to lose weight, beat procrastination, write a book, get fit, live mindfully … you have to develop habits.

Luckily, the process is simpler than most people realize. Simple, not easy: you have to be committed and really want to make the change. Otherwise you’ll just quit when things get difficult.

Here’s the first thing to keep in mind: just choose one habit for now. Yes, you’ll want to change a bunch of things. Don’t ignore my advice. Later, you can form more, but for now, focus on just one.

With that in mind, follow these simple steps:

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Hot Instagram Girl Of The Day: Lily Ivy

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