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jem wolfie

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Home Invader With A Shotgun Busts In To Home, Gets Taken Down By Homeowner – East Idaho

Guy Wins $110,914 In A Single Game On ‘Jeopardy!’, Obliterating The Single-Day Record – Jeopardy

Researchers at This Base in Antarctica Eat Better Than You Do – Atlas Obscura

This minimalist, tactical utility wallet is cool as fuck! – Amazon

Emily Ratajakowski Sandy Butt Cheeks For Her Holiday Island Paradise – Egotastic

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Man at MMA fight caught recording something he shouldn’t – Linkiest

Gaze Into the Abyss: The First-Ever Image of a Black Hole – The Verge

How much money ‘Game of Thrones’ episodes cost to make in the final season, and throughout the series – Business Insider

A 30-year Harvard study reveals the 5 simple habits that may prolong your life by 10 years or more – CNBC

The First Million Might Be The Easiest: How To Become A Millionaire By 30 – Financial Samurai

Beverly Hills estate once owned by Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston seeks $56M – Curbed

You Could Have Today. Instead You Choose Tomorrow: It’s time to stop living for the weekend – Medium

Anal Sex in Porn Is Much More Complex Than You Realize – VICE

Josephine Skriver Bikini Dreams of the Day – Drunken Stepfather

T.J. Dillashaw seemed headed for greatness. Turns out, he was too good to be true – MMA Fighting

The World’s Biggest Dark Net Market Has Shut Down – Cyberscoop

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65 Shockingly Normal Pictures Of Life For The Members Of The Peoples Temple At Jonestown – All That Is Interesting

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We Have Pictures of Game of Thrones’ Rose Leslie Naked (nsfw) – Fleshbot

Should You Ditch Your Loser Friends to Get Ahead in Life? – Mel Magazine

23 Things To Know Before You Go To Hong Kong – Roads And Kingdoms

Nicole Scherzinger Gets Some Booty Lotion and a Spanking – G-Celeb

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Stuff To Buy When You’re Drunk Or High

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This bread pillow is a carb lover’s dream come true

bread pillow

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The Dumping Grounds

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funny memes and funny pictures

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How A Male Should Masturbate

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(photo: @joncstout)

In this guide I will lay out some rules for masturbating, the details of how to follow those rules, and finally the theory behind why the rules matter. I imposed these rules on myself and I experienced the following benefits:

These benefits form a positive feedback loop. Once you start seeing benefits, your confidence will grow and you will only see increased benefit.

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Confessions Of An Adult-Film Videographer

April 10, 2019 | No Comments » | Topics: Life Experiences |

How did you get into the industry?

I always had an eye for photography. Had a girlfriend in the industry, and she got me into it.

How often did you get a stiffy on set?

The first week, all the time. after that you get used to it and it’s just work.

What is the salary like for a cameraman in the industry?

Depends who you shoot for, and if you’re freelance. Some companies pay $150/day, some pay more. My day rate for content shoots was $1,200/day, and $200-250/day for production shoots.

Could you explain the difference between content, production, and what a free lancer does? There is a pretty big pay difference between the three.

Content – An actress could pay me $1,200 for 12 hours of shooting. The “content” we shot during that day would be theirs only. They can release that content exclusively to their websites.

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Everything You Wanted To Know About An Australian Brothel

April 10, 2019 | No Comments » | Topics: TRUTH |

(photo: @marustereo)

Where? Australia, in a city where there are legal, licenced brothels.

How many? 5 different Brothels, 10 different sex workers including one private escort (holy shit that actually seems like a lot now that I’ve written it down).

Why write this? Because it might provide useful info. Any Sex workers on here please feel free to comment, good or bad. These are my opinions, observations, and assumptions – I could be wrong.

Terminology – I’m going to use “Sex worker” or “Escort” instead of “Prostitute” because where I’m from it’s a more respectful term.


Many brothels have websites where you can read short bios of the girls. Most of them have fake pictures (the fine print says the image is a “likeness only”, and the likenesses are usually not all that accurate). The website usually has a roster, so you can see who is working and when. That way once you get to know the girls you know whether the ones you like are working, and can even make a booking in advance for a girl you particularly like.

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Hot New Music Of The Week

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The homie sent over this dope track from 16-piece musical collective The Urban Renewal Project. The new hip-hop track ‘Shake Those Hips’ is reminiscent of Outkast.


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Welcome To Caveman’s Fight Club!

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This is disgraceful. Instructor doesn’t respect the tap

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The Daily Man-Up: Captian Save a Ho

April 10, 2019 | No Comments » | Topics: Dating Advice, Man-Up |

The expression, "Captian Save a Ho" is one coined and used by sex-workers, especially strippers, to designate the man who often comes into the club and, although he buys dances and utilizes dancers’ services, he is constantly trying to "save" them, although they never asked for such an intervention. His methods are always underhanded and suspicious, because he at once asks dancers, "Why are you in this business? You could so so much more. You could be somebody," while at the same time buying dance after dance and coming in night after night to enjoy their work. This type of customer is the least favorite amongst exotic dancers because his intrusive questions and holier-than-thou attitude is not at all welcomed by hard-working women who find it to be very condescending, patronizing, and hypocritical.

He is a man who is insecure with his ability to get women that he seeks out women who are "damaged goods". This man treats them well and tries to be their Prince Charming in the hopes that the woman will fall for him in spite of his attractiveness or other downfalls. He thinks this is the only way he can find love.

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