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The 50 Best Good Bad Movies – The Ringer

How Cult Leaders Brainwash Followers For Total Control – Aeon

Hot Instagram Pictures Of Diana Melison – Linkiest

A Massive Collection of Nazi Artifacts Was Just Discovered In Argentina – Ranker

An Interview with Supermodel Isabeli Fontana – Marysia

Why Gal Gadot Was Paid Only $300,000 for Wonder Woman – Vulture

A damn fine collection of bewbs, awesomeness and everything in between – Leenks

A Bikini-Clad Ariel Winter Posed for Sultry Pics on a Pizza Slice Pool Float, and Our Mouths Are Watering – Maxim

Danish Model Josephine Skriver Is Pretty Damn Perfect – Mandatory

Summer Brings Out The Best In Sideboobs (42 Photos) – Radass

Otto Warmbier, the American student who was just released from North Korea, has died – Rare

Bella Thorne Puts On An EDC Festival Show – Hollywood Tuna

Horse Gets Tailored Three-Piece Suit, Looks Absolutely Dashing – Sad And Useless

Huge Bouncer Destroys Drunk Little Guy – Trending Views

Daniel Day-Lewis Is Retiring From Acting – Newser

Conor McGregor’s Old Sparring Partner Doesn’t Like His Chances Vs. Floyd Mayweather – The Blemish

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The Dumping Grounds

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Confessions Of A 58-Year-Old Virgin

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So, when you say you’re a virgin, how do you define that? Have you engaged in any sexual acts at all?
Nothing whatsoever, with anybody. I gave a girl a kiss on the lips when I was a kid, but it wasn’t a make-out or anything. That was before adolescence; those hormones and desires hadn’t kicked in. 

The last, and the only, time you kissed a girl was nearly 50 years ago.

What was your childhood like?
My father was very abusive. He was always telling me I was useless and would never amount to anything. Once I was in my grandfather’s plane at 12,000 feet and my dad was yelling such terrible things that I tried to open the door and jump out. 

Was he like that with your mother, too?
Yes, he subjected her to physical and emotional abuse. She was a homemaker and couldn’t drive because she had a lot of neurosis. My dad was a construction supervisor and didn’t stop bossing people around when was done with work. He was in the war and, according to my grandmother, he was one of the only survivors on a ship of 250 people that blew up. She says that’s when he snapped — he had to be taken home in chains. Apparently he was a nice person before that. 

Did you have siblings?
I have a much older brother and there was a baby boy who passed away before I was born. He was crying, as infants do, and my dad made mom take the crib outside in the rain and leave him there until he stopped. My dad refused to take him to the hospital and he was dead by the time the ambulance arrived. 

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A Tribute To Man’s Best Friend

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Top 10 Lamest Superhero Powers Of All Time

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10 . Eating Through Anything – Matter Eater Lad

Alright, so it might be neat to be able to eat anything without consequence — those late night Taco Bell trips would be a lot easier, for one. But when would you ever really have to eat through a wall though? Maybe if you’re a superhero, but it just seems like it’d be a funny thing to watch. Especially when one stops to consider the truism that what must go in must come out. Not to mention, he wasn’t a cannibal — there goes any chance of using his powers to beat up the bad guys.

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10 Graphic Novels You Need To Read Before You Die

June 20, 2017 | No Comments » | Topics: Interesting |

No. Not the movie starring Johnny Depp, which is an insult to the genius that is From Hell. Alan Moore is the most iconic writer that’s ever walked the face of the planet. He is considered the father of the graphic novels genre and is unsurpassed to date. From Hell chronicles the tale of Jack the Ripper. There has been many a book about the infamous serial killer, but this one is different. It explores the world through the eyes of ripper himself, and jumps to everyone who’s affected by him. Moore creates complex characters and sets them in gritty, unapologetic, uncensored London. He also draws in the major writers of that era and the political scenario. Grotesquely beautiful, a must read.

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The Daily Man-Up

June 20, 2017 | No Comments » | Topics: Man-Up |

Embrace the struggle; the harder it is, the more you gain from it. The more you test yourself and are required to push yourself, the tougher you become, the greater your capacity for effort becomes. It’s in the struggle that we grow and evolve, yet so many of us distract ourselves from the struggle instead of embracing it and rejoicing in it.

Harsh times aren’t curses, they’re blessings, gifts that are bestowed upon us and they’ll lead us to greatness if we see them as such. So many, though, see them not as challenges, but as curses. They compare their hardships to the cushy lives that others aim to portray. They see the hours they have to spend working to yield little results while others are traveling and partying and lying on beaches, sun-hat on head, Corona in hand.

You need to embrace the struggle, to flee from it is to fail, it’s to weaken your resolve and relegate yourself to what can only be a shell of the life you have it within you to lead. We aren’t born with this understanding, it’s something we have to learn and we usually discover its necessity through failure.

I’ve failed more than I’ve won and every time I’ve failed its the work and the persistence after that failure that created something good from it. It’s the struggle that came after the fall, the climb back from the abyss, that not only made me tougher, but generated some kind of victory that could not have been without a sadistic love for the struggle, for a prolonged focus on a single thing and an avoidance of avoidance.

If you are to be anywhere near what you can be, you must seek to forge your potential within the fire of the struggle, within the flames of hard work and persistence because there is no other way.

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Level Up With Some Motivation And CONQUER The Week!

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